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Firstly, thanks to all you lovely ladies who took the time to drop by and leave a comment. You made my day! =)

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On behalf of all the authors participating in this hop, I'd like to welcome you to the 2012 Chick Lit Author Blog Hop!!!

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Each of the 34 participating authors has written a special Chick Lit-centric piece and these posts will go live on Monday, May 14th.  At each blog hop stop, you will have the opportunity to enter to win a FREE Chick Lit e-book from that particular blog's owner/author.  
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Chick Lit and Chick Flicks

I was super stoked when I found out one of my all time favorite chick lit novels ~ Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin was adapted into a movie!!! I mean super stoked; but my state of euphoria was short lived when I found out who was cast as Rachel, Dex and Darcy. I mean, what were these casting agents smoking?!? Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel; errr . . . Ginnifer who??? And Kate Hudson as Darcy? What?!? Darcy is a brunette! And the unknown actor who played Dex . . . um, did Scientology clone Tom Cruise? What a major let down. The only saving grace was John Krasinski who played Ethan. And Ethan was supposed to be across the pond in England! What was he doing in the States?!? I hate it when screen writers completely fudge up a good book. Like Confessions of a Shopaholic ~ they were supposed to be Brits. That's what made the book so much fun. I mean, I sometimes wish I were a Brit just so I could use words like knickers, knob, bollocks, shitfaced, bangers and mash, meat and two vegs, and shagged me senseless.

And this is not the first time casting agents have got it all wrong. Um, and I hope I don't feel the wrath from the Twi-hards. *COUGH* Rob Pat as Edward?!? I'm sorry, and I know I'm gonna lose some readers for saying this . . . but watching Rob Pat was like watching Butt-Head from Beavis and Butt-Head. Does anyone else see the resemblance? Or is it just me?

Whooopsie! I veered off topic there for a bit. Twilight isn't chick lit, but hey, it was another botched-up-book-turned-into-movie.
Other chick lit-turned-into-chick-flick let downs: 
One Day ( if you ever need help snoozing, this is the perfect flick)
In Her Shoes
 **feel free to add to my list in the comments below

OK, enough with the rants, here are some chick lit adaptations that actually worked for me. 
Thumbs up and 5 for:
The Devil Wears Prada
Bridget Jones' Diary
Emma (with Gwenyth Paltrow).  
***After all, Jane Austen was the great chick lit pioneer***
Pride and Prejudice (the BBC adaptation with Colin Firth) 
Sense and Sensibility
Must Love Dogs
The Notebook (Is Nicholas Sparks chick lit? Well . . . sort of, but someone always ends up DYING!!!)
A Walk to Remember ( Whip out the Kleenex! This one had me sobbing.)
  **feel free to add to to my list in the comments below

Oh, and Pssssssst, here is my SECRET WORD:

And to enter for a chance to win a Kindle copy of my chick lit novel: Confessions of a Call Center Gal (Bridget Jones' Diary meets The Office), simply leave a comment on this post with your email addy. One winner will be chose at random and will be announced on May21st. And don't forget, if you collect all 34 secret words and submit your list to before midnight on Sunday, May 20th and you will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing of a $150 Sephora gift card!

Good luck ladies! xoxo Lisa



  1. Taming the Bastard LA Dale

    Thanks for doing the hop!
    <3 Tobi
    tobihelton at gmail dot com

  2. Hilarious blog post!!
    I, too, adore Giffin's 1st novel, and agree that the movie fudged it up a bit. But, most movies kind of do so I went into it expecting that.

    Now the actor playing Dex was exactly as I imagined Dex, but I'm also an All My Children fan so when I found out that 'Josh' was Dex I was like, 'Yup, Tom Cruise No. 2 is a good fit.' haha

    Turn Kate brunette and she could definitely be a great Darcy. Rachel was a perfect fit for me (although Katie Holmes could have worked too). Ethan was perfect regardless of weird storyline mix-up. Maybe I'm just a bit too much in love with all-things-Emily-Giffin; I liked the film, but of course the novel is much better!

