Stand Up Straight in Your Pumps with Your Head High, Interview with Gigi and Miss Lisa Has a Doyle . . .

"Stand up straight in your pumps with your head high and be the author that you are."
                                          ~ Gigi of Gigi's Gone Shopping

This worldly woman needs no introductions. From reading her blog I know that she's 5'2", but in my mind she is a tall Amazonian beauty who is a strong, confident and talented woman. I have the deepest respect for Gigi. I am such a newbie at blogging and this blogging business can be pretty rough when you're a new kid on the block who has no idea what the heck you're doing. And Gigi was one of the very first bloggers who was kind enough to help this NKOTB. And she believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself. So thank you Gigi.

We've briefly exchanged emails and this is what Gigi had to say when I bungled on (like I usually do) like a blithering idiot . . .
"Bloggers -- and women in general -- can be very self deprecating. Oh, sorry my hair looks so bad in this photo and things that we readers would never have noticed if it weren't pointed out. Please promise me you'll cut out. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Stand up straight in your pumps with your head high and be the author that you are. You have nothing to apologize for."
So I'm echoing what Gigi said . . . stop apologizing for being too fat, or too thin, too short or too tall, or for having a bad hair day. Stand up straight in your pumps with your head held high and be proud of the woman that you are.    

Last week, Gigi sent me some fun interview questions and offered to post them on her blog. I politely declined and gave her my usual lame excuses (wait till she had read it etc). Truth is, I declined the offer 'coz I was afraid. Not many people read my blog but I know lots of people read Gigi's and it was terrifying. And then Gigi came back with a response that if I had to reenact in a scene, well, it would play out something similar to this ~
Gigi smacking my head with a frying pan and chiding, "Hullo?!? You silly girl. I'm trying to help you out here and give you some PR for your book. Don't be stupid. Accept my offer!"

Well, her email was a lot more subtle, but I got the hint. So I graciously accepted Gigi's offer the 2nd time around. I've always been a ball of insecurities and I lack confidence (big time), so my posture is somewhat ostrich-like. But slowly but surely, this ostrich is trying to stand up straight with her head held high and squawk. In pumps!
***If you'd like to read my interview over at Gigi's blog, click here. 
***And if you're an AI (American Idol) fan, head on over to Gigi's Gone Shopping for some fun Idol recaps.
***If you'd like to read a great post on blog etiquette, check out Gigi's post here

***And I'd like to give a special thanks to Milly and Amy Kelinda for reading my book and leaving a review on Amazon. I have no clue who Milly is, and I was surprised to find that she had read my book and posted a review. So Milly (from the review you left, you mentioned you read my blog), if you're reading this, thank you.
And Amy Kelinda, I know you're one hellavu busy gal, so thank you again for devoting your precious time to reading my fluffy book and thanks for the honest review.
And Marie (of Michiko Daydreams), thanks for reading my book on the train. I hope it makes your commute go by faster and not longer ;-)
Laura (of Anthro Closet Chaos), I can't believe you're on Chapter 1. Gak!
Jan (of The Girliest Boy Mom), I just saw your comment today and had a good giggle. Thank-you.
Thanks to all you ladies for being so supportive. And if you haven't read it, please don't feel like I'm asking you to. The fact that you're already reading my silly 'lil blog is supporting me plenty. So thank-you. And since I was on the subject of ostriches (re: my posture or lack there of), here are some lovely feathery birds for your viewing pleasure. And since this is primarily a fashion blog, scroll down past the ostriches for my OOTD post.


Miss Lisa had a doyle who was sick, sick, sick.
So she phoned for the doctor to be quick, quick, quick.
The doctor came with his bag and hat,
And knocked at the door with a rat tat tat.

He looked at the doyle and shook his head,
And said "Miss Lisa put her straight to bed."
He wrote a pad for a pill, pill, pill.
I'll be back in the morning with my bill, bill, bill.

