OOTD - New Horizons for the Chinese New Year

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Feb 3rd and it is the year of the Rabbit, which means it should be a quiet respite from the ferocious year of the Tiger (2010). On Chinese New Year in my country, it is a complete RED-out. So in keeping with tradition, I wore something scarlet. To all the China doll readers out there–Gong Hey Fat Choy!!!! And to Jen (of Vintageglammz) and Cindi (of Simply Cindi) ~ here's to a virtual yum cha. And Jen, I know you love prawn dumplings, so here's to several LARGE bowls of prawn dumplings too!!! I'm off with my family and friends to have brunch at a dim sum joint. Au revoir les enfants.

Dress ~ Anthro Horizon Line/ Cardi ~ Anthro/ Tights ~ Anthro/ Shoes ~ Anthro Bouquet of Roses

B in her cheong sam.

My BFF’s son takes Kung Fu lessons and they had a lion dance performance at his King Fu Academy.
Click on the video below to see some clips of a Lion Dance. And that's the Malaysian flag right there btw. Hah! My family and friends back home are probably proud to see me waving the M'sian flag on my blog. Hi mom!!! :-P Miss you and I can't wait to see you soon. ♥♥♥
***If you wanna check out another KILLA Lion Dance stunt, make sure you see this YouTube video HERE.

OOTD - Fashion Faux Pas or a Fashion Pass?

"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it."
                                         ~Henry David Thoreau

If you haven't checked out Amy Kelinda's Breaking the Rules Posts, make sure you head on over there. It's a cornucopia of fashion fun and inspiration. My OOTD today is inspired by Sarah of That Damn Green Dress. See her monochromatic outfits here. And it is also inspired by Amy's Breaking The Rules post ~ wearing tights with sandals.

So today, I'm breaking 2 rules.
~Rule #1 - Dressing monochromatically.
~Rule #2 - Wearing tights with sandals.
It was so much fun to try something different. I felt like a rebel, a renegade so to speak. So . . . would you ever break these fashion rules? Aren't rules meant to be broken?

Skirt - Anthro Twilit/ Top - Anthro /Cardi - J.Crew/ Sandals - Chinese Laundry/ Necklace - J.Crew/ Belt - J.Crew

Here are some celebs rule breakers ~ pairing sandals with tights.

And right on the cover of a J.Crew catalog is a model wearing SOCKS with heels. Ever tried this look?

More socks with heels  . . . the lovely S and B from GG. Can't wait for the next season. But Blair and Dan hooking up, whaaaaaaa?!?

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

This round of fitting room reviews is 2 weeks late. I've only recently had time to sit down and whip 'em out. So, here goes . . . 

Voila Top by Deletta. Comes in 2 colors - sage and dusty mauve. I sized down and tried this in a size XS. My regular size S gaped around my arms. *Sigh* I heart this shade of mauve in a big, BIG way. Such a pretty, romantic blush. Wishlisted.

Mittaghorn At Midnight Blouse by Rainn. Tried this on in an XS and I was still swimming in it, but I think it's meant to be on the baggy side. It comes with a cami but the problem I have with tops like these is I have trouble wrestling myself into 'em. But I love the bohemian feel of it. It's silk; the material is sheer and super delicate. Maybe a little too delicate. I was afraid I might rip a hole through it. I'm still hedging on this one. What are your thoughts? Have any of you ladies tried this on?

Pond Reflections Dress by Maeve. I would never have thought to try this on, but after seeing it on Kim, it sealed the deal for me. My regular size 2 was too large so I sized down to a 0 and the fit was better. Light, swishy and airy. Such a dreamy and ethereal dress. It has skyrocketed to the top of my Wishlist. ***You can also check out Kim's and Liz's review. 

Martagon Sketch Halter Dress by Girls from Savoy. I tried this in a size 2 and it was a little tight. I sized up to a 4 and it was too large. It's lovely but I'm not a fan of halter dresses. ***You can also check out Liz's review.

Take Action Dress by Girls from Savoy. Ahhh, the lovely Take Action Dress. I sized down and tried this in a size 0. My regular size 2 was too poufy on the top but the size 0 was perfecto. One of my best purchases ever this year. I've also worn it here. ***You can also check out Kim's, Liz's and Marie's review.

It's 8 in the evening, the kids are tucked in bed, hubby is on his Xbox playing Call of Duty Black Ops, and I'm about to snuggle under the covers and catch up on my reading. What am I reading? A juicy chick lit of course. Adios muchachos.

