OOTD - Lace it with Grace or Lace it with Ex-Lax

My dress is called the Laced With Grace, but I'm not feeling too graceful today. Somebody at my office STOLE my food right out of the refrigerator! I was in a rush so I just grabbed Panda Express to-go. I even stowed it in a brown paper bag and hid it at the back of the fridge so it would look inconspicuous. And I can't believe someone had the audacity to just take my food! I'm sorry, but when I'm hungry, I'm cranky. And there are 3 things a person should never mess with ~ my family, my pets and my food.

My BFF suggested this ~ buy Panda Express tomorrow and lace it with Ex-Lax (a laxative) to teach the perpetrator a lesson. So I'm taking a vote. What would YOU do? Would you . . .
a) be laced with grace and turn the other cheek or
b) lace the food with Ex-Lax

Dress ~ Anthro Laced With Grace/ Boots ~ Target Kady, similar here/ Belt ~ Tori Skinny Braided Belt from Delias, now on sale for $9, also similar here at The Limited. Jade neklace ~ gift from my dad/ Tights ~ Lauren by Ralph Lauren



  1. ohh love this dress on you.. it's a gorgeous mossy green color.. and i love the little lace/ruffle detailing..

    hahaha i would put ex-lax in.. but don't listen to me.. i'm not much of a lady bahahaha.

  2. I would totally do the ex-lax thing. OR get some kind of stir-fry that you could easily put a bunch of hot sauce in. Heehee!

    I just ordered that dress and can't wait for it to come in!

  3. I love this dress! I like how you paired it with colorful tights and small braided belt and topped it off with a jade necklace.

    About the co-worker. I say do the spicy thing Terrie suggested. However I also feel the ex-lax would be amusing.

  4. Pretty! I love those tights with the dress. The colors are so nice!

    How rude of someone to steal your food! However, I have to vote for A. I think that I would try to be "laced with grace", unless this is something that happens often. In that case, someone needs to be taught a lesson:) I also get super cranky when I'm hungry, so I totally understand.

  5. Everything looks lovely on you Lisa! You know, macam mannequin kat mall tu bila pakai apa-apa baju pun still gorgeous! *eh Tiq..cemburu ke* hehehe

    EEE food-stealer colleague!!! Put ex-lax + wasabi in..anak saper tu ye..isk³

  6. I know how you feel about stolen lunch. A similar incident happened to me at work, where someone took my boxed frozen food (those $1 Banquet Meals for goodness sakes) from the workplace fridge. And the worse part was, I saw it in the nearby trash, half-eaten! I was raging! Like if you were gonna take my food, at least eat the whole thing! Like why be picky when you stealing someone else's food. arghh!!! Anyways, after that I made myself my own lunch tag, where I tie this tag that says "This is my Lunch. Please don't take or touch my food!" on my food items. On a different note, I adore your outfit! Something about those reddish tights looks perfect with that dress, a color combination I've never tried.

  7. My gosh...I hate it when people do that. I work in an office of about 20 people and someone had the nerve to take my yogurt, open it, take a bite out of it and put it back!!! I was soooo mad. Sorry about what happened to you though. Ugh...people bug me. I'll send bad vibes their way for you!

  8. Wow, people do that? Totally not cool. I like the hot sauce idea, or maybe extra scoope of wasabi too. Some people has high tolerance for spiciness, but there is no stopping of wasabi going up your nose.

  9. Anonymous11:17 PM

    how dare that person! ugh lol you look very cute!(:

    :) Bree


  10. argghh how rude! I hope the person who stole your food gets their food stolen in the near future. That's just pathetic! hehe. you could put a laxative in there, but would that be legal in the states? heehe..or spit in it first?!
    Love the way you wore your laced with grace dress. Perfectly styled Lisa.

  11. I used to put my food in a paper bag and write my name on it - I know I'm not five but for some reason the name thing puts some sort of ownership on the lunch (as if the lunch being in the fridge didn't!) and no one ever took it. However, my BF made a big pot of Texas spaghetti once for our department and he walked into the kitchen to find some random person had taken it out of the fridge and was eating it, plus scooping servings for other people!

