Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews, Giraffes and Elephants

Here are a few fitting room reviews. I just had to swing by Anthro before I leave Hamburger-a-Go-Go-Land. And I was very, very bad.

Tied Down Dress. Comes in red and navy. Online, the color looks more pink and in person it's definitely chili pepper red. Fits TTS. I'm not a fan of ironing, so I'm not a fan of rayon. And this 'lil red number is 100% rayon. I don't want to look like a wrinkled ball, so this was a pass. But the cut and fit is understated yet chic and very comfortable. I think it would look cute belted.

Summer Grown Dress . To me, this dress was a dream. A William Wordsworth dream; an explosion of petals and flowers. And then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils and poppies and . . . sorry, I got carried away there for a bit. I've been drooling over this dress for a while, but I've been hesitant to try it on 'coz I'm not a fan of strapless brassieres; and with this dress, strapless is a must. Although if you're wearing a cardi, it really wouldn't matter. I think with my ruler, stick insect figure, this dress is flattering. I sized up on this one.

So what did I buy?
#1.~ Summer Grown Dress. (reviewed above)
#2.~ City Touring Dress (reviewed here) 
#3.~ Doyle's Desk Tunic, (pic below and now on sale) which I'll be sporting in my OOTD tomorrow. Molly of Anthromollogies (I heart that gal), blogged about it here. And Molly you're are so right. This tunic is simply adorable. The color blocks and pattern are TDF! I think I may even be able get away with wearing this tunic as a dress if I paired it with a slip.

Oh, and here are some elephants and giraffes. Before I became a cuckoo bird collecter, I collected elephants and yes, giraffes too. I was gung-ho over African safari animals. And seeing these Anthro pot holders have lit the fire in my heart again. Makes me wanna do the SpongeBob African fire dance, where he goes Hooo-Hah-Hoo Tiki Tiki. Ever heard that song? {{{{Crickets Chirping}}}} Never mind, my kids and I watch too much SpongeBob.


  1. Yes, the Summer Grown dress is very flattering on you! I love the pattern. I love the city touring dress too, but it didn't fit me right, so I had to pass. It looks great on you, however. Can't wait to see your upcoming OOTD's with your new goodies!

  2. Yey for the Summer Grown dress! It looks really great on you!!

  3. omg the summer grown dress is gorgeous on you!!! love the floral print so on trend right now

  4. These are such pretty dresses for springtime. I'm a fan of the summer grown dress. Boo to strapless, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do (I know that song, but sadly out of touch with Spongebob).

  5. The Summer Grown Dress is beautiful on you, I can see why it was too hard to resist! I'm wondering if I could make that tunic work with leggings and a ever expanding midsection...hmmm...

    P.S. - guess what Amazon brought me this week? It was in a box with my sons A-Z Mysteries and he was all "what is THIS doing in here?" Humph. Some people have no appreciation ;)

  6. hahaha - spongebob squarepants. I actually enjoy that cartoon - it's so funny!
    I love both dresses on you. The colour of the first is punchy and would work nicely in the day. The second one is so pretty and very appropriate for spring - that's my pick out of the two.
    The Doyle's desk Tunic is by Aussie designer Fleur Wood I believe! She has a lot of pretty, whimical pieces.

  7. I loooove the summer grown dress on you. Beautiful.

    Hey...our interview is up in this post! :-) Thanks again.

  8. Kristin, Dea and Lisa - mucha gracias!

    Cee - here's another boo to strapless.

    Jan - YES! YOU CAN MAKE IT WORK! I highly recommend the tunic and you can wear it when you're preggers and when you're not preggers. A bonus! A win-win.

    And eeeeps! I can't believe you got my book. Please remember that it's fiction, so the protagonist is not actually me. :-) And thanks Jan, I hope you'll enjoy it.

    Jen - You watch SpongeBob too? Holla! Whoa, that's so cool about that Aussie designer. That's my very 1st item from her line and it is awwwwwwesome.

    Gigi - no wayyyyyyyy. Okay, I'm gonna check it out now and publish your post too. thank YOU.

  9. Yes, noted, lol. I just finished the very heavy Sarah's Key for book club, so this will be a nice escape, I can't wait to read it!

  10. Lisa, I'm so glad you picked up the Doyle's Desk Tunic! I can't wait to wear mine. I've played with it some, and it's proving to be very versatile. And nice HAUL, girl!! Every vacay deserves a new frock or two....

  11. Hi Lisa! :) OMG! How did I miss this post :( I am such a dope! Anyway, I agree with Kristin. The Summer Grown Dress looks really beautiful on you. Or, Should I say, YOU make the dress look beautiful. I am so jealous! You are so beautiful, Tall, Have an awesome Bod and you have 2 kids!! I will miss you <3
    P. S. Have a great time with your family. I also bought your book. I know, I know, But Sorry! I did. *hugs*

  12. Waaah.. that summer dress looks good on you ! Seriously.

    Haha..spongebob..who doesn't love spongebob?

    THank you sweetie for the bday wish. Cheers !!!! XOXO

  13. Gabby - Hi! Awww, you're to sweet w. the compliments. Thank you, you're making me blush.
    I will miss you dearly as well :)

    Tiq - terima kasih, and sama sama on the bday wishes. xoxo

  14. Hi Lisa, I know your gone. But check out my blog. I just gave you the Versatile Blogger award! Thanks for being You. And am looking forward to seeing you here again!