My Slapped Together Book Trailer of My Dream Cast . . .

Book trailers are all the rage these days, but it can cost tons of money to have one professionally made. So I slapped together this trailer of my dream cast for my book. Please note that I said "dream" cast. Meaning, this will probably never ever happen. But one can only dream. It took me about 2 hours and I had loads of fun making it. What do you think? It's live on youtube now. Bwarhahaha, my very first youtube video.
***Make sure your speakers are turned on when you watch the video.

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  1. Hey Lisa!
    This video is so cool!
    We never know, our wildest dream can come true! You just need more exposure. It's brilliant that you posted it n youtube.
    Do you know how many stupid movies or many other things that came from youtube?
    I think this can happen!! Not sure about Giselle Bundchen though, she is pretty expensive nowadays lol
    Please invite me for the movie premier when it happens :]

  2. Zac Efron??? Now, who's projecting, hahahaaa. I meant to comment on your earlier posts, but my computer wouldn't let me, I don't know why. I hope you are feeling better! I am at home now (childhood home, not the pile of mess that is my current own) and eating lots =)

  3. Hahaha I really enjoyed your dream cast clip. Great job with the editing! I couldn't agree more with with the main cast -- though Zac Efron might be shorter than Giselle? But it's ok, b/c Mika and Ingeborg weren't dating long :)

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    LOL! That friggin song is stuck in my head now. Love the song though, goes w. your trailer ;)

  5. Nadja - thanks, and I know! Giselle is expensive, plus I'm not sure if she can even act. And she's quite a bit older than Zac, but I couldn't think of anyone else to play her =)

    Dinster - Whoa! You're back in Indonesia?!? Which part??? Lucky you. Enjoy the food and your vacay! Thanks for your wishes and I'm doing better. The pain never goes away, but I try to keep myself busy, hence this video

    Cee - Haha, he is shorter. I think I need a new Ingebory. or maybe someone else as Mika. Maybe Henry Cavill?

    Anon - Tee-hee, it's stuck in my head too

    Missy - thanks for your honesty. I do appreciate it. I totally agree, the 1st edition was littered w. typos and errors, so I'm truly sorry about that. The 2nd edition is more polished. And I will refrain from using 'anyways' in the future =)

  6. Lisa - i LOVE this trailer!!! So cute, and the cast choice is perfect! Great pic with Zac Efron as Mika! You crack me up girl. If this ever does become a movie, and I pray it does because I loved the book, please invite me to the premiere ;)

  7. Haha, funny trailer. I read your book too and I enjoyed it very much. Truong is by far my fav character. Couldn't you find someone more glamorous to play Truong?
    I remember Rex Lee from Entourage but sorry, I just don't see him as Truong.

  8. Lisa!
    I love your dream cast. Now to get that cast together and make that movie!

  9. Perfect! I love it! Great job Lisa:) Guess what book I added to my new kindle first? Yep, I'm reading it now. So far, I LOVE IT!

  10. This was so fun, Lisa! I loved it. I hope you're the next cubicle trilogy!

  11. Kim - I'll save you an invitation. And you too Nadja! ;-)

    Suraya - funny you say that, 2 other readers mentioned that on my book fb page. I couldn't think of anyone else. There aren't to many fabulous gay Vietnamese actors in Hollywood. And I LOVED Rex in Entourage

    Michele - lol, I wish it were that easy. =) If only, eh?

    Kristin - no way! thanks.

    Molly - Thanks and me too! =) xx

  12. Cute trailer, Lisa!

    **singing along** My cubicle. My cubicle. It doesn't have a vieeeeeeew.