OOTD - Pastels, V Day Decor and Anthro Inspired Gift Wrap DIY

Dress ~ Anthro Horizon Line/ Cardi ~ J.Crew/ Boots ~ Roxy (my boots have pockets on the side!) / Satchel - from Malaysia. 

Never in a million years did I ever imagine decorating for every single friggin occasion ~ Christmas, Thanksgiving, St. Patty, Valentine, 4th of July, Halloween and Easter. But I do. Why? Well, ‘coz my kids enjoy it.

And themed decor can be pretty inexpensive if you know where to shop and when to shop.

These 'love birds' are from the Dollar Store (Dollar Tree), well . . . for just a dollar each.

I picked up this Rose Wreath from Target after Valentine’s last year for $5.

A wayward silk rose that fell off the wreath . . .

I picked this up from Target last week (~$9). It’s so chirping cute that I just couldn't resist.

Thinking of boxing up a Valentine gift? Anthro gift boxes are rusticly chic and the best part is, it's free! It's also surprisingly easy to recreate. Check out the video below for an Anthro Inspired Valentine gift wrap DIY tutorial.


  1. The horizon line dress looks great on you! I love how it looks with the other soft colors. It's very pretty.

    Your decorations are great - especially the pillow from target. That is the cutest thing ever!

  2. I like the VDay decorations you picked out. Cute but not cheesy. I like to buy my Christmas cards after Christmas. That's about all the holiday spirit I've had lately, hehe.

    Cute bag to go with a cute outfit! The scalloped edges are so pretty.

  3. This outfit is so soft and romantic, I love all the pale tones together - SO PRETTY! And I decorate for every holiday too, but I always knew I'd be cheesy like that ;) Your mantle looks adorable!

  4. That DIY Tutorial is brilliant! Thanks for sharing that Lisa.

    I love your dress, it's so lovely and that design on the skirt, love every details of it. What do they call it eh? Yang bulat² tu :)

  5. OMG if you could only just come on over to my house because I don't decorate at all. Well I try...but I'm never any good at it. Oh and my stockings are still up over our fireplace. Is it time to take them down? :)

  6. Cute pastel coloured outfit Lisa - it's lovely! We have dollar stores here too and they are fab. I go there for gift wrapping and decorations. I love that Target cushion! How chirpin' cute indeed :-)

  7. PS - i just watched the clip. Thanks for the video. I will definitely have to try that next time i gift box a special gift!

  8. Love the Pastel pink Satchel! Kids really had the most holiday spirit. I need to check out target for that pillow. It is too cute!

  9. The little bird sets are adorable. And kids definitely require lots of Holiday deco's. Did you float the loose Silk Rose in Water. That flower looks unbelievably real. I think I know where you got that Initial K from. Anthro!
    Your outfit with the touches of Pastel color is devinely perfect for this time of year.

  10. LOVE the outfit! Your anthro dress is sooo cute....and I'm really jealous over the shade of your purse, super cute!


  11. Thanks ladies

    Tiq - lol! It's called scallops.

    Laura - Yep! I got that K from Anthro. and yes, that's a silk flower floating in water.

  12. Lisa ! Hahahaha I know! It does ring a bell though.. but I just couldn't figure the word that day ! hahahaha
    Lucu³.. hahaha