Changes are a Comin' . . . Gak! I Quit my Job. And Area 51 Book - I Can't Wait to Read It ! ! !

I can't believe I did this. I'm still in a hazy daze. But I quit my job. Yep. *Deep breath* *Exhale* . . . and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. And when I told the hubs that, he said, ~   "I feel like a weight has been put on mine."

But he's come around. And he agrees it's for the better. For as long as I can remember (well, since we've had kids), we've always worked opposite shifts. He worked during the day and I worked at night to help make ends meet. There were days when the hubs rushed in late and I had the garage door open with the car engine running, ready to zoom off to the call center purgatory. Plus, I worked the weekends too which meant we could never do anything as a family. And that can be hard on a marriage.

I've been unhappy working at that place for a long, long time. It was like being in an abusive relationship. And I've had enough. I realize life is too short to be doing something you loathe and abhor. Life is too short to be unhappy. Sure, I'll have to cut back and learn to budget more, but I think we'll be okay.

I'll admit that it's slightly nerve wrecking as I've never not worked for most of my life. I worked when I was in high school, I worked as a waitress during my college years, I got a job I loved right after I graduated and I've never stopped working. And I always had this immigrant mentality where I felt I had to be a savvy saver and not dump all my eggs in one basket. I always thought that if the hubs lost his job, at least we would still have health benefits through my job. Well, the eggs are now officially all in one basket. And that can be a little scary.

But I tell myself not to worry too much.
If I have one eye on yesterday, and one eye on tomorrow, I'm going to be cockeyed today.
And I refuse to be cockeyed.
So I choose to live for today.
And everything else . . . well I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

What will this mean? Well, there will be less shopping at Anthro and J.Crew. But I'll have a hellavu less stress in my life, I'll be happier and more importantly, I'll be able to spend more time with my husband, two munchkins and 3 pooches. And that, to me, is priceless.

Okay . . . 'nough about silly 'ol me. On to more interesting news . . . this book ~ Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen has gotten so much buzz. And I'm buzzed about it too! So buzzed that it's making me dizzy. And here's the cuhrrrrazzzzy thing - according to Jacobsen's sources, a space craft did crash at Roswell, but it did not come from outer space. No. It came from Russia. And . . . this part just made me go BALLISTICIMUS. Jacobsen writes: "The Roswell saucer was Russian-made and crewed by human children who were surgically altered to resemble aliens by Nazi death-camp doctor Joseph Mengele, acting at Joseph Stalin's behest."
Apparently Russia was involved in some horrific human experimentation. Whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa?!?

If you'd like to read more about it, check out the New York Time's review here. Quite a number of Amazon reviewers bash the book and rip it to pieces, so if you want a somewhat unbiased review, maybe read the one on NYT? I have yet to read the book, so I can't comment. But as Carl Sagan said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof." And I hope Jacobsen has the truth to back up her claims. Or maybe not. The thought of human experimentation/engineering is just too much for me to stomach.

And do I believe in aliens? Hells yea! There are over a gazillion jillion planets and stars out there. Statistically, it would seem very likely that intelligent life exists elsewhere. I'd be arrogant to think otherwise.


  1. Lisa, you will be fine, you are too talented! This way you can write a new book ;-)

  2. Good for you, girl! I know it must feel scary to quit anything, but it sounds like you made the right choice for your mental well-being and your family.

  3. Wow! That's both equally exciting and scary, but I one day too hope that I can quit my day job and focus on what's more important in life! Best wishes on everything!

    I hadn't heard about that book, but now I'm definitely intrigued! I love spooky/creepy alien/ghost stories.

  4. Girl. Congratulations to you! Quitting a job can definitely be tough, but in the end it'll totally be worth it to have your sanity back.

    Also, I'm finishing up another book and then I will totes mcgotes be moving on to yours :)

  5. Good for you!! I worked the call center purgatory at Bank of America for awhile...worst job I've ever had. It was like taking abuse for 6 hours straight 6 days a week. People didn't care how rude they were to you since they couldn't see you and just sitting glued to the phones for that many hours straight drove me insane. I know exactly how you're feeling...the day I quit was like a huge weight lifted off of me and I suddenly didn't feel any stress like I had been. Just keep on doing what you love and things will fall into place for you!

