OOTD and My DH's Toy Story

My DH is a big kid who can't live without his toys and he's got over a gazillion hobbies. He's souped up over 35 cars and trucks in his lifetime, he owns 5 snowboards, 8 skateboards (well, in his defense, he used to own a skateboard/snowboard shop), 2 sets of golf clubs, 10 bowling balls, 5 fly fishing rods and a kick ass bike. Oh, and he also built his own koi pond and he enjoys collecting Japanese koi. Not to mention, he is married to his Xbox and since he's into DIY, he has more tools than an Ace Hardware store. A few months ago, he got a new addition to his toy collection ~ a Canon 7D, and since then, he's be throwing around words like Bokeh and Bokehlicious. And last night after he got home from work, he said, "Honey, do you care if I spend some time snapping pictures of the moon?"
I just stared at him as if he had just returned from Mars.

Skirt ~ Anthro Declarative/ Top ~ AE/ Shoes ~ Bellina by Pink Studio/ Belt - Anthro Snake bite

Man on the Moon, snapped by my DH.(you can click on it to enlarge it and see the craters!)

Speaking of moons, here are a couple of giveaways that I'm over the moon about ~
Tara of Little Girl Big Closet is hosting a Photo Challenge Anthro Giveaway (1x$50 and 2x$25 Anthro gift cards). For details, click here.
Carol and Kathryn of In Pursuit of Pretty Things are hosting a $100 Anthro Giftcard Giveaway here

Lately, here's what I've been mooning over . . .

F21 Bevy of Birds Top. $17.80. I'm gonna try and swing by F21 tomorrow and hunt down these bevy of birds. I'm not leaving that zoo of a store until I find it. Molly (of Anthromollogies) ~ hopefully I can track down that other bird top you posted too. That's my mission for today.

Bird Calling Dress. Modcloth, $89.99. This dress is definitely calling me. Birds with hats and bow ties! I'm sold!!!

Miz Mooz 'Symphony' Pump. Comes in many different color combos. Available here and here.

All Black Cutout Pump. On sale for $79.90

Seychelles Morgan Wedge Sandal. On sale for $59.95. Comes in yellow and black.


  1. HAHA your hubby Chris and my hubby Chris have a lot in common!! Shoots with the same camera, loves snow boarding, loves cars, and Chris wants to someday own a Koi pond. How random is that? :) You are my soul sista but Chris and your hubs might be soul brothas!!! OMG this is so weird!!!

    And oh yes...I did hear about The Bachelor! OMG! I can't believe it because he seems soooo uncomfortable infront of Emily. Even she herself said it this week. But the next epy...err...two weeks from now will be interesting. Looks like he gets pretty frustrated! I can't wait for it!

  2. Oh I like the seychelles! Your husband sounds pretty awesome, and toytastic! I enjoyed the picture of the moon! That skirt looks adorable on you btw! I love the way you paired it as well, you always look great!

  3. You look very pretty Lisa! Love that skirt!

    What a cool shot of the moon:) I can't wait to get my new camera!

    OMG, I love those Miz Mooz pumps. ADORABLE! I have a pair of the all black cutout pumps (in a raspberry color) and they are great. Very comfy.

  4. Hi Lisa, You DH Sounds like a true dude! They tend to be collectors of "toys" That camera of his is amazing! What a beautiful picture. And you look as pretty as always. How I wish I had your legs, You are so petite. I feel like a big ole cow sometimes :( Of course doesn't help that I am pretty short 5"2. Not tall at all. I only feel good because at least I'm taller than the traveling Knome :)

  5. Haha, my guy likes toys as well. I told him that, when we get married, his toy habit is alright so long as I get to continue my shopping!

  6. Good luck on your F21 trip, girl - don't get caught behind a gang of 14yos or over-reach for one of their crammed-to-the-gills racks! I love F21 but I'm not usually any good in their stores - plus I can't ever find anything that I've spotted online!

    I love love that skirt on you!

  7. Your husband is just like mine with all his hobbies, he's always working on multiple things at once. Your shoes in your outfit go so perfectly.

