Who is this dude? Lisa of Dateline XYZ Investigates . . . To Catch a Pervo

If you're part of the Anthro/J.Crew/ fashion blogging community, I'm sure you've seen *cue psycho Hitchcock music* this guy . . .

Yep, I've seen him lurking on plenty of blogs. Every time I swing by my all my girly blogs, I see him on the right hand side under the GFC followers. *Cough* He's not easy to miss. I  mean, it's like catching a guy in a girl's restroom. The first thing that comes to mind is, "Dude, what the hell are you doing here?!?" 

So I thought I'd switch thing up a notch and have a little fun with this. *cue Jaws music* This is a special edition. Lisa of Dateline XYZ investigates . . . To Catch a Pervo.

Me and my crew (my furry companions) sat in front of the monitor. My heart was pounding and my stomach was lurching as I clicked on this picture. . . 

 So you can get a better close up look, I've blown up the pic.

Whoa! That's a little freaky deaky. Anyways, this is what came up:

Okay, so now I know that this suspect has a name and his name is Dave. And he travels. So I decide to click the link Dave's Travel Corner and this site pops up with fancy stamps on the header and a somewhat Craig's List-ish layout. So naturally, I click About Us. And WHAMO! There's Dave again. Reading on, I learn that Dave is an international travel writer with a pretty impressive resume. He could give Lance Armstrong a run for, correction, a 'cycle' for his money.
And on that site, there's a bigger pic of Dave on the summit crater of Mt Ranier Washington. At first glance, I thought he climbed Mt Everest. But  hey, Mt Ranier is no easy feat. So Respect and Big Ups to Dave.

Oh here is a quote from Dave on his site ~ "Ownership of most things is overrated. Ownership of worldly experience is not. "

I guess I half agree with Dave. I think worldly experiences is a good thing. But I'll have to admit that I also find pleasure in the other things in life, namely the material things. One of my very fav. quotes is by CS Lewis, and you can find it on Jan's blog ~ "God loves material things. He made them!"

So here's my question to Dave. ~ If you find ownership of most things overrated, then why are you lurking on all these girly blogs that are solely dedicated to the pursuit and ownership of all things material? (clothes, shoes, bags, etc . . .)

Conclusion ~ Dave is not a pervo. Although I set out to catch one, all I caught was a mountain climber.
Disclosure  ~ Dave is much more than that. If you're curious to read more about this harmless and accomplished guy, you can check out his bio here.

I guess that wasn't scandalous or provocative AT ALL. No hidden camera crew, no cops jumping out of bushes. Oh well,  that concludes tonight's episode of To Catch a Pervo with Lisa L on Dateline XYZ. *cue credits roll.*
Credits : Camera Man 1 on standby ~ my dog Milo
Decoy ~ my dog Lola
Cop for hire ~ my dog Chloe

So . . . just curious, do you allow boys to follow your blogs? Or is it just strictly girls only.
Any GFC followers give you the heebie jeebies? Feel free to list 'em and I'll investigate . . . next time.


  1. I must admit this Dave guy seriously freak me out...I even stop posting my daughter's mother day card after he became a follower.

  2. Thanks for doing the investigative work for us. I'm not sure if Dave is one of my followers, but it's reassuring to know that he's a harmless guy :-)

  3. you are hilarious! and brave! dave could still be dodgy. Although I think it's probably Dave's girlfriend or wife doing the 'following'. I used hub's Facebook account for about a year until he said STOP! Because I was making all sorts of comments on friends' pictures that definitely did not sound like him ('Love your shoes!', 'Must have Girls' Night Out soon!', etc.)

  4. LOL - he's on my blog too (not my cooking one, my fashiony/mommy one). I like the travel pics on his blog and he's got some great trip info. I thought he found me because I post about travel sometimes.

    Sorry you didn't catch a pervo. :) But this post is funny.

  5. haha I always wonder what guys think when they openly follow fashion blogs...it's not the best place to pick up the ladies...

    I have a few teens that follow me, and their comments make my eyes bleed.

  6. Bahahahahahahahahahaha.

    That's all I've got.

  7. Hahaha, Lisa, you are a hoot!! I'm sending traffic Dave's way in hopes that he stops by and answers your questions.

    There is another guy that comments on a couple blogs I follow. He would leave comments on how beautiful X looks. I suppose I didn't find it that creepy because it wasn't my blog lol. But I do know a couple other girls were a bit creeped out.

  8. Anonymous10:22 AM

    This is my 1st time commenting. Like you, I've been wondering about this "Dave" character for a while. Thanks for shedding some light on him. btw I think Dave should stop by and answer your question. lol

  9. lol @ dinster

    Funny post. Dave is a new follower of mine, too. I thought he might be a woman using someone else's account. Or probably someone that's going to end up trying to market something to us. Hell, we pimp each other things all the time, but a man coming into do it by way of being a follower would be a little odd. I don't care if men or women follow. I tried to be inclusive of both and often say "people," but I know it's most often us girls. At least I *think*. Come to think of it, I guess there are corporate employees of both genders reading our stuff.

  10. ha! yeah, I checked dave out too- I figured it was some new marketing gimmick- if `he` follows enough websites, surely some people will send traffic back his way! I wonder how many blogs he's following?

    If you're not a marketing gimmick, dave, then, uh, welcome!

  11. You totally crack me up. Thank you for going all Dateliney on us and clearing that up! I think Katrina brings up a good point. Perhaps he's following from your recent posts about Malaysia, since he's into travel? Still, he needs a better photo....

  12. I noticed him the minute he started following me. I did like you and checked him out. OK! Maybe not as thourough as Lisa of Dateline XYZ. He seems harmless. Perhaps he's just hoping to bring some of his crater rocking, mountaineering, he man type blog stuff to our attention. I think we should all go follow him. I think I might just do that right now.

    You should have made his picture bigger so he could be sure to see himself and think. What the.....Hee-hee!

  13. Hehe.. funny post Lisa !!

    Like Laura, I think he is harmless too..I guess he’s just promoting his website by following all the bloggers so that we will click on his profile then checking out his site. I guess. (?)

  14. Dave follows me too, and I've also been curious and checked him out. Dinster may have a good point - maybe he's got a female SO who's using his blogger ID unbeknownst to him? Or maybe he's an anthropologist (and I mean the social-sciences type, not the clothing chain type, though it's a funny coincidence) who's studying online communities? Who knows. Seems harmless enough, so far. ^_-

  15. I remember going to comment one time on the blog "Dea Diaries" and this guy had started making these really creepy comments on her blog, telling her how pretty he found her and talking about things she had written months before (like he was going through her archives and looking up old things she had written). I can't remember for sure, but I do remember that he posted a comment that really crossed the line, according to my personal standards of appropriateness. It was super creepy. It really made me re-evaluate whether I'll ever start a blog.

    If it was just a guy who's interested in fashion, then it wouldn't be a big deal at all. But hitting on someone by going through her blog really is creeper-status and it made me wonder how many other freaks are out there in the world, poring over people's blogs w/ less than good intentions.

  16. Haha! Great post and thanks for clearing this up. I always get super excited when I get a new follower, but then when I saw this guys picture, I thought it seemed weird. Like everyone else, I checked it out and assumed that he was just following everyone possible, hoping to draw traffic to his site.

    Like Gigi, I'm fine with guys following my blog (although I think Dave is the only one at this point), as long as there is nothing creepy going on.

  17. Thanks ladies for all your comments. I'm gonna email Dave soon to get his side of the story. Like I learned in good 'ol journalism school - I need to be fair and balanced.