OOTD Two-Wheeler and TMI on Facebook

The other day, this was posted on my Facebook news feed: "We're all so excited 'coz Eric's wife Angie is dilated to almost 8 centimeters! WOW. Isn't that just a blessing?"
I practically choked on a pretzel. TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Um, no it's NOT a blessing. I did a George W ie. choked on a pretzel and almost died. A self-administered Heimlich saved my life. Care to share your Facebook gripes/ horror stories?

 Dress ~ Anthro Two Wheeler/ Shoes ~ Anthro Dusky Begonia T-Straps


  1. Ew. Seriously, tmi. And Facebook gripes? WAY too many to even mention. Like every other message on my News Feed is full of grammatical and spelling errors and it drives me batsh*t crazy >:(

  2. That is too funny! I totally understand. It seems like people are constantly posting TMI. Here are my gripes: I have a couple of family members who always post about their relationship troubles. They will post things like, "well, if I'm not good enough for you, then you can just.....". NOT fb appropriate! I also have a couple of "friends" who will post very dramatic updates, but then be super vague about it. They will say, "OMG, this is terrible. I just don't know what I'm going to do. Please keep my in your thoughts right now....". They make it sounds extremely important/dramatic (like they are dying or something). Then, when someone asks what is going on, they say, "I would rather not discuss it on fb". Um. okay. Then do not f^$@&*( mention it on fb AT ALL (and of course it always turns out to be something very minor)!

    Okay, I feel better now.

    Super cute outfit. Those shoes are so pretty! The color of the tights is very nice with the blues of the dress/shoes.

  3. Tara- I totally agree. The social faux pas are bad enough. The grammar/spelling errors just throw me over the edge.

  4. Love your outfit. OMG, those shoes!!! And yeah, a nice Eric's wife is in labor would've been enough for me. No need for a play by play on how large this woman's cervix is getting! Ick.

    My FB pet peeves are all the damn posts about how wonderful everybody is and that their life is just glorious. Seriously, every once in a while a bitch post would be great. And I'm with Tara on the spelling.

    Happy Sunday!

  5. HAHAHA...

    Facebook gripes: http://i.imgur.com/recgp.jpg

    But yeah, I'm with you on the baby TMI. It's even better when there are a lot of them who are friends with one of your friends, and it starts this...

    Your friend: OMG! My baby peed in my face!
    Her friend: OMG hahaha! My little Brian did that once as well! But just wait until he starts eating solid food, and then his poo will smell like [something gross] and have the consistency of [something gross].
    Your friend: I am sooo not looking forward to that! [insert TMI on breastfeeding woes] But at least right now, he [gross description of baby poo].

    A non-mother friend of mine got tired of these comment threads and posted:

    Friend wonders why people feel the need to post their child's potty habits on facebook. Just because it's from a little person doesn't make it cute or interesting.

    Amen! (Sorry to the mothers out there =P)

  6. Ohh nice pairing with rust and blue, very cute! Hmmm facebook peeves, yes they vague "updates" and when people post about how drunk they got the night before, thanks, but no.

  7. I know someone who kept a running commentary through her labor on Facebook. As in, "Now I'm 4 cm and 50% effaced." "Now I'm 6 centimeters." Etc, etc, etc to "now I'm 10 centimeters and getting ready to push. Here we go!"
    Now, I'm excited that she had a baby. I just don't need to know the minute by minute progress of how it happened, you know?
    What a cute dress!!

  8. Um, yeah, TMI.

    Yeah, we had a friend who did that too, and it was really annoying, the minute by minute updates. GAH.

  9. I love your outfit. The shoes are perfect with the dress. I hate facebook. I have a page but I rarely go on anymore. When I read facebook, I get mad. People reveal too much and I have found out more than I want to know about people I thought I knew.

  10. HAHA thankfully none of my friends have given birth yet. Is it horrible to think that I can already guess who would be giving the min by min play by play when the time comes? :D

    I think we're the same height (5'4") but you look so much taller than me, especially in this dress. What's your secret? :)

  11. very pretty, fun outfit! Hear ya on the facebook- definitely not the appropriate forum for certain updates. once saw the equivalent of "RIP Dad...," so absolutely bizarre to share the information that way!

  12. LOL...Lisa & Kristin, You Had me in stitches! Too funny :) I have a website for you guy's it's called STFUCouples.com It's truly funny. But yes, Face book has gotten the TMI website. I have friends telling everyone about their Sex lives and WAY! To private stuff. Is there nothing sacred anymore. I see my friends sometimes and it's hard to separate my mind from what I know about them already. Some women talk about STD's they got from So and so and their name and who else they gave it too! OMG! but You guy's cracked me up. Lisa I was going to wear that dress today. But my sweetie took me out on a "date" I have those shoes too! Haven't posted my picture yet. You are so pretty & tall. I am such a shorty :( You have beautiful legs. Jealous!! But Thanks for the laugh and check out that website. It's about only couples and their personal Face Book fights. Let me know if it makes you laugh.

  13. cute outfit and jealous of those shoesc:-) hmmm...I haven't login to fb for a while...

