POOTD - Scalloped Clouds and Under the Clouds

I've been feeling under the weather lately. My throat is killing me and I think I may be coming down with the cold or flu. With Herculean effort I dragged myself out of bed and popped some Echinacea pills and Vitamin C tablets. Hopefully that will build up my immune system and stave off the cold. We shall see . . .
So, I have a confession to make. Some days, I just like lounging around in my yoga pants. Not that I do any yoga. The only yoga I do is sit down on a chair in a 'lotus posture' and engage in some deep breathing exercises. I'll have to say that I admire Kristin's dedication and tenacity. Every time I visit her blog, she's been to yoga classes or spinning classes. RESPECT girrrrrrrrl.

This is my POOTD - Post Outfit of the Day, and not Poo Today (in case there is any confusion, although . . . . I do feel like poo today). And I'm looking pretty grubby in my yoga pants and plain white Hanes tee so I thought I'd spare you from that.
I wore this last week and submitted it for Lisa of Respect the Shoes - Respect the Outfits post here. The whole idea was to wear something Anthro-esque without actually wearing any Anthro. Lisa (not me, the other Lisa) always manages to look so good regardless of what label she's wearing. It just proves that it's not the clothes that make the person, rather the person that makes the clothes. RESPECT girrrrrrl.

 Skirt - DownEast Basics (inspired by Anthro's Scalloped Clouds)/ Top - Forever 21/ Cardi - Target/ Shoes - Bellina Maryjanes by Pink Studio.

Looking for an affordable Scalloped Skirt? Check out UO 
Kimchi Scallop Skirt - black . On sale for $19.99
Kimchi Scallop Skirt - blue. On sale for $19.99
Looking for a Scalloped Shirt? Check out Gap
Scallop Trim Top - comes in soho blue and purple steel

And when I feel sick and congested, I always have a nice big bowl of Phở. It's a Vietnamese noodle soup and it's seriously the best noodles in the cosmic universe. Phở . . . the cure for what ails you.

♥♥♥ Oh, and for those of you have not checked out Marie's blog - Michiko Daydreams, head on over there. She's hosting a fab giveaway here. I have a mini girl crush on Marie . . . she is gorgeous without even knowing it, and she and her group of friends should be gracing the covers of magazines. Plus her blog is FANTABULOUS.


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  2. Lisa! How can you make an outfit look so effortless!!! Every cute outfit you come up with matches so beautifully and fits you so well!

    That's too bad that you are feeling sick! I just go better from having walking pneumonia so from one sick to another I have some advice for you:
    REST REST REST!!! I have a super busy job so I was only able to rest about two days because I had a huge deadline. Because I didnt rest I got worse.. so bad that I am now on my second badge of antiobiotics! :( so rest now so you wont suffer later!

  3. I hope you feel better! Guess who bought those Bellina MJ's after you posted them in the purple? At first I was all, nah, I'm not a purple girl. But then I saw your review and they are such a deep purple they are practically neutral! And they were the only version available in my size. Okay, did you guess? Can't wait to get them! They look adorable with the Scalloped Clouds Skirt!

  4. Girrrrrrl, you are rocking this look! Get some rest, drink up, and I hope you feel better soon.

  5. First, your sass sends me into hysterics. Second, I love Phở. I have yet to find a legit awesome one by my apartment. I'll keep you posted...

  6. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. My mom told me there is some acupuncture point around your earlobe, if you put pressure on it, it will help relieve the pain the throat. I wasn't sure where exactly it is, but last time I just put pressure on the whole earlobe till it is all red and it seem to helped.

    I couldn't help cracking up with the "The only yoga I do is sit down on a chair in a 'lotus posture' comment. But you are in great shape and your outfit rocks. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Oh yaa..it's scallop.. :)

    Your outfit is great ! And totally agree with Inkmark, you are in great shape ! :)

    And get well soon !!

  8. Thanks for the love, Lisa! You are so sweet:)

    I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Drink lots of fluids - some hot tea will really help your throat feel better. There is an herbal tea called "throat coat" that can work wonders. Hope you feel better very soon!

