This Post is so Artsy Fartsy it's Subtitled . . . est tres magnifique and magique

Monsieur Lapin dit, "Mon Dieu! Nadja est sautant en l'air. Elle ressemble à elle sur un trampoline. Mais attendez! Elle n'est pas! Nadja doit être un gymnaste olympique."

Mister Rabbit says, "My God! Nadja is leaping in the air. She looks like she's on a trampoline. But wait! She's not! Nadja should be an Olympic gymnast.

Mes enfants sur un trampoline.
 My kids on a trampoline.

Monsieur Lapin dit, "Nadja, vous regardez magnifique. Dites-moi vos coordonnées tenue."
Mister Rabbit says, "Nadja, you look magnificent. Tell me your outfit details."

Nadja dit, "J'ai fait la robe moi-même. La floraison est de Lattice Cardigan Anthropologique et les chaussures sont aussi d'Anthropologique. C'est ce qu'on appelle les étoiles Le Come Out Oxford. Et la ceinture est de la cible."

Nadja says, "I made the dress myself. The Blooming Lattice Cardigan is from Anthropologie and the shoes are also from Anthropologie. It is called the The Stars Come Out Oxfords. And the belt is from Target."

Lapin: Sacre bleu! Vous êtes si talentueux
Rabbit: Whoa! You are so talented!

Zut Alors! Ce lapin n'a pas de visage
 Dammit! This rabbit has no face 

Les entretiens de lapin aveugle Sarah. "Vous avez l'air belle ma chère, ce que portez-vous?"
The blind rabbit interviews Sarah. "You look lovely my dear, what are you wearing?"

H & M robe dos-bouton, blouse de soie chiné vérifié, collants Hue, appartements Aldo (ou devrais-je dire ballerines)
H&M back-button dress, thrifted silk checked blouse, Hue tights, Aldo flats (or should I say ballerines)

Les hoquets aveugles Lapin, "Jen, vous êtes une vision!"
The blind rabbit gasps, "Jen, you are a vision!" 

Jen dit, "Mais le lapin comment pouvez-vous voir ce que je porte quand vous n'avez pas les yeux?!?
Jen says, "But rabbit, how can you see what I'm wearing when you have NO EYES?"

Dress - Anthro Mompos, Cardi - H&M, Forever 21 Headband and Kate Spade shoes

Lapin dit, "Lisa, ne vous êtes propriétaire d'un fer à repasser?!?"
Rabbit says, "Lisa, don't you own an iron?!?"

Oui, et devinez ce que je vais avoir pour le dîner?
Yes and guess what I'm having for dinner?

Lapin ~ Qu'est-ce?!?
Rabbit ~ What?!?

ragoût de lapin
rabbit stew 

Dress ~ Anthro City Touring Dress/ Shoes ~ Anthro Hallowed Halls Oxfords

Merci mille fois to Nadja, Sarah and Jen for joining me in this edition of making magique. *Bisous*
oh and thanks to Google translator.  


  1. Magnificent! I love that first picture of nadia leaping in the air. What a great shot.
    Excellent job on our pictures! I also enjoyed reading your commentary. Oops I meant mister rabbit's commentary. Thanks for all your effort Lisa!

  2. I was hoping that the making magique was longer because it's very entertaining hehehe..YOu are so creative my kakak.

    Love all these lovely photos. Gorgeous outfits ladies !! Fabuleux !!

  3. Hahahaha I don't think I've loved a post more in my entire life. Brilliant, darling :)

  4. haha Lisa you always put a smile on my face with your comments!! The pics turned out great!Thanks you so much!
    tell mr. rabit to iron your dress next time, that is if he hasn't turned into a stew yet :]

  5. This blogger is crazy! I've been trying to make a comment but wants to post it as anonymous hmm
    anyways you always put a smile on my face with your comments!!:]
    The pics turned out great, thanks so much!!
    ahah next time tell monseur rabbit to iron your dress haha that is if he hasn't turned into a ste yet :]

  6. Aw adorable! I love the faceless rabbit too :P Great post.

  7. Wow, those are awesome pictures. Errrrr I miss the boat...., was there another bus coming around?

  8. pauvre petit lapin...these are tellement belle, thanks!! I should really explore the potential of photoshop to draw out the details in an image and make it something more!

  9. Great post! I love the outfits, pictures, and commentary (oh yes, and your shoes!!!!).

  10. This is all so Magnifique! I'm with Miss Green Dress. I missed the Train. Or I didn't and got creamed. The colors are Fantastique and Metallic. And that's the highest leap in the air on blogger record. You will do this again Lisa? Oh please say yes I beg of you.

  11. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Um, I hate to tell you, but Google translator sucks. Your French is really, really bad, although cute :)