OOTD - Puss in Boots, Dog ate my Boots and Target Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots/ Short Boots are so new to me. I'm a rather late bloomer and I've only just discovered the joys of short boots. They're lighter and a lot more comfy than my knee high ones. I got these Mossimo Kadejah Vintage Tie Boots  at Target for only $29.99 and I LOVE it. It's even adorned with a pretty bow/string tie thingamajig in the back. What can I say?!? It's officially my fav pair of boots this winter. ***You can also see Jess rock her Target Kaiala short boots.

Tee - Anthro/ Cardi - Target Mossimo Boyfriend Cardigan/ Jeans - AE Skinny/ Boots - Target Mossimo Kadejah Vintage Tie Boots

I was gonna wear my Catch Step Booties, but as you can see, my dog Milo chewed it up. I think I can salvage these pair of booties by having a cobbler attach new bows. There's no way I can track down the same leather bows, but I'm thinking bow hair clips that are similar in size should do the trick. Hmmm, I guess I'll have to wait and see what the Shoe Master says. 

And have you checked out Target boots lately? If not, have a looksie . . .

Mossimo Kamiah Peep-Toe Bootie ~ comes in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Purple $29.99 and Fuchsia, now on sale for $14.98.

Glaze by Adi Faux Suede Wedge Heel Slouchy Boot. $39.99.

Kameel Suede Ruffle Boots. Only $14.98!!!!!!!!!(grey). In purple it's $10.48 and in black it's $29.99.

Glaze by Adi Peep Toe Stiletto Bootie. $36.99

Mossimo Kameisha Ankle Bootie. $14.98. Comes in 2 colors- grey and black.

And lastly, I am stoked for Puss in Boots~the movie, which will be out in November. All I can say is, it's ABOOT time. And squeeee! Antonio Banderas will reprise his role as Puss in Boots!!!! Holla!


  1. Oh man you are killin' me with these cheap shoe posts. KILLIN' ME!!! I just recently got some pretty expensive ankle boots but they were so worth it cause they're so comfortable. And sorry about your boots that your doggie chewed up. Hhaha I just had to laugh at that one. I'm pretty lucky with Chewy...he doesn't chew anything other than his toys.

  2. You know, I've never been a major fan of ankle booties until now as well. I used to think they shortened my legs. But now, i think they are terrific! omg..i love those Mossimo ones! Wish we had them here. How cheap for $14!!!

  3. The vintage tie boots are super cute! Love the back of them. Great find!

    Good luck getting the Catch Step booties repaired. Aren't animals fun sometimes!?!? I've had my fair share of animal disasters, so I completely understand. Hope they are easy to repair.

  4. One of my friend had the same thing happen to her anthro shoes. I wonder there is something special about Anthro's shoes that attracts dogs.

    I'm hopelessly loving the Mossimo Kamiah Peep-Toe Bootie. They look so cute, but I know I can't manage those heels. Sigh.

  5. Oh man, I LOVE target shoes, and their website kills me because i just want to buy EVERYTHING.

    I love your short boots, but I don't think I'd ever be able to pull them off since I have big calves.. but they look really good on you!

    I recently bought those Kameisha ankle booties (in black) and they were gorgeous but SO SLIPPERY, so I ended up returning them (plus, I was poor and they were still almost full price. Would've kept them if they were $15!)

  6. there's something about target's shoes that don't quite fit my feet. sucks cuz they have some great inexpensive stuff!

  7. I love target shoes! They have the greatest selection and the prices are amazing. Sorry about your shoes, I´ve been there and I know it hurts!

  8. Your poor booties! I have the ruffle ones from target I love them. I was afraid to wear them, and then I was mad I waited so long.

  9. HAHA, how do you come up with these titles?! I can't stop giggling over here. Super cute short boots. I like the thingamajig tie too. The lining is such a pretty contrast, I wish there's a way to wear the boots and let those peek through too.

    Bad Milo :( I hope you can get the booties fixed somehow. They're too pretty not to be worn!

  10. bad dog!!!

    They`re making a puss-in-boots movie?!! That`s awesome!

  11. hi Lisa.. I haven't got the chance to say HI, too busy enjoying the CNY holidays.. hehe
    I'm thrilled when I saw your comment and thank you for stopping by.
    I love your blog. It's very entertaining and how I wish we have TARGET in KL !!! arghhhhh

  12. Great boots!!! Your legs look like they go on for MILES in this picture.

  13. Cindi - Whaaaaa? Your dog's name is Chewy and he doesn't chew up stuff? Wow, I should've named Milo Chewster. Or Chewbaca.

    Jen - Yay for ankle boots! I joined the party pretty late.

    Kristin - thanks, I hope I can get my Catch Step Booties mended too. I heart them so much. But I heart my dog Milo too so I forgave him soon after.

    Inkmark - Anthro shoes attract dogs 'coz they're made of real leather, lol. Unlike my cheap Target ones.

    Kimmie - girrrrrl, I know EXACTLY whatcha talking about.

    Very Married - yeah, some of their shoes don't fit me very well either, but some do, so I'm thankful for that.

    Dayany - Thanks :) You've been there too? Ah yes, it does hurt. I felt like a chunk of my heart was bitten out.

    Erin - What r you waiting for? girrrrl, wear your Ruffle booties b4 the winter is over!! :)

    Cee - bad Milo indeed. My title tickled you? I was hoping no one would offended by "puss in boots" 'coz puss can mean so many things. Of course I meant the kitty.

    Sarah - I'm glad SOMEONE is excited as I am over Puss in Boots the movie. Holla!

    Tiq - Glad you're enjoying CNY in the mother land. I miss KL.
    And KL doesn't need a Target, they've got soooooooooooooo many other awesome shops.

    JG - Thanks :) And really? I was afraid the opposite was true.

  14. noooo!!! I was almost in shock and pain, haha, to see those lovely catch step booties chewed up. Well, it looks like just one bow got hit. I hope your shoe master finds a way to fix it. Those shoes are my favorite eye-candy, er shoe-candy? or your recent purchases. Shoe-candy for your Milo too, evidently.

  15. Aw thanks for the shout-out about my boots :) I just looked at my stats and saw people coming from your site, so thank you! I am very sorry about your shoes :( I hope that you can get them fixed in some sort of fashion.