Giveaway Time: Orient Automatic Watch

Yay! The giveaway fairy has stopped by my blog again. I've been asked to host a giveaway for Orient Watch USA. And this giveaway is 100% sponsored by Orient.

Enter for your chance to win one of the Orient Automatic Watches pictured below. It is scratch resistant, has shock-proof bearings, features a day/date calendar and is engineered in Japan.

Choose from these 3 women's watches ~ BNQ1X003H – Red face, BNQ1X003N – Green face, BNQ1X003J – Blue face

Unlike archaic battery-powered watches, Orient’s mechanical watches are timeless timepieces that are powered solely by the movement of the wearer’s wrist. A staple among watch aficionados, Orient is known for its ability to deliver luxury features at 1/3 the price of comparable brands.

Orient also features uber cool skeleton watches , jeweled watches, classic watches as well as sporty watches. They literally dominate the kingdom of Watch-dom. So WATCH out. Alright, I'll quit being a dork.

For your chance to win one of the watchlicious watches pictured above, simply:
1. Leave a comment below with your email addy. A joke would be nice too (optional). I love a good laugh.
2. Be a follower of this humble blog.
3. Blog or tweet about it for extra entries. Just leave an additional comment below.

That's it! Mucho simplicito.  

***This giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry, I don't make the rules).
***This giveaway will end at midnight June 14th and the winner will be chosen at random using Good luck ladies.

This Post is so Artsy Fartsy it's Subtitled . . . est tres magnifique and magique

Monsieur Lapin dit, "Mon Dieu! Nadja est sautant en l'air. Elle ressemble à elle sur un trampoline. Mais attendez! Elle n'est pas! Nadja doit être un gymnaste olympique."

Mister Rabbit says, "My God! Nadja is leaping in the air. She looks like she's on a trampoline. But wait! She's not! Nadja should be an Olympic gymnast.

Mes enfants sur un trampoline.
 My kids on a trampoline.

Monsieur Lapin dit, "Nadja, vous regardez magnifique. Dites-moi vos coordonnées tenue."
Mister Rabbit says, "Nadja, you look magnificent. Tell me your outfit details."

Nadja dit, "J'ai fait la robe moi-même. La floraison est de Lattice Cardigan Anthropologique et les chaussures sont aussi d'Anthropologique. C'est ce qu'on appelle les étoiles Le Come Out Oxford. Et la ceinture est de la cible."

Nadja says, "I made the dress myself. The Blooming Lattice Cardigan is from Anthropologie and the shoes are also from Anthropologie. It is called the The Stars Come Out Oxfords. And the belt is from Target."

Lapin: Sacre bleu! Vous êtes si talentueux
Rabbit: Whoa! You are so talented!

Zut Alors! Ce lapin n'a pas de visage
 Dammit! This rabbit has no face 

Les entretiens de lapin aveugle Sarah. "Vous avez l'air belle ma chère, ce que portez-vous?"
The blind rabbit interviews Sarah. "You look lovely my dear, what are you wearing?"

H & M robe dos-bouton, blouse de soie chiné vérifié, collants Hue, appartements Aldo (ou devrais-je dire ballerines)
H&M back-button dress, thrifted silk checked blouse, Hue tights, Aldo flats (or should I say ballerines)

Les hoquets aveugles Lapin, "Jen, vous êtes une vision!"
The blind rabbit gasps, "Jen, you are a vision!" 

Jen dit, "Mais le lapin comment pouvez-vous voir ce que je porte quand vous n'avez pas les yeux?!?
Jen says, "But rabbit, how can you see what I'm wearing when you have NO EYES?"

Dress - Anthro Mompos, Cardi - H&M, Forever 21 Headband and Kate Spade shoes

Lapin dit, "Lisa, ne vous êtes propriétaire d'un fer à repasser?!?"
Rabbit says, "Lisa, don't you own an iron?!?"

Oui, et devinez ce que je vais avoir pour le dîner?
Yes and guess what I'm having for dinner?

Lapin ~ Qu'est-ce?!?
Rabbit ~ What?!?

ragoût de lapin
rabbit stew 

Dress ~ Anthro City Touring Dress/ Shoes ~ Anthro Hallowed Halls Oxfords

Merci mille fois to Nadja, Sarah and Jen for joining me in this edition of making magique. *Bisous*
oh and thanks to Google translator.  

