Going on a Holiday and Hanging Out with the Orangutans. (Blog Hiatus for 1 month)

Dresss ~ Anthro Summer Grown/ Cardi ~ J.Crew Jackie/ Shoes ~ Canda

I was born just north of the equator in the Malaysian peninsular. When I was 17, my parents sent me here to get a better education. At the UW~Madison, I met my husband . . . well, and I've never left Hamburger-a-Go-Go-Land. Yes the U-Dub was a party school but I was chief of the Nerd Herd. And no, I've never worn a cheese head hat in my life!
I'm not a US citizen; I'm a resident alien and when my DH pisses me off, I tell him I married him just for the green card. Bwah-har-ha-ha; I am evil. In all honesty, when I met my DH, it was like someone had drawn on him with a permanent marker (like Perez Hilton). And I just knew that if I went back home, I'd never find a man like him. No there, not anywhere else in the world. And sometimes love makes you do crazy things. My parents reside in Malaysia, my baby brotha lives across the border in Singapore and my sis lives in Munich. And I will see them all back in the Mother Land. I can't tell you how excited I am about my upcoming family reunion. I only get to see my family once every 2/3 years so I am pumped. I miss my mom so much it hurts.  
Okay, I'll quite being sappy. For those of you who have no idea where or what Malaysia is, here are some random facts.

Orangutans live in the Malaysian rain forest. And in Malay, orang means people and hutan means jungle. So the literal translation is people of the jungle. My fellow M'sian family and friends who read my blog are probably scratching their heads and wondering ~ Why in the jungles of Borneo is Lisa going on about orangutans?!?
Well, I think orangutans are cute. Just like I think panda bears and penguins are cute. Just look at 'em. Don't you just wanna bring one home? These pics make me go awwwwwwww


See no evil . . .

Um, I can't compete with this orangutan. Not that I'd ever try!
Whoa! I hope that wasn't an orangutan overkill. Sorry to leave you with that disturbing pic. I do have a pretty sick sense of humor. Thank you all for reading my silly little blog. I'll be gone for 4 weeks so I won't be blogging for a while. I work in Dante's Inferno, so I've been frazzled to bits lately. This vacation is a much welcomed one.
A good friend of mine will be house sitting and watching my 3 pooches. I will miss all you bloggie sistas. And hells yea my Anthro and J.Crew dresses are going to the tropics! Till then, I bid you adieu. Adios Muchachos! xoxo L

Oh, since St. Patty's day is next week and I won't be around, I couldn't resist posting a pic of my 'lil leprechaun.


  1. Hi Lisa :) Awww, Those cut little creatures! I understand that they can be quite naughty when they reach puberty? Are they a protected species up there? I am a big time animal lover. I love all kinds. Mostly My usual, Dogs, Cats. But I also love Whales, Dolphins. I give to the ASPCA as well. I try to give back to animals. I have this belief that they don't really have a voice. So giving to animal organizations is important right? You daughter is adorable. And quite beautiful. I bet she looks like you! I bet your a "Babe" Just a shy one. Sorry for the long post. I will miss you!! But sounds like you need to get away. Have fun!! We are all happy for you. Plus you get to see your MOM!! I love your dress. I knew it would look great on you. I wish you safety and happiness on your trip. And I am so happy for you! I will be so happy when your back lots of *Hugs*

  2. There is no such thing as "orangutan overkill"! Have fun visiting with your family!

  3. I love the quirky post. And that last pic was sick, but since I have the sense of humor of a teenaged boy, it was funny too.
    Have a wonderful trip, and a blessed time with your family. Soak it up, girlfriend.

  4. I loved the last two orangutan pictures! Plus the one of your daughter was darn cute as well!

    I can't imagine only seeing your Mom once every 2-3 years, how exciting you get to see her soon! She sounds like an amazing woman (and has to be to have had you as a daughter!), and the trip sounds wonderful! Have fun, and I can't wait to see you back here in a few weeks! About your book, I want to read it cause we are literary soul sisters and I know I'll love it, not cause I think I should!
    Your new dress looks adorable on you! I love it with the jackie cardigan and those cute purplish/pinky shoes!

  5. I love the new dress on you! Lucky you, you have the perfect figure for it! I want this dress so bad sadly, my hips just aren't built to accommodate it at full price >.<
    Orangutans *are* simply the cutest. I only see my family once every few years too, so I understand this must be a huge deal to you! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, happy vacation :)

  6. Have a fantastic time on your trip back to see the whole fam! Eat loads of yummy food and have a wonderful time!

    You'll be missed, but we'll still be here!

