Anthropologie and J.Crew Fitting Room Reviews

Um, the fitting room is in total disarray after my two Tasmanian devils tore through it.

I've been wanting to try on this Reflecting Pool Dress ever since I saw it on Dinster. The fit, design and fabric is so much like the Verdant. And I adore the Verdant so much that I just had to give this dress a whirl. And I'm in lurrrrrve. The colors are definitely more muted than the Verdant, but it still a gorgeous slip dress. I feel like a Hawaiian Luau dancer in this pretty slip. Hey, where are my coconut bras?!? Coconut water . . . good for your daughter . . .
I'm anywhere between a size 2 and a 4 and I like the fit of the 4 much better. Wishlisted.

Undersea Exploration Tee by We Love Vera. On sale for $39. This lovely tee def makes me love Vera. The online pic does not do this top justice. It drapes wonderfully and the fabric is light and airy. The colors are oh so dreamy. I snatched this one up in an XS. It does run a tiny bit large so I'd size down or go with your regular size, depending on how you like your knit tees to fit. As you can see, my daughter gave it two thumbs up. Or rather, a big bear hug for her giant approval.

Ahh, yes. I blogged about the Pezza Dress earlier today. I got it in the green ( here) and . . . I chomped on the blue too. Yes, I ate 2 pezzas! This Pezza dress is simply delicious and timeless. And I can see myself wearing it for decades and decades. So really, it's a great investment. I tried this on in an XS.

 Now on to J.Crew . . .

Crinkled silk Caspia dress On sale at the stores for $39. The only size they had available was a 4. It sorta  hung on me, but from the model online, it looks like it's supposed to hang and be free flow-y. The colors are darling in person.You can also see the Caspia on ShopwithM.

I loved how Kristin styled the Tea-stained dobby dress. I tried it on in an XS and it was a little poufy at the top. I'd definitely wear this belted, like shown on the model. It's 100% cotton and very lightweight and easy to wear. Comes with no zippers and the elastic waist does hit a little high. But I kinda like it that way. Hmm, am hedging on this one. You can also see this on Appgal, Dinster, ShopwithM and Ema.



  1. Thanks for the shoutout! You look darling in every single piece. Jealous you found the Pezza in blue. My store only had green left, and while I loved the dress, the color didn't work for me. Thanks for all the great reviews!!

  2. Big envy on the blue Pezza! Tea-stained dobby dress has a vintage vibe to it, but it is not very figure flattering for me. Your daughter is too cute! It is nice to have a little fashion advisor :-)

  3. thanks for the shout-out, lisa! thanks for the reviews too =) your daughter is adorable.

  4. Thanks Lisa! The tea-stained dress is one of my faves. It is a bit loose and isn't very flattering on its own, but with the right belt/cardi/shoes/etc. it is awesome! Thanks for the reviews. I'm loving the Reflecting Pool dress. Your daughter is adorable!

  5. love your pezza love...

    I think the underwater exploration top is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could try it on though- I think it's just too open for me and my weenie shoulders.

  6. Ok my dear sistah, you look good in everything. Can I have your petite body please?

  7. ah lovin all these adorable dresses :)

  8. We are Slip Dress, Blog Friends. I do not see how we can both wear a size 4 in this dress. You are no doubt smaller than I am. It's that uber, cool, give you a perfect fit elastic back panel. Funny thing is the 4 in the Verdant fits a little loose compared to the Reflecting Pools. And I love how you can pair this dress with the other half of your Cardi's that don't work with the Verdant Slip Dress.

    I've been eyeing Anthro's Via Cardona Wedges in Moss with the Reflecting Pool in mind. I just grabbed a pair in my size on Pop Back for 75% off. It appears they got a 2nd cut last Tuesday.

    OMG! I have wanted the Tea Stained Dobby ever since I saw Kristin wearing it. Now the ache is double after seeing it on you. Dad - Gum - It! I know nothing about J Crew. Can I get one from a store?

    Of course you look cute as ever Lisa. And your daughter has her Mother's smile. In my imagination of course. TeeHee!

  9. i really like the undersea tee!

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