Going on a Holiday and Hanging Out with the Orangutans. (Blog Hiatus for 1 month)

Dresss ~ Anthro Summer Grown/ Cardi ~ J.Crew Jackie/ Shoes ~ Canda

I was born just north of the equator in the Malaysian peninsular. When I was 17, my parents sent me here to get a better education. At the UW~Madison, I met my husband . . . well, and I've never left Hamburger-a-Go-Go-Land. Yes the U-Dub was a party school but I was chief of the Nerd Herd. And no, I've never worn a cheese head hat in my life!
I'm not a US citizen; I'm a resident alien and when my DH pisses me off, I tell him I married him just for the green card. Bwah-har-ha-ha; I am evil. In all honesty, when I met my DH, it was like someone had drawn on him with a permanent marker (like Perez Hilton). And I just knew that if I went back home, I'd never find a man like him. No there, not anywhere else in the world. And sometimes love makes you do crazy things. My parents reside in Malaysia, my baby brotha lives across the border in Singapore and my sis lives in Munich. And I will see them all back in the Mother Land. I can't tell you how excited I am about my upcoming family reunion. I only get to see my family once every 2/3 years so I am pumped. I miss my mom so much it hurts.  
Okay, I'll quite being sappy. For those of you who have no idea where or what Malaysia is, here are some random facts.

Orangutans live in the Malaysian rain forest. And in Malay, orang means people and hutan means jungle. So the literal translation is people of the jungle. My fellow M'sian family and friends who read my blog are probably scratching their heads and wondering ~ Why in the jungles of Borneo is Lisa going on about orangutans?!?
Well, I think orangutans are cute. Just like I think panda bears and penguins are cute. Just look at 'em. Don't you just wanna bring one home? These pics make me go awwwwwwww


See no evil . . .

Um, I can't compete with this orangutan. Not that I'd ever try!
Whoa! I hope that wasn't an orangutan overkill. Sorry to leave you with that disturbing pic. I do have a pretty sick sense of humor. Thank you all for reading my silly little blog. I'll be gone for 4 weeks so I won't be blogging for a while. I work in Dante's Inferno, so I've been frazzled to bits lately. This vacation is a much welcomed one.
A good friend of mine will be house sitting and watching my 3 pooches. I will miss all you bloggie sistas. And hells yea my Anthro and J.Crew dresses are going to the tropics! Till then, I bid you adieu. Adios Muchachos! xoxo L

Oh, since St. Patty's day is next week and I won't be around, I couldn't resist posting a pic of my 'lil leprechaun.

Stand Up Straight in Your Pumps with Your Head High, Interview with Gigi and Miss Lisa Has a Doyle . . .

"Stand up straight in your pumps with your head high and be the author that you are."
                                          ~ Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping

This worldly woman needs no introductions. From reading her blog I know that she's 5'2", but in my mind she is a tall Amazonian beauty who is a strong, confident and talented woman. I have the deepest respect for Gigi. I am such a newbie at blogging and this blogging business can be pretty rough when you're a new kid on the block who has no idea what the heck you're doing. And Gigi was one of the very first bloggers who was kind enough to help this NKOTB. And she believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. So thank you Gigi.

We've briefly exchanged emails and this is what Gigi had to say when I bungled on (like I usually do) like a blithering idiot . . .
"Bloggers -- and women in general -- can be very self deprecating. Oh, sorry my hair looks so bad in this photo and things that we readers would never have noticed if it weren't pointed out. Please promise me you'll cut out. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Stand up straight in your pumps with your head high and be the author that you are. You have nothing to apologize for."
So I'm echoing what Gigi said . . . stop apologizing for being too fat, or too thin, too short or too tall, or for having a bad hair day. Stand up straight in your pumps with your head held high and be proud of the woman that you are.    

Last week, Gigi sent me some fun interview questions and offered to post them on her blog. I politely declined and gave her my usual lame excuses (wait till she had read it etc). Truth is, I declined the offer 'coz I was afraid. Not many people read my blog but I know lots of people read Gigi's and it was terrifying. And then Gigi came back with a response that if I had to reenact in a scene, well, it would play out something similar to this ~
Gigi smacking my head with a frying pan and chiding, "Hullo?!? You silly girl. I'm trying to help you out here and give you some PR for your book. Don't be stupid. Accept my offer!"