My Artsy Fartsy Post Inspired by Making Magique

Ever since fellow blogger and fashion designer extraordinaire Marie introduced me to Making Magique (a blog about a silly American in Paris), I've become inspired to make my own magique. But then it occurred to me ~ Sacre Bleu! Mon Dieu! Zut Alors! How can I create her magique when I am not in Paris or Paree?!? Then I had a vision (said in a heavy French accent, like vi-syan). I can use Adobe Lightroom to create my own artsy fartsy photo shoot and just pretend I'm in her très quaint apartment in Paree.
So I edited my pics and *Pouf* I have made magique
***If you'd like to have a 'lil fun and make magique with moi, please email your pics to callcentergal88 (at) gmail (dot) com, outfit details and blog link by next Wed, May 25th and I'll *Pouf* make your pic magnifique. And I'll  do an Artsy Fartsy reader post next Thursday or Friday.
 *** Whoopsie. I just realized I made a boo boo yesterday w. the deadline. It's actually May 25th and not the 20th. 

As the French say, *Bisous* (kisses). And if were French, I'd like to think I'd have a name like Coco or Beaulah. So, let's try this again, Au revoir les enfants *Bisous* *Jadore* ~ Beaulah.

Dress ~ Anthro Sewing Circle/ Cardi ~ J.Crew Forever cardi in mint/ Shoes ~ Anthro Dusky Begonias

My kitchen windowsill

Pictures hanging in my kitchen

My Anthro-esque kitchenware bought at Target

Anthropologie and J.Crew Fitting Room Reviews

Um, the fitting room is in total disarray after my two Tasmanian devils tore through it.

I've been wanting to try on this Reflecting Pool Dress ever since I saw it on Dinster. The fit, design and fabric is so much like the Verdant. And I adore the Verdant so much that I just had to give this dress a whirl. And I'm in lurrrrrve. The colors are definitely more muted than the Verdant, but it still a gorgeous slip dress. I feel like a Hawaiian Luau dancer in this pretty slip. Hey, where are my coconut bras?!? Coconut water . . . good for your daughter . . .
I'm anywhere between a size 2 and a 4 and I like the fit of the 4 much better. Wishlisted.

Undersea Exploration Tee by We Love Vera. On sale for $39. This lovely tee def makes me love Vera. The online pic does not do this top justice. It drapes wonderfully and the fabric is light and airy. The colors are oh so dreamy. I snatched this one up in an XS. It does run a tiny bit large so I'd size down or go with your regular size, depending on how you like your knit tees to fit. As you can see, my daughter gave it two thumbs up. Or rather, a big bear hug for her giant approval.

Ahh, yes. I blogged about the Pezza Dress earlier today. I got it in the green ( here) and . . . I chomped on the blue too. Yes, I ate 2 pezzas! This Pezza dress is simply delicious and timeless. And I can see myself wearing it for decades and decades. So really, it's a great investment. I tried this on in an XS.

 Now on to J.Crew . . .

Crinkled silk Caspia dress On sale at the stores for $39. The only size they had available was a 4. It sorta  hung on me, but from the model online, it looks like it's supposed to hang and be free flow-y. The colors are darling in person.You can also see the Caspia on ShopwithM.

I loved how Kristin styled the Tea-stained dobby dress. I tried it on in an XS and it was a little poufy at the top. I'd definitely wear this belted, like shown on the model. It's 100% cotton and very lightweight and easy to wear. Comes with no zippers and the elastic waist does hit a little high. But I kinda like it that way. Hmm, am hedging on this one. You can also see this on Appgal, Dinster, ShopwithM and Ema.


What I Bought at the Tag Sale

*Nom* *Nom* . . . I chomped on the Pezza Dress. This is a size S and it fits TTS. Plenty more in stores and online. I snatched this up 'coz I could inhale a whole pizza in this and you still wouldn't see my lumps and bumps. Hmm. I seem to be having a penchant for Jersey dresses these days. They are so forgiving.

Vantine Pumps. Theses pumps would add a touch of vavavooooooooom to any outfit. Plus it was only $49.95. Only problem is the size 6 was sold out, so I went with a 6.5. Fingers crossed.

Anyone else chomped on the Pezza or vant the Vantines? Bwarhahahaha.

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Impressionist Dreams Chemise. The burst of pastels are truly lovely on this chemise. It'd make a cute summer dress. The length hits slightly above my knee and I'm 5'4". I tried this on in a size S and it fits TTS. I wouldn't pay full price for this chemise, but come sale time, I may just snap it up.

Verdant Slip Dress. This has got to be my all time favorite Anthro purchase this year. I'm anywhere from a size 2 or 4 and I went with the size 4 as it was the only size available in my store. But I like the fit of the 4. It affords me ample room for food babies. I've also worn this dress here.