  6. I am soooo happy for you! Sounds wonderful!

  7. Anonymous12:27 PM

    good for you for taking a stand. I currently feel the same way...

  8. Wow, good for you Lisa!!

    What are you going to do now? Are you going to have to change your blog name? ;)

  9. At first I was shocked! Then I was sad to read such words as curtailed shopping. I can't believe that hit number 2 on my list. Smiling for family time and your girls. Wondering how such new found freedom will impact blogging.

    Your Hubby, BTW, is a keeper!

    All I could think of was Lucky You! Congratulations!

    You are now C of a FTB! Full Time Blogger!

  10. Kudos to you, Lisa! The older I'm getting, the more I'm starting to get the "life is too short. do what you love" mantra. Any immediate plans in the future? Second book in the works? Continuing the fitting room reviews but exerting willpower and not buying? Getting involved in more animal charities? Whatever it is, I'm just happy that YOU're happy :)

  11. Wow! Sometimes you just need to make these big changes though- it`s been so long!

    wishing you the best! Will you be looking for a job in publishing maybe?

  12. Good for you on leaving the job - I'm sure you will be much happier and never look back :) I am strangely fascinated by Area 51 - will have to look up the book! Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  13. Maggie6:28 AM

    Congrats on the new leaf!

    Terry Gross (NPR "Fresh Air") did an interview about the book and the writer said her US government source said the US worked on the same thing as the Russians--human experimentation. It sent a chill down my spine.

  14. Yay for leaving a job you don't like! and more spending time with family! If anything, when you close one door, another opens, hopefully a better one! And that Area 51 book sounds scary!

  15. I worked at an answering service/call center for many years. The day I quit was the most freeing moment ever in my life as my boss was a hose beast and I realized my sanity was fading away too fast for me to recover it. Good luck to you! :)

  16. Good for you! I'm sure you will make it work. Thanks for the heads up on the book!

  17. Lisa, I'm so happy for you! Congrats on quitting your job! Fly, free! Now you'll have to time to write another book! but only if you want to. The power of choice is priceless, eh? Your tips on Area 51 are quite intriguing. I may have to snatch it up and indulge. Human engineering? Scary stuff, man.

  18. Hi kakak, not too worry. I'm sure someone who is talented like you, you can do so much more with what you always love and i guess it's time now. :)

  19. I can only imagine how nerve wracking this may be for you but I truly admire you for doing this.. Kudos!

    You are inspiring Lisa!


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    Please come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  20. thanks ladies for all you kind words of support. I'm enjoying my freedom. Went biking with the hubs and kids this past weekend, took the pooches for longer walks, bar-b-q-ed w. the family. But I'm not frequenting blogs liked I used to as I don't wanna me tempted to shop. So please understand if I don't swing by as much. xoxo L

  21. Ah, I am late for this, so whatever needs to be said, other blogger probably had said it. But first thing out of my mind after reading this news is "Good for you!" Enjoy!

  22. Anonymous9:36 PM

    Hi Lisa,

    Totally OT here but how's your book sales?? I haven't had a chance to read it yet but it's on my list. Are you working on another one yet?


  23. Hi Christine,
    Thanks for asking, it's actually doing pretty good...much better that I'd ever dreamed. And thanks for taking a chance on my book. Before you read it though, please note the disclosures below:

    ***DISCLOSURES: If you find politically incorrect shows like The Office, South Park and Chelsea Lately detestable, childish and offensive, then my book is probably NOT for you. Also there is quite a bit of swearing, mainly by the callers and not the protagonist.

    So if it's not your cup of tea, please don't waste your time reading it. But if you're ok with all that, I do hope you'll enjoy it. I don't write with malice, I am Chinese gal and I lightly poke fun at all races, including my own. And sometimes I think it's healthy to be able to laugh at yourself. I am working on a 2nb book. lol, I've had a few readers ask for a sequel, so a sequel it is! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it. =)