Oh yea, my bill from Anthro yesterday was pretty hefty. You can see what I bought here. That nursery rhyme ring a bell? Well, the actual rhyme is Miss Polly had a Dolly.
My sis and I used to play the clapping game on the school bus, and we'd accompany it with rhymes like Miss Polly and Miss Susie. And we sang the same tunes when we played jump rope. Did any of you do that? Now my kids just sing and dance along to the Wii. So sad.
Thanks to Molly of Anthromollogies ~Hi Molly =), I gave this Doyle Desk Tunic a try. And I luuuurrrve it! Such a fun and versatile tunic. And it's now on sale for $49.99!

Top ~ Anthro Doyle Desk Tunic, Cardi  ~ J.Crew forever cotton cardi (on sale at the stores for $39), Jeans ~ AE Skinny , Shoes ~ Canda/ Belt ~ Anthro Snakebite 

 *Gasp!* I just heard about the earthquake in Japan. Off to read more about it now . . . 


  1. OMG! Those pictures are so cute. That one with the Ostrich showing his teeth is hilarious. Gigi sounds like a great person, And obviously knows you well. You are The sweetest person. And for being so accomplished you are a totally down to earth girl. Great sense of humor. Every time I come to your blog I leave with a smile. And Yes, I too am very self deprecating. I guess some of us do feel that way about ourselves. Maybe I should check out Gigi's Blog. Maybe I'll learn something :) Again..Congrats on the book. You totally rock!!

  2. It's great to have good friends and even kind strangers who remind us of our worth. I've been so busy with work, I haven't had a chance to read your book yet, but I'll definitely be getting down to it soon. =)

  3. congrats on the book. i read about it via GIGI's blog.

  4. Hi Lisa! just letting you know that i am in the process of ordering your book! Yep! Wished I could have picked it up earlier, but between sorting out my erm, online bullying issues and other things, it's gone a bit haywire here. I can't wait to read it!!
    How nice of Gigi to welcome you into the blogging world and provide you with some valuable advice. I don't think i've added gigi - i will do so after i write this.
    I remember that Miss Polly HAd a Dolly song!! It's still stuck in my head. OH and yes, i DO like watching spongebob squarepants. It's addictive for a big kid like me! I think the storylines are quite clever.
    Love the Doyle on you - it looks gorgeous with the skinnies.

  5. It's funny, from reading Gigi's posts, I too have thought her bigger than life (in a fantastic way)!
    You look (and are) fantastic, Lisa! You've made big accomplishments in life and should be proud of them and enjoy them! Spend a moment and *bask* with me!

  6. Gah that top looks SO good. I'ma have to go find it now. You're bad for my wallet, did you know that?

  7. You know half the time when people point out their bad hair days I still don't see it, and I'm all "if that's your idea of a BAD hair day, quit complaining!" lol.

    The Doyle is darling on you! I want one now! Must get on the telly.

  8. I just found your blog thanks to Gigi and I am so happy I did. I love finding a daily must read that has both great fashion, humor, and fitting room pics with little ones rolling around on the floor (can relate). I am looking forward to reading your book too. Congrats!

  9. I loved your pictures today! I always love reading your posts, you have such a great attitude! That new blouse is amazing, you look great!

    I can't wait to read you book, I'm making the order next week (and breaking my shopping ban my boyfriend refused to buy something else for me) I can't wait to read it, I know I'll love it!

  10. I totally agree with Gigi - be proud of the woman you are!!! I loved reading your interview!

    Your new tunic looks fabulous:)

  11. Lisa, your analogies always crack me up. Ostrich pictures? haha! Do you follow the Miami Heat of the NBA? Well, there is this one player, Chris Bosh, who has a really long neck. Bf started calling him Boshtrich, lol (he can't take credit for the nickname though). When I saw your pictures, I thought what a coincidence that ostriches come up so often in conversations.

