Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews - Curved Stripes Dolman and a Mystery Top

Curved Stripes Dolman by Splendid. The hubs got me an Anthro gift card for Valentine's Day and I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. I've been eying this top for MONTHS, and after trying it on, it did not disappoint. I tried this on in Lavender (also comes in Blue motif) and it fits TTS; I bought it in a size S, but I even tried on a size M and size L, an they all looked all right to me, so I think it really depends on how baggy you like your tees. I also purchased one for my mom for her birthday. She's usually a size M, but I picked up an L for her as she likes her tops a little roomy. I think come sale time I might just pick up another one. According to a review on Anthro's site, it pills and falls apart at the seams after you throw it in the washer a couple times. So I'm hanging on to the receipt, just in case that happens. NOTE: The lighter stripes are NOT ivory ( I know it looks like white/ivory on the site, but up close, it's far from it), the color is more Lavender and the darker stripes are Dark Navy, almost Black.

Mystery top. Fits TTS. Delicate and intricate embroideries up close.


  1. Hello Sweetie,

    Just wanted to thank you for having such an inspirational blog. Hope you have an amazing week full of lots of beautiful things.
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  2. HI Lisa, I am so happy to see you are here :) the two tops look great on you :) I have been MIA for awhile myself. But going to try to get going come Spring. I have been trying to go to Anthropologie and haven't been able too. It's pretty far and I hate traffic here.Maybe me and the daughter can drive up there and see all of the eye candy. I have some favorites that i have picked from the Polyvore gals. happy your back <3 Gabby