OOTD - Spotted

At first glance, this dress was a pass for me as strapless numbers don't really work on chicks with tiny Berthas like moi. But after seeing it on Kim, my jaw literally dropped. See Kim's fitting room review here. Yes, it's a strapless, but I figure I can just have some straps sewn on later. It was an impulsive buy but I'm so glad I caved in. No buyer's remorse here. As a Wisconsinite would say ~ Oh-kie-doh-kie, you-betcha I'm doing the polka dot dance. And no, I do not live in Wisconsin, but I went to school in Madison . . . or the Mad City as they call it.

Dress - The Limited Printed Dot Strapless Dress
Cardi - Target/ Belt - J.Crew/ Tights - Anthro
Shoes - Target Hyla Bow Heels - It's $16.99 online but I got it on clearance at my local Target for $4. They're actually for girls, but I'm a size 6, and sometimes 6.5 in adult shoes and the girls size 5 fit me, with a little wiggly room to spare.

Target Hyla Bow Heels up close. (taken when I first got 'em)


Spotted ~ more polka dot dresses . . .

Delias Polka Dot Dress. $44.50. $20 Off Purchases Over $75. Enter Code 25SSYTD at checkout ~ ends 2/3

Delias Dorene Polka Dot Dress. $54.50




This dress is LAMB wear and no . . . not L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani, but actual kid's wear from the kid's section. While I was shopping for dresses at Target for my daughters, I came across this dress. And I stroked my chin like Confucius and proffered - hmmm . . . perhaps this could work on me too. This is a size XL and the tag says it fits girls 14-16. In adult sizes, I wear anything from a size 0, 2 and 4. It was only $14.95, so I thought, heck, it's worth a whirl.

Dress - Target Girls Cherokee Navy Blue Pin Stripe Woven Dress
Belt - Anthro / Tights - Anthro/ Shoes - Anthro Hallowed Halls Oxfords. These Soft Bow Mary Jane Pumps and Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps are pretty similar.

And this is my POOTD (Post Outfit Of The Day) - I wore this last week and submitted it for Kim's Anthroholic Reader Outfit post last Sunday.

Dress - Anthro Tonal Gingham
Cardi - J.Crew/ Tee - J.Crew/ Tights - J.Crew/ Boots - Payless.

$100 Shopbop Giftcard Giveaway

"Accept that some days you're the pigeon and some days the statue."
                                                             ~Dilbert (Scott Adams)
During most of my work days in the call center purgatory, I am indeed the statue . . . but today, I am the pigeon! Why?!?
'Coz I am thrilled to team up with Shopbop to host a $100 Shopbop gift card giveaway!!! I don't know about you, but I LOVE giveways! It's like a Make a Wish Foundation for shopaholics.

Addiction Alert - I am a cardi-holic and I'm a big fan of Shopbop's cardigans. All the cardis pictured below are under $100.

And I'm an even BIGGER fan of Shopbop's sultry-licious Falke tights.

Shopbop also carries several other notable brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Mackage, Philip Lim and Alexander Wang.
***The Shopbop on Sale section features some great steals.

If you'd like to enter this giveaway, please read the conditions below:
1. Visit Shopbop.com or click on any of the links above and let me know of one item ~ clothing/jewelery/accessories/shoes/bags that you're a fan off.
2. Be a public follower of this blog through Google Friend Connect, and please also let me know that in your comments. ***Please be sure to include your email in the comments if it is not easily found on your Blogger profile or if you don't have a blog.
3. One entry per person, but if you blog or tweet about this giveaway, you can earn an extra entry. ***If you do blog or tweet about it, please leave an additional comment with your link.  
4. This giveaway is open to international readers. Shopbop offers FREE international shipping.
5. This giveaway ends Feb 12th 2011 and the winner will be chosen at random using random.org. The winner will be announced on Monday, Feb 14th.

Best of luck ladies! Thank you all for participating and a special thanks to Jeffrey for making this giveaway possible.

OOTD - Cougar Dressed As A Cub?

This OOTD is what I sent in for Lisa's Respect the Outfits reader post (it won't go live till Wed), featuring an item from my closet that hasn't had enough love and why. 
~ Well, for me, that would have to be my Thousand Island Skirt. 
~ Why? 'Coz I'm concerned that it may be a bit too short for my age, and I don't want to go prancing about looking like a cougar dressed as a cub. But now that I'm giving this skirt some LOVE, I think the length is actually okay on me.
***On a more serious note, I just popped over to Jamie's blog and her dad was admitted to the ICU on Friday. And she has a special request today ~ to keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. Please do.