    (I didn't know you were from Malaysia - I'm going to KL in the fall, mind if I drop you a line for things to do/foods to try?)

  7. Have a great trip!! Look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

    A very nice friendly Orangutang came over to greet my BF and I at the Frankfurt zoo- it was sooooo cute until he threw a fresh splat of poop at us! (fortunately he missed....)

  8. By the time you return I will have finished your book. And if any of these horror stories relate to your real life as a Call Center Gal, you definitely deserve a long vacation.

    Is there really a NOT READY button? I just have to know. And I let out a Woot when you mentioned Anthro and Leifsdottir.

    I expect an OOTD for everyday that you are gone. I want to see Anthro in action in Malaysia.

    Enjoy! Be safe! Return refreshed! And most important. Bring back lots of photos.

  9. Oh..I feel honoured that you featured orang utan in your post hehehe..

    Welcome back to Malaysia dear. Enjoy your trip!! :)

  10. How cute are the orangutans! I saw some in Singapore zoo, they were so tame, gentle and are gorgeous creatures.
    I LOVE the Summer Grown dress on you - man, it's so pretty on you that it HURTS! It reminds me of spring and just so beautiful.
    Your 'lil leprechaun is too cute. She's like a model child Lisa :-)
    Have a safe and enjoyable trip back home! We will miss you no doubt xx

  11. Hehe, first ostriches, then orangutans? These pictures are hilarious! Will there be a picture of you with an orangutan when you come back from vacay?

    Girl, don't apologize for not blogging/commenting -- it's a vacation! It would be the last thing on my mind :) Have the the most AMAZING time back in your homeland with your family and friends. I hope you gain that 10 lbs from all the delicious food (in the best way possible of course!)

  12. How exciting! I hope you have a wonderful time! You will be missed:) Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back!

  13. Thanks for letting us know you'll be gone. It's odd when ppl disappear. We know you'll be having a grand time. I hope your trip is wonderful, orangutans and all. Hysterical pics. Dog walking? Stop it!*lol*

  14. My first time posting but I love reading your blog, you are hilarious! I am also a transplant, from Indonesia, and I so look forward to going home in the summers and just pig out on mom's cooking. Have a great time and looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  15. That dress is amazing on you! And I drool for your shoes! I hope you have an amazing time with your family during your vacation - enjoy the time off!!!

  16. Haha...you're too funny. I'm not a citizen either. I know I know...I should just fork over the $900 or so and take the exam but I'm just too cheap to!

  17. Have a great trip! I didn't realize you were from Malaysia. My mother was from there (Penang) and I still have quite a few of my extended family living there. Is it horrible that I haven't gone to visit before?

    Those orangutans are so cute and the last picture has me LOL!

  18. How wonderful that you'll be able to spend some extended quality time with your familly. I'm only cross-country from mine, and the distance can still feel so very far, so I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be for there to be longer breaks between the visits.

    I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time. And, btw, your dress is absolutely darling, and so pretty with the light pink cardi. And, these orangutans are so funny. Will definitely be sharing the pics with my bf, as he loves all apes and monkeys : o

  19. First off, have a WONDERFUL TRIP! A much-deserved and well-needed vacation :-) You have a book out, you need to celebrate!! Annnnd, I LOVE orangutans! LOVE! Please pet one for me (err...wait a sec, maybe you can't do that :-) You're daughter is a beauty Lisa!!!

  20. Have a wonderful trip! Malaysia food is sooooooooooo yummy. Make sure you stuff yourself (I am sure your mom will). When you come back, please drive on the right side of the street! (My college roomate is from Malaysia and when she is back, she almost gotten us all killed turning onto left lane....) Are you hauling the whole family there? Be careful with the local waters for your children and remember ice slusy are made out of local water too :-)

  21. Is the last one... peeing in his mouth? ...oooookay. Haha.

    Just wanted to let you know that I gave ya a Stylish Blogger Award. Hope you come back to see it!


  22. I'm late to this post, but i hope you had a great trip. I went to madison too and my family is all still there, but I am not. I get home a lot more than you do but it's always nice to go home and it's a wonderful feeling. I hope you have/had safe travels!

  23. I'm so excited for you! I also don't get to go back home once every 2 years blaa

    Have lots of fun!!

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