Looking like a Zombie and F21 Fitting Room Reviews - Malaysia edition

I'm back! Well maybe only half back. I'm still severely jet-lagged and I've been walking around looking like a zombie. *Sigh* I miss Malaysia. I miss the heat that embraces me, I miss the humidity that keeps my skin soft and supple, I miss the food and most of all, I miss my family. My DH doesn't miss the humidity; *COUGH* he was sweating like a pig. But I love the humidity! O, humidity! O, hot farts of Poseidon! 

Oh and I gained 10lbs and guess where all the fat went?
My face. Yes, I have a moon face. Drats! And the fat also went to my thighs. Now I have to whip out my Suzanne Somers Thigh Master and squeeze those fat thighs away.

Here is an everyday affair (after inhaling two cows) . . .
My mom: Lisa, here . . . have more food. 
Me: No thanks mom, I'm stuffed.
My Mom: What?!? You don't like the food?
Me: No! I LOVE the food.
My Mom: Good! *plonks more food onto my plate*
And repeat the same scenario with Aunty #1, #2, #3, #4 . . . . until I EXPLODE!!!!!

Sorry if I won't be making my usual blog rounds yet. I'm still dead tired. Not to mention I've been burning the midnight oil working with my editor, getting all the typos in my book corrected. *Argh* I wanna crawl into a cave and DIE. Thankfully it'll all be fixed the next print batch and it's already been corrected on the Kindle and Nook versions. On the bright side, my book is currently ranked at #64 Top Rated in Kindle eBooks>Humor (on Amazon's US site) and the ebook is ranked at #37 in Books>Fiction>Women's Popular Fiction (on Amazon's UK site) Yay! I couldn't be happier. Now, if you'll excuse moi, I have a ton of doggie doo to pick up. 
3 pooches and 1 month away = a doggie doo doo mound the size of Katmandu!!!
To all my dear bloggie sistas, I'll swing by your lovely blogs some time next week after I've had a chance to catch up on sleep, laundry, cleaning, and picking up dog poo. xoxo L

Um, yes . . . that's a butt shot. Dress ~ Anthro Walkway

Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur sky line. Or as the locals call it ~ KL

They didn't have F21 when I grew up in M'sia so I was surprised to see that they had set up shop in my old backyard.

OH NO YOU DIDNNNNN'T. OH YES I DID. My trip to Malaysia would not be have been complete without a fitting room review. Awww yea.
This is what I wore that day. Dress - Anthro/ Flip Flops - Tevas!

Can't find this dress online, but if you're in Asia, this dress is lovely in person and I was surprisingly impressed by the quality ~ it's top notch. The fabric is a very light weight cotton and it even comes with a cotton lining.  Fits TTS. This dress makes me feel girly, pretty and buxomy even though I'm buxomy-less. And yes, it came home with momma.

This Mystery Dress fits TTS. It was just MEH, so I don't have much else to say about it. 

Check out the price tag! A F21 dress in Malaysia costs as much as an Anthro dress in the US ( if you're talking dollar for dollar) *Zoinks!!!!* No wonder there's no Anthro in Asia.

***All the pics on this post (except for the fitting room review/ mall pics) were taken by my DH. I'll have to give him props! He's getting to be pretty good with his toy.

I got to hit F21 and my DH got to go to the F1 race and test out his new telephoto lens.

Oops! Another butt shot. Correction . . . butts shot.


  1. welcome back! mmmm...humidity that sounds nice (and I don't mean that kind where it's been freezing raining for days. that's what I have!)

    That's great news about your novel (the rankings, not the inevitable errors!)

  2. Welcome back!!! It looks and sounds like you had a great trip! Congrats on the success of your book:)

  3. Yayyy! You are back!
    I'm glad to know you had a blast! I understand you completely. Humidity is the best thing ever! You can breathe sooo much better too. Where I'm from is humid but it also has its dry season. I simply love going to FL for example and take a deep breath on the moist air hmmm
    Don't you find funny when people wehere we live complain about occasional "humidity"? I usually don't notice anything lol
    I just loooveeddd the pics you posted. It seems like a fun and chill place to go to :]

  4. Aaah I can't wait for my trip hOme in 2 months time! Glad to have you back and lOve the butts shots...

  5. Hey welcome back lisa! SE Asia is the perfect place to go to put on weight. The food there is splendid and no shortage of it..plus so cheap. Asian parents and relos love feeding their daughters and guests. I laughed at your everyday affair! Thanks for the f 21 reviews. That cotton dress you got is very cute. Like that lace dress and thinks it could work with a belt.
    Congratulations on your book' s success!! I'm so happy for you!
    Also enjoyed looking at your pictures..esp the butt shots..hehe

  6. Welcome back Lisa...It sounds like that you had a great time. Congrats on the success of your book...that's wonderful news.