  8. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Sounds like my kind of guy. That is a sweeeet shot of the moon.

  9. Your hubs and my MacGyver should totally go bowling. Or repelling, or mountain biking, or.... are we married to the same man? I've had my eye on the Seychelles Symphonies for a while...they're so gorge. Dress for war if you're heading to F21. That first bird top you posted a pic of was a ginormous DISASTER on me. Horrid. I did find Rosa's bird top in my size after much persistence. Oi veh. Good luck. Loving your skirt and styling today. So pretty!

  10. Your husband's name is Chris? My bf's is Chris too! I'm sad that we don't get a cool nickname like TomKat or Bennifer. It would just be Christine + Chris... or I suppose there's always Chris squared? Alright, that was way too nerdy. I think it's so cool that your hubby has so many hobbies. There would never be any of those awkward conversation lulls. I will say that his photography hobby is being put to good use because your outfit pictures are turning out awesome!

  11. Cindi - No way! Your Chris wants a Koi pond? What a coincidunkers! lol, koi are such pretty fish, but I just feel like throwing 'em on the grill and seasoning 'em w. some cajun. It'll be blackened cajun koi, And koi can live up to 150 years old, so I guess we'll leave 'em to our kids as our legacy. Haha, they'll be broke, but they'll have a bunch of fat koi.
    Ohhhh, ze Bachelor, I can't wait either. Poor Chantal is so emotional, I hope she'll be ok when he dumps her. Her daddy can buy her a hubby if she gets too upset. Omg, I am evil.

    Steph - thanks. I like that word - toytastic! :-)

    Kristin - oh, those pumps are too cute. I own some other All Black shoes and they are all super comfy. Holla, I can't wait till you get your new toy too :)

    Gabby - yes, he is indeed a dude! and stop it! Your are drop dead gorg and curvaceous. Trust me, you do NOT want a straight as a ruler figure like mine. I wish I had more curves like you. And you're not short, if you come back to my country, you're average height! I'm not tall either, it's all an illusion created by my hubby's camera.

    Jamie - that is a great compromise!

    Lisa to Lisa - Oh yea, it's a jungle out there. the f21 jungle. I get dizzy as soon as I walk into that store. I found a few nice pieces, more on that to come.

    Erin - men and their hobbies. I think it keeps 'em from straying and womanizing. My hubs would rather stare at a beautiful car than a beautiful woman. Well, at least that's what I think, for all I know he's got me duped!

    Jocson - sup Cindi's hubs! you will not believe it, my hubby Chris was tutting when he saw that pic I posted. He said, "The least you could've done was post the best pic."

    Molly - Are we? lol, Your MacGyver sounds like fun, he and Chris would totally have a BRO-MANCE! Oh yes, F21 was a disaster. Sadly I could not find Rosa's top or the Bevy of Birds. Well at least I'm now comforted knowing that you think it is horrid. Thanks Molly, that picked me up a little.

    Cee - I have the PERFECT nickname for you two. Hullo? CeeCee. I like the ring of that! Do you? And I think it's healthy for men to have hobbies. As long as it doesn't include womanizing and gambling, I'm okay with it.

  12. Hahaha!!! Lisa, that is too good! I love it! I don't know if bf will though. It may sound too girly for him :)

  13. I have those All Black Shoe in Rasberry and love them.

    I think it's wonderful that your hubby is active and has interests. Or he would probably drive you nuts and complain that you spend too much time gazzing at fashionable items and blogging about OOTD's. And he would want all your attention on him. I'm speaking from experience. You both need your hobbies or interests.

    Your outfit is so feminine. I've never really considered Purple and Black. I don't really have enough of either. The Peplum on the skirt is very sweet with the flowy top, and the Snake Bite Belt adds the perfect amount of Edge.

    I have your book. Now all I need is to buy the time to read it.

  14. Hi Laura, thanks for the good advice. I know, all his hobbies keep him from being needy.
    Thanks for your sweet comments about my outfit, I thought you have every color of the rainbow in your closet :)
    Gak! I can't believe you got my book already :)
    Thanks for being so supportive and I hope you'll enjoy it :)