My Artsy Fartsy Post Inspired by Making Magique

Ever since fellow blogger and fashion designer extraordinaire Marie introduced me to Making Magique (a blog about a silly American in Paris), I've become inspired to make my own magique. But then it occurred to me ~ Sacre Bleu! Mon Dieu! Zut Alors! How can I create her magique when I am not in Paris or Paree?!? Then I had a vision (said in a heavy French accent, like vi-syan). I can use Adobe Lightroom to create my own artsy fartsy photo shoot and just pretend I'm in her très quaint apartment in Paree.
So I edited my pics and *Pouf* I have made magique
***If you'd like to have a 'lil fun and make magique with moi, please email your pics to callcentergal88 (at) gmail (dot) com, outfit details and blog link by next Wed, May 25th and I'll *Pouf* make your pic magnifique. And I'll  do an Artsy Fartsy reader post next Thursday or Friday.
 *** Whoopsie. I just realized I made a boo boo yesterday w. the deadline. It's actually May 25th and not the 20th. 

As the French say, *Bisous* (kisses). And if were French, I'd like to think I'd have a name like Coco or Beaulah. So, let's try this again, Au revoir les enfants *Bisous* *Jadore* ~ Beaulah.

Dress ~ Anthro Sewing Circle/ Cardi ~ J.Crew Forever cardi in mint/ Shoes ~ Anthro Dusky Begonias

My kitchen windowsill

Pictures hanging in my kitchen

My Anthro-esque kitchenware bought at Target


  1. Hey I was wondering about that! I notice how your pics looked a bit different than usual! Haha.. Now I know! Will send you something..
    Cute outfit! I'm simply adoring those shoes, they seem to go with everything! Your kitchen looks pretty neat too.

  2. Bonjour Beaulah, les photos est amazement. Oh god, my French is horrible, hahaha. After 5 years of high school French, I don't think I even got the noun-verb right, lol. So this Adobe Lightroom, is it much better than Photoshop? And what about the learning curve, if there is any?

  3. mais c'est chouette! I love it!

  4. Jenn - Yay, I'm glad you're gonna be participating in my asrtsy fartsy Anthropologique post. Oh, my gmail just alerted me to a new email. Sweet. I got your pic. Je vous remerci! xoxo

    Cee - Bonjour Cee. Adobe Lightroom is super easy to use. I think it's a free dl too. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. vous êtes un bon ami

    Sara - Merci mille fois. I got your picture. C'est très magnifique. Bisous.

  5. Beaulah is a french name?? Like Ferris Bueller? Mais non, tu es une Capucine. Ou Colette? Hortense?

  6. loved it! i will be sending a pic soon :D
    p.s. anytime I see you wearing these shoes I want to punch myself on the face for not buying them haha they go well with everything!
    p.s. 2 I wish I could quit my j o b. Make sure you splurge a lot before doing it :]

  7. I love the pictures! I really like those tarjay jars! :D

  8. Dinster ou Colette - lol, if I were French, I'd be Beaulah. Not Bueller . . . BeauLAH. And I like Capucine. But not Hortense, it sounds like Horse.

    Nadja - I got your pic mon cherie. Thanks, it is tres fab. and p/s you'll be able to leave the Helll one day too. I know you will. You'll become a famous fashion designer and then you can see goodbye to that place. So have faith.

    Sammie - ‎grâce

  9. How fun! This is a great feature, Lisa. I really feel like I"m in Paris just from looking at this pics (not that I've ever been there, but I imagine it might look something like this!). I'll have to browse my photos and see if I have a good one to submit. Hm...

    Like Jen, I love those shoes. They seem to work so perfectly in your closet. I am kicking myself for not ordering them. You know,they were in my wishlist for $40! but my trigger finger was just too slow. Booo...

    BTW, I haven't forgotten that I need to post my responses for the blog award you gave me. I am still trying to figure out something interesting to write about myself (I'm a bit boring, you see...) BUT, I haven't forgotten!!!

  10. What a fun idea! Those photo look amazing! Just out of curiosity, how tall are the heels of those shoes? They look amazing....

  11. Beaulah...I deu not knew eef I veel half zee time to email un photo. I veel try! *lol*

  12. crap, now I want to plop down at a patisserie for hours on end and try to look cool. Your photos rock. Super Magique. I'll attempt to get you a prospect to transform into tres magnifique status. Deal?
    P.s. I totally regret not buying that dress. It's so purdy. (that's french-texan for super pretty).

  13. They are just lovely dolllll! I am so happy you felt inspired by my blog :-)

  14. Weeeee.... The photos are fabuleux !!
    If I were French, I'll be Fabienne Blanc *oh thanks to google translator too* heheheheh

    P/s: Thanks for your warm thoughts sistah. I'm back and feeling revived. Huhu

    And ahhha ..I'll email you on the symbol thingy. Almost forgot about it.