    As for a great film adapt.--agree with Emma completely!

    Great chick-lit blog post and looking forward to hopefully winning your book! (Or reading it regardless. :)

    -Savannah Page

    1. Hi Savannah,
      Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by =) and leaving a comment. I do agree with you, the actor who played Dex was pretty HAWT. Better looking than Mr. Katie Holmes =)
      btw I checked out your blog and saw that you're a fellow author. So here's a *high five* and *fist bumps* from one indie author to another! Congrats on your book and best of luck!xx

  3. I totally agree about Rob as Edward. Everyone gets so mad at me, but I can't think of hardly anyone who wouldn't have been a better Edward, just my personal opinion.
    Thanks for the hop!
    Rhonda D

    1. Finally! Someone who's on the same page with me as far as Rob Patz as Edward! lol. *high five*
      Thanks for stopping by Rhonda!

  4. Thanks for the contest.

    brn2shop9 at gmail dot com

  5. WONDERFUL giveaway!! :)


  6. I think I'm the only person who actually liked In Her Shoes! I agree with everything else...And I would love to speak British - I included a British character in my 2nd novel just so I could have him say "shag", "bloody" and "blimey" FUN :)

    dithythekid at hotmail dot com.

  7. I’m a new fan! I'm so excited about this blog hop because I get to meet new great authors like you. :)
    caribellacreations at gmail dot com

  8. It drives me NUTS when movies take liberties with the books!!
    Thanks for hopping!!!
    Theresa Crowell

  9. I never read Something Borrowed, but I read Something Blue and enjoyed it. pwriter1(at)yahoo(dot)com

  10. Thanks for doing this, its fun!
    Pinksapphire118 at gmail .com

  11. Although I prefer the Pride and Prejudice with Matthew Macfadyen *ducks* I am with you on Sense and Sensibility and Emma all of the way!!

  12. I love this genre and thanks for participating in the hop!

    mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

  13. I always think you should watch the movie first, then read the book so you won't be disappointed.If I already read the book then I just skip the movie. Thanks for doing the hop.


  14. Allyson
    Your post was fun. This whole hop has been fun! Thanks for being a part of it. I love finding new authors,

  15. VERY entertaining post! Casting is a mystery to me. I'm sure business ($) often supersedes all good judgement.

    Amy Sherman

    abcdsherman at gmail dot com

  16. gina herberg2:31 PM

    looking forward to winning a FREE Chick Lit e-book! i have seem to become a book whore lately!

    gina herberg

  17. Cute story! I'm always up for anything resembling Bridget Jones...


  18. I couldn't agree more with your casting opinions! Spot on!
    Thank you for participating in the hop.


  19. Love your word! I use it all the time. And thanks for the noteworthy chick lit movies. I've seen most of them but I'll have to find the others.
    Lmackesy @

  20. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Great blog! Thanks for the contest.


  21. I love British words. Great post. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I hate when they ruin a great book in a movie too.

  23. I was also psyched when the movie came out and I dragged my husband to see it the weekend it opened. I can't tell you how disappointed I was with the whole thing. Don't even get me started on movie Marcus, which felt like a really bad joke. The only thing that kept me in my seat through the entire movie was John Krasinski as Ethan. I loved him and I love the office so I really really want to win your book.

    Thanks for doing the hop!! I loved your post.

    Ocbride (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Hi Liz,
      Lol, Marcus in the movie was a DISASTER. He just had bad-actor-douchebag written all over him.
      *fist bumps* on John Krasinski =) I am a major fan too. If it wasn't for him, I would've walked out too. I'd convinced all my girlfriends to watch it and we were all so bummed after the movie that we had to go stuff our faces with bean burritos afterward.

      Thanks for stopping by. I love The Office too, but I miss Micheal Scott. :(

  24. I don't know why I bother to see the movies of books I've read anymore, because I just get frustrated & disappointed! It just goes to show, books really are better than the movies! Btw, love the picture comparison of Robert Pattinson to Butthead-- I never was a fan of either of them. 😁

    Erica Kincannon