  7. Yay! The selfish part of me is glad you're back from your vacay :D I love all the pictures, Malaysia looks amazing -- I need to add it to my to-visit list, which is a mile long, so what's another location, right?! I am sure you do not have a moon face, no matter how many pounds you gained :)

    Take care of that jet lag!

  8. I like the 'back' shots, cause you girls have such lovely hair! I'm not much of a book reader, but I'm finally intrigued to check out your book, for I really enjoy looking at pictures and reading your blog (cause you always manage to crack me up). glad you're back! Your vacation sounds amazing!

  9. Welcome back to the US of A Lisa, Sorry about the Jet Lag and Dog Poo Duty. You're in Blog Form, right off the plane with F21 reviews. The white lace Shift dress is a show stopper on you. So far, don't really see that extra addition you added to your face. Ha-ha! Like we would notice a difference in your face! He-he! Now if we saw it, that would be a difference. Ho-Ho!

    I am feeling guilty, because I suggested that by the time you arrived home, I would be done reading your book. BTW, I haven't seen any of those typos you speak of. I haven't cracked it open since you left. Consider me reminded!

    Someone's got the hang of the camera. Quit the photog. Amazing scenery and impressive family butt shots!

  10. Welcome back, Lisa! Your trip looks like it was fantastic! And congrats on the book ranking well - that's wonderful news. =D

    Those photos of you with the girls are just too perfect. Love them.

  11. Welcome back, Lisa! Thanks for sharing some bits of your trip, I hope you have time to share some more later on! I think I'm going to KL this fall so I'd to get some recs on some places to eat, shop, etc.!

  12. Welcome back! Great photos. Thanks for sharing as I've never been to Malaysia. Love the fitting room pic from around the world :)

  13. Hellllloooo sista !!!!!! Welcome back. Amazing photos there! I bet you have lots more...care to share with us? Hehe..

    Glad to have you back...XOXO

  14. Welcome back!!! That conversation with your mom is hilarious. It's like all my conversations as well. That is, AFTER they've commented about me gaining weight. Yep! Rest up!

  15. I love that F21 dress you bought....there's so many times that I'd like to pay a little more for F21 just to get better quality so you picked out a great piece :) I also love Malaysia...the food...mmmm! Just followed your lovely blog <3

  16. SO glad you're back! I've missed you, girl! Those shots on the beach....why must you taunt me so? I'd die to go to Malaysia. And I'd happily gain the 10 pounds eating my face off. So glad you had a fabulous time, and are back safe and sound. Good luck with your book editing and wishing you swift jet-lag recovery. And congrats on the great book ranking!! So excited for you!

  17. Hi Lisa <3 I am so glad that you had so much fun. And i wouldn't worry about the food or weight gain? Can't/ don't see it. Relax and it is nice to see your back :)

  18. Welcome back! The conversation with your mom and aunty are so typical of Asian family! I just have that same thing with my mom over the spring break too.

  19. Just found your blog, and totally love it!!! Love the dresses, now i just need to go out and find myself some pretty summer dresses!!!
    Come check out my blog!? www.melstevens1.blogspot.com

  20. I hope you get to enjoy your stay in Malaysia :)

  21. Welcome back! You had commented to me about my etsy shop, and I couldn't find your email to contact you! I'd love to discuss it, my email is petalandpink (at) gmail (dot) com

    I hope to hear from you, sounds like a lovely trip. Funny how mothers/family like to pile on the food with home visits!

  22. Yay! You're back. I didn't realize that I missed you!

    Don't worry too much about the weight. I'd just get back into the swing of things... It seems like you're already working really hard now.


  23. love your blog! and that lace dress is so pretty! :)

  24. Thanks for all your comments ladies. =) Many hugs. xoxo L