  14. Oh I love those shoes! I went to the anthro site nearly every day to ogle at them (and countless other things). I understand the fb woes. I have family that, no kidding has started fights with their other half on fb. I vaguely said something about how some people do TMI on fb and the next post was about how they didn't care who knows their issues! Oh jeez.

  15. hahaha!! oh dear, that is a bit TMI. It's great that she's having a baby, but we don't really want to know how many cms she is. I think a simple "Eric's wife has just gone to the hospital to have a baby" would have been suffice :-) but hey, some people like to show and tell..hehe.
    Sometimes i would see pictures of some of my fb friends in skimpy bikinis and think that it's TMI. But then again, maybe i'm just a prude!
    You look fabulous in your two wheeler dress - i love it Lisa!

  16. Love that dress! I had a "friend" (one of those people you meet once and send you the friend request before you hit your car...) who was posting while in labor, including the word "mucus", it was shortly after reading that (you know after I finished tossing my cookies...) I had to delete her.

  17. Tara - I second that.

    Kristin - lol, that drives me ape s@#*&. some folks on fb are soooooooooooo dramatic and I think they do it just for the attention.

    ModernMom - I hear ya!

    BettyRay - yes, I welcome some bitchy posts too. esp when hearing how everyone's life is just so fab, vacationing in the sunny Maldives, I need to feel better about being stuck in Antarctica.

    Gck - I checked out that link and laughed my head off, esp the one 'bout Fat Freddie. I COULD CARE LESS what you're having for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And that child potty habit skit had me rolling and cringing! I'm a mom and I'm SO with you. Not everything a baby does is cute or interesting, and I could do without knowing the consistency of baby poop.

    Jess - holla on the vague posts and inebriated chicks.

    Beatherboo - whoa! a play by play till the end? that is sick (um, not sick 'cool' but sick to the stomach sick) but the 'Here we go' bit cracked me up though.

    Rachel - I know, some things should be kept private and sacred.

    Cee - My secret? My hubs photog skills. It's all an illusion as I'm pretty short. not Hobbit short but not tall either.

    Sarah - whoa, that is bizarre!

    Inkmark - good 4 you!

    Minnesota Maven - thanks. have you checked out modcloth? they still had a few pairs a while back. and oh brother, if couples are fighting on fb, then there is seriously something wrong w. their relationship.

    Jen - hee-hee, I hear ya. I'm sorry, but I don't need to see pics of my girlfriends or guy friends in their bathing suits. fb is not sports illustrated.

    Gabby - that would have been so cool if the both of us wore the same dress on the same day! it's the only shirt dress I own and I love the fit. can't wait to see it on you. And yes, std topics should be banned on fb! I checked out that site - STFUCouples.com and that is seriously some messed up s*^%. but it hellavu funny. I'm still giggling now.

    Inkmark - good for you!

    Minnesota Maven - thanks, have you checked Modcloth? they still had a few pairs of duskies a while back. and lol, if couples are starting fights on fb, they don't need fb, they need therapy. i'm glad you said something, and oh jeez indeed!

    Jen - I hear ya! I do not need to see my girl friends or my guy friends preening and posing in their bathing suits. I'm sorry but fb is not sports illustrated. and I've seen some girls who have their Berthas spilling out of their bikini tops. Hello, fb stands for facebook and not freeboobs.

    Erin - Ugh, I would have deleted her too. I blame fb for ruining plenty of my snacks, cookies included! i need to stop snacking while on fb.

  18. Oh, I hope I'm not too late to add my gripe...I am a Christian, however I really don't think FB needs to be your platform to praise the Lord day and night for every.single.thing and quote scripture every five minutes. If you don't talk like that, then don't FB like that. My eyes almost roll out of my head.

    Love the brown tights with your two wheeler dress, you really made it work for the season!

  19. loving the vintage vibe...and yes. that is definitely TMI!!

  20. cute dress! but the shoes made it for me!


  21. Ouchhh but it's hilarious! Lucu ! Hahaha

    And as usual, love what you are wearing. Sangat cantik!

  22. This is case in point why I don't Facebook. TMI all across the board. On the upside, your outfit is complete fabulosity today. I'm loving the deep red tights with that dress. Super cute!

  23. That was the most hilarious story, Lisa! Guess what I got in the mail today??? YOUR BOOK :-) YAY!

  24. Jan - hahaha. that's a new one for me. I do find it bizarre when people quote scripture in convo. it just throws me off.

    Tiq, Kaleido mind, Modern Girl and Molly - thanks!

    Marie - Gak! I hope you'll enjoy it. I received my very 1st book review by a book critic. She gave the book 4 out of 5. Phew, what a relief. Still, I know some might read it and totally hate it, so I hope you'll keep an open mind :) xoxo L

  25. Don't get me started on Facebook. But I will say that I love the Two Wheeler Dress on you. And those shoes are the perfect Brilliant Blue. Those are Poetic License aren't they? You could look down and time of day and feel like you are winding down a lane of flowers on your bicycle.

  26. Are you kidding? That's not TMI, that's natural...that's life. But then again, I'm a mom. Once you go through childbirth, you view the whole thing differently. I really don't find that even slightly shocking though.