Top -Target Xhilaration Lace Tee $14.99. On clearance at my Target for $10.99. Chemise - Forever 21
Necklace - Star Mix Necklace by Gorjana
Skirt - Anthro Thousand Island Skirt (Summer 2009)
Shoes - Anthro Hallowed Halls Oxfords. These Soft Bow Mary Jane Pumps and Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps are pretty similar and are by the same designer - All Black.
Tights - Anthro

OOTD - I Took Action, Anthro Alien Insects and Shoe Candy

This Take Action dress has been getting so much love from the Anthro blogging community. And when I tried it on, the Anthro Alien Insects invaded my mind, body and soul . I heard this sharp buzzing noise in my ear telling me to TAKE IT!!!!! And like a pre-programmed android . . . I did.

Dress - Anthro Take Action Dress
Cardi - J.Crew / mint clutch - Nordstrom clearance for $30 (2009)
Shoes - Target, only $10 (2009). These Target Merona Suede Mustard flats are spot on.
Belt - Anthro / Bracelet - Target/ Tights - J.Crew

On a side note, this is my new love . . .

Moving at a Good Clip Heel by Miss L Fire. I adore shoes with a retro vibe and this one fits the bill. It even comes with a removable bow clip, so it can be worn both ways. Hah! 2 shoes for the price of 1!!! So really, I should divide the price by half.

And here are some Target-licious boots that fit my budget . . .

Pictured on the left - Mossimo Kahnilyn Buckle Boots. $29.99. Comes in 3 colors - grey, tan and black.
Pictured on the right -  Mossimo Kadejah Vintage Tie Boots.

OOTD - Sewing Mends the Soul.

Since this is my weekend post, I'll keep it short and sweet . . . this Sewing Circle Dress is the closest I'll ever come to sewing. On an end note, or shall I say ~ on an end stitch, hem your day with thankfulness and count your blessings so your tapestry does not unravel.
***I'll be back with a $100 Shopbop giveaway next week, so stay tuned.

Sewing Circle Dress ~ dressed up and dressed down 
Dress - Anthro Sewing Circle Dress. Now on sale. You can also check out my review here.
Cardi - Target Mossimo (mustard) / J.Crew (gray)
Necklace - Star Mix Necklace by Gorjana
Heels - Anthro Dusky Begonia T-straps (still available at Modcloth / Boots - Payless (Fall 2008) ~ Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less. lol, I love their slogan and their prices.

MOTW (Movie of the Week) - Once

I thought I'd switch things up a bit and post a Movie of the Week instead of a BOTW (Book of the Week). Every once in a while, a movie will captivate me from start to finish, and this movie Once definitely did that and so much more. It's a musical, but it's not one of those cheesy musicals where the actors randomly burst into song. And it's a love story but it's not a traditional love story by any stretch. The two leads roles are played by Glenn Hansard and Markéta Irglová (they actually started dating after filming the movie). Their acting is raw and honest, and the pop folk music is beautiful and intoxicating. This movie was the winner of the World Audience Award at Sundance (2007) and the hauntingly sweet song from the soundtrack, Falling Slowly, won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Original Song. I rarely ever re-watch movies, but I have watched this film dozens and dozens of times. I am a complete sucker for Irish flicks and this movie is classic, magical, unforgettable and it's proof that you don't need a multimillion budget to achieve great work! A little movie with a BIG heart.

Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews - It's a Pajama Party!!!

IT'S A PAJAMA PARTY!! This fitting room post is inspired by LC of Bella Seattle. See her Anthro Lounge & Sleepwear post here. It had never occurred to me to try on jammies at Anthro, and after seeing LC's post, I was thrust into a whole new Anthro world. Whoaaaa! And what a wonderful discovery!

Under The Rug Chemise by Eloise. Tried this on in my regular size S, but I think I should've sized down for a better fit. I think the fit for the top half is a little 'off.' But I do like the colorful stripes on the bottom half. Cons - the sash wasn't long enough for me to tie a pretty ribbon. Or maybe I just have a burgeoning waistline. Gak!!! I MUST hold off on the chocolates.

