Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Impressionist Dreams Chemise. The burst of pastels are truly lovely on this chemise. It'd make a cute summer dress. The length hits slightly above my knee and I'm 5'4". I tried this on in a size S and it fits TTS. I wouldn't pay full price for this chemise, but come sale time, I may just snap it up.

Verdant Slip Dress. This has got to be my all time favorite Anthro purchase this year. I'm anywhere from a size 2 or 4 and I went with the size 4 as it was the only size available in my store. But I like the fit of the 4. It affords me ample room for food babies. I've also worn this dress here.

Woody Nymph Dress by Porridge. I snatched this dress up as it was on sale, plus with my 15% b'day discount, this was a steal! I adore this jersey dress. I didn't get what all the fuss was about, but once I slipped on this jersey number, I GOT it. The fit is extremely flattering, the pleats on the front are gorgeous and more importantly, it's so swishy, airy and comfy. It almost feels like I'm wearing nothing! No wonder it's called the Woody Nymph. Here's the urban's dictionary's description of a nymph:
1. A young, slightly-built female, considered sexually desirable.
2. If short for nympho or nymphomaniac : a woman who craves as much good sex as she can get.
As for # 2 ~ Whhhaaaa?!?
***There are a nymph load of these Woody Nymphs in stores. My local store had 8 avaialbe in all sizes. So call around or call cs if you wanna do the Woody Nymph. *WoooOOOoooooody*

Mompos Dress. I had high hopes for the Mompos but it was a Momflop on me. It looks gorgeous on other bloggers, but it just made me look wide. The quality is impeccable and I still highly recommed it if you have a tiny waist . . . which sadly, I'm lacking.

No Shy Violets Chemise by Lilka (thanks LC for chiming in on the name). On sale at the store for $39. The colors are sweet and vibrant. Almost like a Jackson Pollock. I tried this on in a size S and it runs a little large. I think it would look cute belted.

Wildflower Foxtrot Dress. The bubble skirt on this dress made me look like a bubble. It's called a foxtrot dress, but the only trotting I'd be doing in this frock is the Elephant-trot. The fit is too potato-sacky for my liking. Tried this on in a size 2 and it runs a little large. It comes with an elastic waist and grosgrain ribbon. I think the print is darling, and if you're a fan of bubble skirts, it's worth a shot.

Beaded Foliage Shift. I never thought twice about this dress, but seeing it in the catalog and in Anthro's new ad video, well, I did a double take. It just looks so dreamy, so Grecian Goddess-like. Now I'm kicking myself in the shin for not trying it on at the store. It looks positively heavenly in person. And the delicate beading at the bottom is just divine.

***If you'd like to see reviews of the Chartreuse Shoots Dress and the Reflecting Pool Dress which is a  doppelganger for the Verdant (thanks for pointing that out Dinster), then check out Dinster's Anthro fitting room reviews here ~ Shopping on the  Fly



  1. "momflop" hahaha. you crack me up! :P

  2. Lol! I use the term food baby too! The fitting room doesn't do the second dress justice. I love how you wore it in a previous post -- the colors were so vibrant and cool looking.

  3. Mompos Dress didn't do much for me either. I didn't like the neckline being so high, but it is absolutely gorgeous on Kim and Jen. I never thought much of Verdant Slip Dress till see it on you. I guess that is good otherwise we will all be wearing the identical things.

  4. I think the mystery chemise is called the Sweet Violets Chemise. That Verdant Slip dress looks great on you!

  5. thank you for the shout-out, lisa! i am in love with the Mompos, it is absolutely a Mom-please for me, and if it doesn't go on sale by the time I pack up for summer hols back in Jkt, I might get it FP. Kids can eat nasi goreng for the rest of the summer so momma can have her Mom-please.

  6. heh...momflop...I guess it's safer that way. The verdant slip looks perfect- love the woody nymph and mystery chemise too!

  7. Thanks for the reviews! I like that first chemise, and of course the Verdant. I agree about the Woody seems overpriced, but then you put it on and it's just great! Oh, and that last chemise is called the No Shy Violets Chemise. : )

  8. Thanks for the reviews! I'm loving the Verdant slip dress too. The colors in the Impressionist Dreams chemise are so pretty.

  9. The verdant slip dress is high on my wish looks great on everyone who has worn it! I agree with dinster- if those two dresses were combined, you'd have the verdant! Almost! Not sure how anthro cam up with that woody nymph's definitely on the conservative side!

  10. Impressionist dreams chemise - ooh, pretty ... is that piece lined and is it sheer? I know Anthro's lounge pieces are technically for indoor wear, but I love how appropriate some of their lounge frocks seem for lazy summer days!