What I Bought at the Tag Sale

*Nom* *Nom* . . . I chomped on the Pezza Dress. This is a size S and it fits TTS. Plenty more in stores and online. I snatched this up 'coz I could inhale a whole pizza in this and you still wouldn't see my lumps and bumps. Hmm. I seem to be having a penchant for Jersey dresses these days. They are so forgiving.

Vantine Pumps. Theses pumps would add a touch of vavavooooooooom to any outfit. Plus it was only $49.95. Only problem is the size 6 was sold out, so I went with a 6.5. Fingers crossed.

Anyone else chomped on the Pezza or vant the Vantines? Bwarhahahaha.


  1. This dress is so cute! I totally overlooked it.
    I only have 1 jersey dress and you are right. It's so comfy and forgiving!
    I'm sure you can add inserts to your shoes and be happy :] I also wear size 6 and have very few 6.5 shoes. May inserts be blessed :D

    I didn't go to the sale thing today since none of my must have items went on sale!

  2. WHAT lumps and bumps???
    I majorly scored at my 2nd store (that's right, I went to TWO, thank goodness for preschools!) with a pile of $9.95 items. Will report later!

  3. I second dinster -- what lumps and bumps, Lisa?!?! If you have them, I can't imagine what everyone else's would be called.

    This tag sale sounds intriguing; I'm going to have to check it out. Online and in stores?

  4. I can't see any lumps and bumps on you, but i know where you are coming from - i can relate!
    The Pezza dress does look very flattering. It's a dress that will never go out of style either. Those red bow shoes are so cute!
    I didnt get anything at the sale. I wanted the Goldfield and Plaited brushstrokes skirts but the shipping cost to oz put me off.

  5. vant the vantines! hahaha under 50 bucks! that's a deal, hope the size up works for you too! man, they went out of stock fast!

  6. Nadja - Hi! You only have one? Then you must do the Pezza with me =)

    Dinster - oh, i can't wait to see what you scored! $9.95! Whoa! Furr realzzzz?!? You lucky duck!

    Cee - Hullo? Of course you don't see my lumps and bump. It's coz I'm wearing the Pezza and it hides it! :P

    Jen - oh Jen, I feel your pain in shipping.

    Olyvia - bwarhahaha, I VANT Vantines!!!! I know, they sure vanished fast!

  7. I think the shoes will fit you fine! I usually wear between a 5 and a 6, and the 6's fit quite well. They have a bit of elastic around the edges, so I think it's better to size up. Congrats on scoring those, they are awesome!

  8. Oh..me so jealous kakak, and what lumps & bumps? You look perfect in that dress already.

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