Well, her email was a lot more subtle, but I got the hint. So I graciously accepted Gigi's offer the 2nd time around. I've always been a ball of insecurities and I lack confidence (big time), so my posture is somewhat ostrich-like. But slowly but surely, this ostrich is trying to stand up straight with her head held high and squawk. In pumps!
***If you'd like to read my interview over at Gigi's blog, click here. 
***And if you're an AI (American Idol) fan, head on over to Gigi's Gone Shopping for some fun Idol recaps.
***If you'd like to read a great post on blog etiquette, check out Gigi's post here

***And I'd like to give a special thanks to Milly and Amy Kelinda for reading my book and leaving a review on Amazon. I have no clue who Milly is, and I was surprised to find that she had read my book and posted a review. So Milly (from the review you left, you mentioned you read my blog), if you're reading this, thank you.
And Amy Kelinda, I know you're one hellavu busy gal, so thank you again for devoting your precious time to reading my fluffy book and thanks for the honest review.
And Marie (of Michiko Daydreams), thanks for reading my book on the train. I hope it makes your commute go by faster and not longer ;-)
Laura (of Anthro Closet Chaos), I can't believe you're on Chapter 1. Gak!
Jan (of The Girliest Boy Mom), I just saw your comment today and had a good giggle. Thank-you.
Thanks to all you ladies for being so supportive. And if you haven't read it, please don't feel like I'm asking you to. The fact that you're already reading my silly 'lil blog is supporting me plenty. So thank-you. And since I was on the subject of ostriches (re: my posture or lack there of), here are some lovely feathery birds for your viewing pleasure. And since this is primarily a fashion blog, scroll down past the ostriches for my OOTD post.


Miss Lisa had a doyle who was sick, sick, sick.
So she phoned for the doctor to be quick, quick, quick.
The doctor came with his bag and hat,
And knocked at the door with a rat tat tat.

He looked at the doyle and shook his head,
And said "Miss Lisa put her straight to bed."
He wrote a pad for a pill, pill, pill.
I'll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill.

Oh yea, my bill from Anthro yesterday was pretty hefty. You can see what I bought here. That nursery rhyme ring a bell? Well, the actual rhyme is Miss Polly had a Dolly.
My sis and I used to play the clapping game on the school bus, and we'd accompany it with rhymes like Miss Polly and Miss Susie. And we sang the same tunes when we played jump rope. Did any of you do that? Now my kids just sing and dance along to the Wii. So sad.
Thanks to Molly of Anthromollogies ~Hi Molly =), I gave this Doyle Desk Tunic a try. And I luuuurrrve it! Such a fun and versatile tunic. And it's now on sale for $49.99!

Top ~ Anthro Doyle Desk Tunic, Cardi  ~ J.Crew forever cotton cardi (on sale at the stores for $39), Jeans ~ AE Skinny , Shoes ~ Canda/ Belt ~ Anthro Snakebite 

 *Gasp!* I just heard about the earthquake in Japan. Off to read more about it now . . . 

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews, Giraffes and Elephants

Here are a few fitting room reviews. I just had to swing by Anthro before I leave Hamburger-a-Go-Go-Land. And I was very, very bad.

Tied Down Dress. Comes in red and navy. Online, the color looks more pink and in person it's definitely chili pepper red. Fits TTS. I'm not a fan of ironing, so I'm not a fan of rayon. And this 'lil red number is 100% rayon. I don't want to look like a wrinkled ball, so this was a pass. But the cut and fit is understated yet chic and very comfortable. I think it would look cute belted.

Summer Grown Dress . To me, this dress was a dream. A William Wordsworth dream; an explosion of petals and flowers. And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils and poppies and . . . sorry, I got carried away there for a bit. I've been drooling over this dress for a while, but I've been hesitant to try it on 'coz I'm not a fan of strapless brassieres; and with this dress, strapless is a must. Although if you're wearing a cardi, it really wouldn't matter. I think with my ruler, stick insect figure, this dress is flattering. I sized up on this one.

So what did I buy?
#1.~ Summer Grown Dress. (reviewed above)
#2.~ City Touring Dress (reviewed here) 
#3.~ Doyle's Desk Tunic, (pic below and now on sale) which I'll be sporting in my OOTD tomorrow. Molly of Anthromollogies (I heart that gal), blogged about it here. And Molly you're are so right. This tunic is simply adorable. The color blocks and pattern are TDF! I think I may even be able get away with wearing this tunic as a dress if I paired it with a slip.

Oh, and here are some elephants and giraffes. Before I became a cuckoo bird collecter, I collected elephants and yes, giraffes too. I was gung-ho over African safari animals. And seeing these Anthro pot holders have lit the fire in my heart again. Makes me wanna do the SpongeBob African fire dance, where he goes Hooo-Hah-Hoo Tiki Tiki. Ever heard that song? {{{{Crickets Chirping}}}} Never mind, my kids and I watch too much SpongeBob.

Perricone Giveaway Winner and Wispy Cirrus Blouse in Taupe

First of all, I'd like to give a BIG Congrats to Anne-Marie T for winning the Perricone Giveaway. Enjoy! You'll be receiving an email within the next 24-48 hours from the Perricone sponsor.

