J.Crew and Banana Republic Fitting Room Reviews

I decided to swing by the mall to check out this Swirling Dots dress. SUCCESS! I have found my perfect summer dress! This Swirling Dots dress is making my head swirl and spin with JOY! I sized down to a 0 like I usually do with J.Crew and the fit is perfecto. My daughter liked it so much she was trying to pry it out of me. It comes with a pretty bow sash in the front and the cut is very flattering; if you're a mom, it hides all the lumps and bumps. I can't say enough good things about this dress. 

J.Crew Mystery Dress. Sized down to a 0. There are tiny flowers splattered all over this pretty number.

Another J.Crew Mystery Dress. Hmmm, I didn't know that J.Crew manufactured Hospital Gowns. It is very potato sack-y. Maybe if I were ninety years old and in a nursing home . . . even so, nah, it'd still be a pass for me. I'd like to think that I'd be a stylish grandma.

J.Crew Forever cotton cardigan (in spear mint). On sale at the store for $39. It's 100% cotton and very light weight; more so than the Jackie cardi. This minty delight came home with me today.

Now on to the Banana Reupblic Reviews . . . 

BR Silk tiered ruffle tank. Tried it on in an XS. I'm usually a size S so I'd size down on this top. I feel like a cream puff in this tank. It's 100% silk. Ruffles and a bow, ahhh, right up my alley. Comes in 2 colors ~ rose and white.

BR Mystery top. Tried it on in an XS. It's the exact same top as the BR Silk tiered ruffle tank above but it's cotton and not silk and it comes w. plaids!!!! Love the plaids, and ruffles and yes, another bow! Size down on this one. Wishlisted.

This BR top is not online, but it was on sale at the store for $39. The pink and purple hues drew me to it. Tried it on in an XS. And yes, that's my daughter M rolling around on the floor. *Sigh* Don't ask me why.

BR Silk flounce dress. Doesn't this dress make me look like Inspector Gadget? The color and fit is very trench-coat like. Not a fan of this one. The color is more brown in person and it runs very, very large. 

Now, for shits and giggles, here is the Discovered Lace SHOE!!! I did a double take when I spotted it. Of course I had to whip out my iPhone and snap a pic. Oddly enough, the sales attendant was throwing me filthy looks. She was probably thinking, "What is this Asian woman doing snapping pictures? She's probably gonna send the pics to her uncle in Hong Kong so he can replicate it in his factory."
Hmm, not a bad idea. Let me just call Uncle Fong . . .


  1. Oh, I love those ruffle-and-bow tops from BR, and that first dress from J. Crew is fabulous! And LOL about the shoe! Lemme know if your Uncle Fong can do the shoe, because I want a pair too. ^_-

  2. Thanks for the reviews. The swirling dots dress is gorgeous on you! Love it! Your daughter is too cute:)

  3. lol @ your daughter. My daughter (almost 3) is the same way in the fitting room.
    The heels look soooooooooo cute!!

  4. I kinda like the trench coat dress- you know, with a nice leather belt...hmmmm...

  5. I had to chuckle when I went through your pictures and saw the various poses your daughter was in as you snapped the pictures. She is adorable! I really like the mint cardi, swirling dot dress, and the silk ruffle shirt! That dress looks amazing on you!

    I also completely agree on the inspector gadgetiness of the dress.

  6. Great reviews! I don't go to banana often, so thanks for these! Your daughter is so cute in the background. I can see she was getting quite bored! Haha.

    And omg those shoes!!! Haha...they're to drool over!

  7. HAHAHA! i read your comment about the shoe - so funny! Gorgeous shoe though.
    I'm loving the swirling dots dress on you Lisa. And i see it also has your daughter's approval.
    I don't like that second Mystery Dress - yes it does remind me of a hospital gown!
    The mint cardi looks great and what a pretty, soft shade. Glad you got that one.
    I LOVE the plaid top - gosh it has all my fave elements - a bow, ruffles...
    hehe, your daughter rolling around on the ground is too cute!

  8. OK, I had to click through to the JC site first before reading the rest of your post - how have I missed that dress? You look great in it! Every time I think I've had enough of ruffles - bam! I want them all! I also dig that ivory ruffly top of yours, very pretty, must also go spy that.

    As for us Asians, we may need to dig around our family tree a bit, but don't we all have an Uncle Fong somewhere, he he ...

  9. LOVE the swirling dots dress on you! It looks absolutely perfect! Thanks for the reviews.

  10. Oh my goodness. I was getting so pumped with all of your finds (especially that cardigan...I may have to go get one...). And then I read your last paragraph. And I laughed. SO HARD. I feel like that's what people think of me when I take pictures of clothes. Usually I'm just looking for a second opinion. I love you for saying that haha :)

  11. Wow, you wore the ruffle tank better than the model on BR web site. Now I totally want one. Is that a flower girl dress ur daughter is wearing? Mine always wanted a long white dress like that.

  12. That's exactly what my 3 year old does in the BR fitting rooms...usually crawls under the bench too and kicks her feet on it til I put the kabosh on that. I love that plaid ruffly tank number on you. SO cute. I didn't realize the Forever tanks are $39 in store? what the... best get my booty down there.

  13. I like the cream ruffle top from BR better than its plaid version...I see the cream one being more versatile. The spot dress is so fab on you...and I kinda like the inspector gadget dress....I can see it with a bright cardigan/jewelry...

  14. LOL @ the Uncle Fong comment. Sad, but SO TRUE!

    I enjoyed the fitting room pics as much as M's antics in the background. She's too cute! I loved all your picks for spring. Can't wait to see them in actual outfits!

  15. Oh I want a pair too from Uncle Fong.hehehe

    I love the BR silk flounce dress, as long as it's not the 'bright-blue-uniform' colour, it's fine with me..haha *referring to your comment in my blog* hehehe

  16. Hi Lisa :) You look So cute in the BR tops. Very flattering on you. I love those shoes. I have the dress and those shoes look like they are M.F.E.O. LOL ...That line from Sleepless in Seattle. Thank You for ALL of the reviews. I loved seeing all of the pretty frilly ones.

  17. thanks for all your comments ladies. =)

  18. I just found your blog this morning and love your writing style and outfits. I actually have a cousin named Fong (LOL) and share your sentiments about the Something Borrowed movie. :)

    Can't wait to read more!

    Lyzi (lyziologie.blogspot.com)

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