Woody Nymph Dress by Porridge. I snatched this dress up as it was on sale, plus with my 15% b'day discount, this was a steal! I adore this jersey dress. I didn't get what all the fuss was about, but once I slipped on this jersey number, I GOT it. The fit is extremely flattering, the pleats on the front are gorgeous and more importantly, it's so swishy, airy and comfy. It almost feels like I'm wearing nothing! No wonder it's called the Woody Nymph. Here's the urban's dictionary's description of a nymph:
1. A young, slightly-built female, considered sexually desirable.
2. If short for nympho or nymphomaniac : a woman who craves as much good sex as she can get.
As for # 2 ~ Whhhaaaa?!?
***There are a nymph load of these Woody Nymphs in stores. My local store had 8 avaialbe in all sizes. So call around or call cs if you wanna do the Woody Nymph. *WoooOOOoooooody*

Mompos Dress. I had high hopes for the Mompos but it was a Momflop on me. It looks gorgeous on other bloggers, but it just made me look wide. The quality is impeccable and I still highly recommed it if you have a tiny waist . . . which sadly, I'm lacking.

No Shy Violets Chemise by Lilka (thanks LC for chiming in on the name). On sale at the store for $39. The colors are sweet and vibrant. Almost like a Jackson Pollock. I tried this on in a size S and it runs a little large. I think it would look cute belted.

Wildflower Foxtrot Dress. The bubble skirt on this dress made me look like a bubble. It's called a foxtrot dress, but the only trotting I'd be doing in this frock is the Elephant-trot. The fit is too potato-sacky for my liking. Tried this on in a size 2 and it runs a little large. It comes with an elastic waist and grosgrain ribbon. I think the print is darling, and if you're a fan of bubble skirts, it's worth a shot.

Beaded Foliage Shift. I never thought twice about this dress, but seeing it in the catalog and in Anthro's new ad video, well, I did a double take. It just looks so dreamy, so Grecian Goddess-like. Now I'm kicking myself in the shin for not trying it on at the store. It looks positively heavenly in person. And the delicate beading at the bottom is just divine.

***If you'd like to see reviews of the Chartreuse Shoots Dress and the Reflecting Pool Dress which is a  doppelganger for the Verdant (thanks for pointing that out Dinster), then check out Dinster's Anthro fitting room reviews here ~ Shopping on the  Fly


Another Year Older, None the Wiser

I'm growing old, but I'm not growing up. When I stared at my reflection in the mirror this morning, I noticed some wrinkles, but I'm okay with that. Like Mark Twain once said, "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." And I have been blessed with 2 munchkins who have given me plenty of smiles to last a lifetime. So I celebrated with good food, good company and good 'ol shopping at Anthropologie. Yee Haw!

Dress ~ Anthro Verdant Slip / Cardi ~ J.Crew Camp Pocket (on sale in stores) / Shoes- Anthro Dusky Begonia T-Straps also available at  Modcloth

Little things that put a smile on my face every day ~ my Matroyshka dolls measuring cups (Anthro)

My grapefruit bird sugar bowl ~ Anthro. (only $18 and worth every penny)

Anthro Dusky Begonia T-Straps also available at  Modcloth


Spring Closet Sale! Yep, it's that time of the year again when I need to whittle down my closet. Help these classic Anthropologie pieces find a new home . . .

If you're interested in any of these items, please shoot me an email at 

Anthropologie Revelations Skirt. Size S, $150 shipped

Anthropologie Annular Dress. Size 4, $150 shipped

Anthropologie Verdant Slip Dress, Size 4, $150 shipped

Anthropologie Summer Grown Dress, Size 4, $120 shipped

Anthropologie Acting Out Skirt, Size 2, $65 shipped

Anthropologie Twilit Skirts, Size 4, $65 shipped

Anthropologie In a Moment Dress, Size 4, $75 shipped (belt is missing, but I never wore it with the belt)

Anthropologie Great Escape Skirt, Size 4, $65 shipped

Anthropologie Thousand Days Skirt, Size 4, $65 shipped

Anthropologie Pezza Dress, Size XS/ Extra Small (Sapphire), $75 shipped

Anthropologie Pezza Dress, Size Small (Olive), $75 shipped

Anthropologie Tonal Gingham Dress, Size S, $125 shipped

Anthropologie Sewing Circle Dress, Size 2, $100 shipped

Anthropologie Dusky Begonia T-Straps, Size 6, $160 shipped.