    PS - I have no excuses, but I promise that I will read your book :)

  12. 1. Your book is on order. Can't wait!
    2. I love this top on you! Looks FAH-bu-lous! Isn't it the prettiest colors? And loving the subtle print.
    3. I'm so glad you listened to Gigi; she's kind of like your Yoda! Great advice from one super awesome chick.
    4. Ostriches don't wear pumps, so that comparison is out. (By the way, pic #3 is SCARY!)
    5. I think you're top notch in every sort of way. Hilarious in writing voice, content, and subject. Loved the interview, and so glad you finally said yes to the Gigi-master! You rock, girl.

  13. Gabby - thanks for your sweet comments. I'm glad I make you smile, 'coz you make me smile too :) awwww, sorry, I'm being sappy. And yes, Gigi's mantra is a good one to live by :)

    Carol - please don't feel pressured to read it. you don't even have to. I hear ya about finding time. With work, kids, dogs and blogging, I hardly have time to sleep a wink. :) So get some sleep (I see you're up late), that's more important. And yes, Gigi and this whole blogging community has been very kind.

    TamStyles - Welcome and thanks!

    Jen - Hi! I sent you an email in response. And again, you reading my tiny blog is already supporting me plenty, so please don't feel bad *Shriek* you remember that Polly song? I know, it's stuck in my head too! And SpongeBob too? No way, we could totally chill in front of the tube!

    Lisa to Lisa - Okay, I'm taking a min to bask w. you in the sunlight. Mmmmmmmmm. It feels nice. Thanks girrrrl! You're my Lisa hero.

    Alexandria - for real?

    Jan - I hear ya! I come away from those bloggie sites feeling like I look like an ugly cow. Some of these woman look drop dead gorg and amazzzzzzing and yet they're complaining. *Sigh* I guess we're all filled with insecurities.

    Tara - Hi and thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad I found a bloggie reader who adores chick lit as much as I do. If you were in front of me, I'd slap you a high five. :)

    Steph - Thanks for your lovely comments. And again, you don't have to read it. Shopping ban includes books too ya know ;)

    Kristin - I'm trying =)

    Cee - lol on Bostrich! Of course I watch Miami Heat. I'm an NBA fan girrrrrl. Although, I must say that I hate the Lakers!
    And please, no pressure to read it. Stop apologizing. I'm just glad you're reading my silly little blog. Thanks 4 always stopping by.

    Molly - 1) No way. The old me would have said, "Noooo, now why did you do that for?!?". But the new me is saying, "Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy it."
    2) Hullo, the top inspiration came from you sista, so yes, it is color fabulosity and droolosity.
    3) Me too. Funny u should say that as I have called her my Yoda once.
    4) Yes, ostriches do wear pumps! I'm wearing pumps right now!
    5) Thanks for the compliments and you rock yerself girrrrrl.

  14. Hmmm Lisa...your book can only be ordered through Amazon kah? Dah cari kat bookstore, tak ada lah :(

    Read the interview. Love it!

  15. It is so nice of Gigi to do an interview for you. Your are so funny and witty too. I can't believe you turn it down the first time. I guess we all have self-doubting moments. I don't really think being self-conscious is necessarily a bad thing. I find often in this culture people are too sure of themselves and end up making a fool of themselves.

    P.S Does ostrich really have teeth like that or is that computer generated? It is a bit scary....

  16. Tiq - ya lah. Saya sangat kecil kecil-lah. pls, don't feel you need to get it. Like I've said to other bloggers, you reading my blog is supporting me plenty. As for the interview, terima kasih for checking it out. :)

    Inkmark - You make a good point. From one chinese girl to another, I agree that some people get too cocky and make a fool of themselves. I think being level headed, down to earth and grounded is very important. Modesty is a BIG part of our culture. :)
    And yes, ostriches DO have teeth like that. I didn't mess with the pic at all. :P

  17. Love your look!!


  18. ah jeez, that is the cutest top! My love for Anthro has been declining out of nowhere as I'm starting to look at Club Monaco more (dang, they don't have an online site though!) but this top has revived my love for Anthro...and just in time for the sale :-) :-)