Sprite's Sleep Chemise by Puella. Tried this on in a size S and it fits TTS. This would look great paired with boots and tights, maybe even a belt. It's sooooo soft and comfy. I'd probably wear it out all day and then wear it to sleep. Wishlisted.

Sweet Offerings Chemise by Feather Bone. I sized down on this one and tried it in an XS. This darling chemise looks so much like a summer dress. Even the material is thicker and more dress-like as opposed to sheer thin and chemise-like. It also comes with adjustable straps. And the ribbons/bows on the fronts are too cute for words.

Camera Obscura Chemise by Eloise. I tried my usual size S and it fits TTS. I think if you're bustier, you may have to size up to accommodate your Berthas. A sales attendant at my Anthro store paired this chemise with a red belt and cardi and it looked so adorable. This chemise rocks a sort of 50's vibe with its sweetheart neckline.  Wishlisted.

***I have a couple more Anthro fitting room reviews that I'll post some other day. On another note, after seeing über-talented Cindi's amazing photog skills on her blog, Simpli Cindi, it has prompted me to post some pics that are non-fashion related. For me, feasting my eyes on a beautifully taken pic gives me the same rush as a beautiful dress. Be sure to check out Cindi's blog for some stunning wedding shots.

1. My daughter M with her Pillow Pet. It's a Pillow. No, it's a Pet. It's a Pillow Pet. 

2. My Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar.

 3. And he held her little hand in his big hand. Little hand belongs to my daughter B.

Anthropologie Fitting Room Review - Sewing Circle Dress

Sewing Circle Dress by Floreat
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Bliss. This Sewing Circle Dress made my heart thump like Thumper (the bunny from Bambi). When I tried on this dress, my heart went THUMPITY THUMP THUMP THUMP. This is my usual size 2 and it fits TTS. It is a very well made dress; the quality is impeccable. And the embroidery is stunning. The material is pretty heavy duty cotton so I can wear it ALL year round. It features removable and adjustable straps, and a non-slip lining inside the top part of the dress. If you're busty, you may have to size up to accomodate your Berthas. Yay for Anthro sale! It goes without saying that this pretty Floreat frock came home with momma today.
***I'll be back with more Anthro fitting room reviews tomorrow.

Target Fitting Room Reviews

Target is just across the street from my house, so I swing by quite often to pick up misc household items. And today, I was hoping to try on the über-licious Lace Bib Slip Dress , but alas it was not in my store. I hunted high and low just to be sure and even had customer service call the other stores . . . and none of 'em had the dress. At this point, I'm convinced it's either all sold out or just an 'online only' item. So I ended up scoping out some other Target numbers. And some of 'em were right on target.

Merona Cardigan Sweater - Black Dot. $22.99 I sized down and I adore this cardi. It made me do the polka dance and yes  . . . it came home with me today. 

Merona Artist V-Neck Cardigan Sweater - Mint Air. Also comes in Chantilly Blue. I tried this on in a size S and it fits TTS. I've been on the hunt for a mint green cardi ever since Anthroholic Kim made mint green a MUST HAVE in my wardrobe. Kim - you're bad for my wallet :)

Merona Artist V-Neck Cardigan Sweater - Natural Beige. $24.99. I sized down and tried this in a XS. I quite like the color and the delicate ruffles. Reminds me a 'lil of a J.Crew cardi. And to all the J.Crewaholics - I hope you're not blanching now :) You probably wanna roast me on spit. 

Xhilaration French Terry Military Jacket - Cream. Tried this Soldier Boy sweater jacket in a size S and it fits TTS. Also comes in black as reviewed below . . .

Xhilaration French Terry Military Jacket - Black

 Xhilaration Stripe Henley Dress - Marine Blue. Comes in several colors - Black stripes, Tapestry and Black - sans stripes. This dress is way too short to wear as a dress, but with jeans or leggings, it's halfway decent.

And lastly, here is my daughter B. She wanted me to take a pic of her dressed in her favorite frock. 

And this is what B came home with today . . . Disney Princess PJ's

And before I bid you adieu, I leave you with this beautiful song from the movie Tangled. I am a total Disnerd and I loved the movie. Finally, the old Disney is back. The music is beautiful, the storyline is sweet and heart-warming, and it brings back memories of the old fairy tales I grew up with (Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin). Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore did an awesome job, and their duet still gives me goosebumps. Who knew Zachary Levi could sing? What's your fav Disney movie?