Next, I too feel like a winner today as well 'coz my darling cuzzie who lives in London picked up the Wispy Cirrus Blouse for me! In taupe! After seeing Kim's rave reviews, I just had to have it. And then I saw Roxy's comment that it comes in 3 different colors on Darling's website and I squealed with joy.

In green . . .

I think the green looks so darling too and I wish I could have this top in all 3 colors. *Sigh* Oh well, I'm still so happy I got this in taupe. My cuzzie will be in Malaysia in a few weeks and I'll be there too on holiday, and I cannot wait to be reunited with my Wispy Cirrus/Willa blouse. For now at least, I can look at this pic that he snapped and just drool. Hmm . . . from the pic it looks more brown than taupe. Just curious, if you had your choice, would you go with the green, blue or taupe?

J.Crew and Banana Republic Fitting Room Reviews

I decided to swing by the mall to check out this Swirling Dots dress. SUCCESS! I have found my perfect summer dress! This Swirling Dots dress is making my head swirl and spin with JOY! I sized down to a 0 like I usually do with J.Crew and the fit is perfecto. My daughter liked it so much she was trying to pry it out of me. It comes with a pretty bow sash in the front and the cut is very flattering; if you're a mom, it hides all the lumps and bumps. I can't say enough good things about this dress. 

J.Crew Mystery Dress. Sized down to a 0. There are tiny flowers splattered all over this pretty number.

Another J.Crew Mystery Dress. Hmmm, I didn't know that J.Crew manufactured Hospital Gowns. It is very potato sack-y. Maybe if I were ninety years old and in a nursing home . . . even so, nah, it'd still be a pass for me. I'd like to think that I'd be a stylish grandma.

J.Crew Forever cotton cardigan (in spear mint). On sale at the store for $39. It's 100% cotton and very light weight; more so than the Jackie cardi. This minty delight came home with me today.

Now on to the Banana Reupblic Reviews . . . 

BR Silk tiered ruffle tank. Tried it on in an XS. I'm usually a size S so I'd size down on this top. I feel like a cream puff in this tank. It's 100% silk. Ruffles and a bow, ahhh, right up my alley. Comes in 2 colors ~ rose and white.

BR Mystery top. Tried it on in an XS. It's the exact same top as the BR Silk tiered ruffle tank above but it's cotton and not silk and it comes w. plaids!!!! Love the plaids, and ruffles and yes, another bow! Size down on this one. Wishlisted.

This BR top is not online, but it was on sale at the store for $39. The pink and purple hues drew me to it. Tried it on in an XS. And yes, that's my daughter M rolling around on the floor. *Sigh* Don't ask me why.

BR Silk flounce dress. Doesn't this dress make me look like Inspector Gadget? The color and fit is very trench-coat like. Not a fan of this one. The color is more brown in person and it runs very, very large. 

Now, for shits and giggles, here is the Discovered Lace SHOE!!! I did a double take when I spotted it. Of course I had to whip out my iPhone and snap a pic. Oddly enough, the sales attendant was throwing me filthy looks. She was probably thinking, "What is this Asian woman doing snapping pictures? She's probably gonna send the pics to her uncle in Hong Kong so he can replicate it in his factory."
Hmm, not a bad idea. Let me just call Uncle Fong . . .

Something Borrowed - OOTD, The Book and The Movie

The inspiration behind my OOTD is borrowed from Kim. And since we're on the subject of  "something borrowed," one of my all time favorite chick lit novels ~ Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin is being adapted into a movie!!!

Top ~ Anthro/ Cardi ~ Target Mossimo/ Jeans ~ AE/ Shoes ~ Anthro Dusky Begonia T-Straps

I was super stoked about this movie. I mean super stoked, but my state of euphoria was short lived when I found out who was being cast as Rachel, Dex and Darcy. I mean, what were these casting agents smoking?!? Ginnifer Goodwin as Rachel; errr . . . Ginnifer who????? And Kate Hudson as Darcy? What?!? Darcy is a brunette! And the unknown actor who's playing Dex . . . um, did Scientology clone Tom Cruise? What a major let down. I think the only saving grace is John Krasinski who will be playing Ethan. And Ethan is supposed to be across the pond in England! What is he doing in the States?!? I hate it when screen writers completely fudge up a good book. Like Confessions of a Shopaholic ~ they were supposed to be Brits. That's what made the book so much fun. I mean, I sometimes wish I was a Brit just so I could use words like knickers, knackered, bollocks and shagged me senseless.
If I had to pick my Rachel and Dex, it would be Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi . . . I heart Mandy Moore and I lurrrrve Zach Levi. Just look at these two . . . they would have sizzled on screen.

Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore

And this is not the first time casting agents have got it all wrong. Um, and I hope I don't feel the wrath from the Twi-hards. *COUGH* Rob Pat as Edward?!? I'm sorry, and I know I'm gonna lose some readers for saying this . . . but watching Rob Pat was like watching Butt-Head from Beavis and Butt-Head. Does anyone else see the resemblance? Or is it just me?

Whooopsie! I veered off topic there for a bit. If you'd like a sweet intro to chick lit, I highly recommend Something Borrowed (the book). And if you'd like to check out the trailer for the upcoming Iknowit'sgonnabebotchedup movie, here it is. And you know what? I'm still gonna see it!

OOTD and Happy Birthday Mom

"Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always try to be a little kinder than is necessary?"
                                                                                                          ~ J.M. Barrie

My mom has always taught me kindness. Her first name happens to be Mercy; and she is one of those rare birds who actually lives up to her good name. This is a true and fascinating story . . . my mom is not partial to any religion but calls herself a Buddhist and she hero worships Sai Baba (a popular Indian guru and spiritual figure). Many years ago, she visited a Sai Baba temple in Malaysia and there she stood before the altar and took a pinch of the ashes from the joss-stick burning in front of Baba's picture. In Sai Baba's temple, there is always a sacred fire (Dhuni) burning. The ashes from this fire is called Udi and it is freely distributed to his devotees. My mom was told to hold the ashes in the palms of her hands and invoke Baba's aid by chanting his name and by doing so, he will send her a message. Several minutes later, the ashes magically disappeared from my mom's hands, and it was replaced by a tiny Goddess of Mercy figurine, also known as Guanyin. If you aren't familiar with the Goddess of Mercy, she is the bodhisattva associated with compassion as venerated by East Asian Buddhists. Isn't that just completely MIND BOGGLING?!? I couldn't believe it. But with my mom Mercy, miracles do happen.

For most of her life, my mom was an occupational therapist and she worked with the mentally and physically disabled. She was the Director and Head of the Rehabilitation department at Cheshire Home in Singapore for many years. And everyone loved her . . . the patients, the cooks, the therapists, nurses and aids, I could not believe how many lives she touched. She exudes a quiet beauty and a kindness that is so true. I'm not saying she's a saint; I happen to know that she's capable of doing a Lorena Bobbit if provoked (and she'd feed it to the ducks). But she is a genuinely good person with a good, good heart. And I am so proud to call her mom. My mom reads my blog, so dear mom, you are a Goddess amongst Goddesses. You are my Goddess and I love you so, so much. Happy Birthday. Thank you for teaching me by example and I can't wait to see you soon in the Mother Land! xoxo <3 <3 L 

Oh and here's my OOTD. Um, and why am I holding a globe? Beats the heck outta me! It's Friday and I'm loopy. I guess you can call me Loopy Lisa. Have a good weekend ladies!

Top ~ Anthro/ Cadri - Anthro Elodie Lily/ Jeans ~ AE/ Shoes ~ Dolce Vite

Anthropologie and F21 Fitting Room Reviews

I was hoping to have a Tippi Dress sighting at Anthro. Alas, no such luck. But Tippi or no Tippi, I still had a looksie. And I'm so glad I did! I found a dress that I heart more than the Tippi. 

Quiet Blush Dress by Plastic Island. Fits TTS. This dress is lovely in person. The website says it's pink but it's the softest blush, almost a nude pink. The hue is a shade lighter than the Drifting By dress. And I am in lurrrrrve with it; from the pleats on the skirt to the sheer shoulders, this dress is a winner for me. Cons ~ it comes with a built in polyester slip. I'm not a fabric snob, but wearing polyester is like baking in an oven in the summer.  


City Touring Dress by Moulinette Soeurs. This is such a simple, subtle dress, but I adore it. The material is  lightweight but I can see myself wearing this year round. The high neckline is a plus, the detailing and pleats are pretty and the fit is very flattering for girls with tiny Berthas. It fits TTS. Wishlisted. 

Pezza Dress. Comes in blue and green. The fabric is a heavyweight jersey and it drapes nicely. It reminds me a lot of the Walkway dress, but the length is a several inches shorter. Since I already own the Walkway, this is a pass for me.

Now on to the F21 reviews. I walked into that wild jungle with the sole intention of hunting down the Bevy of Birds top. Mission failed. But, some other pieces caught my eye.

Drawn Springtime Dress. $24.80. I was surprisingly impressed with this dress. It comes with pockets! Sadly, sizing was an issue for me. Size small was too tight ~ I couldn't zip it up, and size medium was too large ~ it gaped around the arms. So if you like this dress, I highly suggest trying it on at the store, which means you'll have to venture into the wild. 

*YAWN* It's getting late and my eyelids are getting heavy, so I'm just gonna post the pics and hit the sack. 

Day Sketch Top $17.80. Fits TTS. 

Lace Bow Top. $19.80