    Your Anthro-esque outfit is great!

  9. I love Pho too! It really is the best thing when you're sick. I add extra Sriracha when I'm sick so between the hot soup and the spiciness, it usually helps clear some of the congestion!

    I love this outfit - those tights are awesome!

  10. oh no, sorry about your sore throat. Do what i do - take Vit C and drink lots of water and fluids. You could also try a nose spray if it gets worse. I avoid antibiotics these days.
    I saw your outfit on Respect the Outfits and it looked very familiar to me! You look so very cute and great styling!
    AS for DAIR --- NOOOO!!! they make great besties but as a couple..nooooo!!

  11. oops after I deleted that first comment I wrote a follow up but I guess that didn't get published!

    In my follow up I wrote thank you for the UO links but in the process of browsing for more things to add to my cart the skirt sold out in my size. :( I shall check for returns periodically. I love how you wear scalloped dresses and skirts!

  12. just kidding, I checked back earlier after my comment and it's back in stock again. And this time I didn't wait to check out. Thank you again for the notice! I am so happy about this purchase. :)

  13. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon and the soup does its trick. I've actually never head Pho, but I've been meaning to try it. This is one adorable outfit. And thanks so much for all the links to these darling scalloped skirts. You know what? There was a scalloped dots skirt for sale on Ebay a few weeks ago...in my size, with a starting pric e of $20. I know it's a much coveted item, so I didn't even both bidding on it. But you know what happened? NO ONE bid on it at all!!! Amazing, right?

  14. Feel better soon! I agree about Pho, it's what I want when I feel a cold coming.

    The outfit is great! There's a lot of anthro-esque/anthro knock offs out there, you just have to keep an open mind about it all.

  15. Whooooaaa, that sounds serious.
    I'm glad you got better. And yes, I'm getting plenty of rest by sitting in front of my computer visiting blogs. lol

    Jan - YAY, I so glad you got 'em. It's totally wild 'coz here I was inspired to buy it from a posting on your blog. That's so neat that you're a 5.5 as shoes are usually on sale in that size. I'm not a purple gal either but it looks almost black and it could go with so many of your outfits. Hullo? The Sewing Circle polyvore you styled.

    Alexandria - Look for the restaurant called Phở Hoa; it's a chain and they make the BEST Phở.

    Inkmark - Thanks for that tip. I'll have to try it. Will let you know if it helps.

    Tiq - Apa Khabar? :-)

    Kristin - you're welcome :-) I'll try and look for "throat coat" tea the next time I'm at a grocery store.

    Clara - Oh yeaaaa, I love me some Sriracha. It der helps clear the sinuses.

    Jen - oh yah, I took some Vit C. And I love your DAIR and CHAIR reference, lol. And as for DAIR, I say YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Chuck has already moved on to that other hotel chicky.

    Ellen - Ohhhhh, I cannot wait to see you in the UO skirt on your blog. Looking forward to your review. How tall are you btw?

    Jamie - I can't believe NO ONE bid on it on eBay. For $20, wow, what a steal. Lol, you should have bid on it and then re-listed it on your blog for $50 and turned a profit.

    Erin - You love Phở too? Holla!

  16. i hope you feel better soon! loving the scallop cuts on these items :)


  17. Oh goodness! Lisa, stay away from the girls. Of course you will. I actually thought that was the Anthro skirt. And why is it that you can dress in Gray and make it looks fabulous. I would just look like a big Gray blog. The textures, especially in the tights, and the layers, really make this outfit. Take care of that cold.

  18. Reg - Thanks :)

    Laura - Thanks, unfortunately my girls have already caught the flu bug from me :(

  19. Oh scallops, how I love you. I figured out how to sew those suckers but I guess the next step would be to make a scalloped skirt like that! :-) Thank you again for the shout out, Lisa! <3 :-)

  20. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (http://ninjiom-hk.cwahi.net/) may be another choice. i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious sore throat.