    I agree with Terrie - maybe no ex-lax but dowse the sh!t out of a dish with some hot sauce for good measure!

  12. How rude of them to steal your lunch! I am quite mischievous so I won't dispense poor advice.

    The dress is beautiful though and you look very graceful. :)

  13. I know it's already Thursday. But Ex-Lax. All. The. Way.

  14. Ok. Now I want a Panda Express AND that gorgeous dress (will be Ebay searchin' in a minute).

    Sorry someone took your lunch. That is way not cool. I'd totally ex-lax the next one!

  15. Ladies, thanks for all the sweet comments about the dress and you empathy for my stolen food :)

    Terrie - I can't wait to see that dress on you on your blog.

    Betty Ray - Try calling Anthro cs. there still may be a few floating around in the stores.

    Lisa to Lisa - I tried writing my name in the past; doesn't work :(

    Jen - hee-hee, it's legal if no one knows. Plus on the fridge it says that if you steal someone's food it is grounds for termination, yet there are no cameras in the break room!

    Olyvia - Oh yeah, that would so tick me off. At least if the person took your food, he/she shouldn't be wasting it. People are such vermin sometimes! Have some respect.

    Tiq - My bahasa is improving every time you drop by and visit :) In the words of the great Sheila Majid - aku cinta pada mu... sungguh...

    Elle - I would LOVE to hear your advice :)

    Okay , now for the votes, so far we have -
    Lace it with ex lax = 6 votes
    Lace it with hot sause/ wasabi = 4 votes
    Lace it w. grace = 1 vote

    So the winner thus far is "Lace it With Ex-Lax." Thanks for your votes and feedback ladies, it was fun. Although I don't know if can actually go through with it. I'm too chicken hearted. I believe in karma, so I'm sure that rat will get what he/she deserves.

  16. Aw heck no! That would seriously ruin my day. I'm like you...mess with my food and I will turn into a monster! I'd totally vote ex-lax! That person needs to be taught a lesson!

    Love this dress on you! Looks awesome with the tights and boots...a real winner!

  17. Don't yell at me, but I'd probably go with a. Maybe they had taken your food by accident? As my bf says, I'm too nice sometimes and need to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt.

    One time my brother brought spaghetti with meatballs to work in a tupperware container. When lunchtime rolled around, he went to the fridge only to find his empty container with a sticky note taped on apologizing for having eaten his lunch by accident. And the guy left his number saying if my brother wants to swing by to eat his lunch, he's more than welcome. What are the chances two people brought in the same containers with spaghetti and meatballs?! The story just made me laugh though.

  18. Oh i love this dress!

    I hope they didn't take it on purpose. Maybe someone saw it was a paper bag in the back of the fridge and assumed it was old and threw it away? (I do that all the time.. there's super old moldy food in our office fridge and i just throw it out.. but I at least wait a few weeks to see if anyone claims it!) Or, they could have just accidentally eaten it, thinking it was their food. I would go with A. :)

    No one could be that evil, to go and eat other people's food, right? RIGHT? I don't know. Maybe i'm too naive and think the better of people.

    Anyway, I wouldn't recommend lacing it with ex-lax. What if it was a one-time thing, and then your food just ends up sitting in the fridge with ex-lax and no one eats it? That's a waste of a perfectly good lunch!

  19. AppGal - I've calmed down now :) Thanks for the input.

    Cee - you're so nice :) As so you can see from my earlier comment, I'm too chicken hearted to go through w. it. plus i believe in karma. this person did not accidentally take my food. the receipt for my food was in the bag. i always give people the benefit of the doubt, but in this case there is no doubt.

    Kimmie - good point and you're an angel :) Our refrigerator gets cleaned out every Sunday and it is very clean. There is a paper posted on the fridge to not throw out other people's food as it is cleaned routinely. and yes, there are people out there who are just darn right inconsiderate. What bugs me is that it's not the first time. I just need to buy my own mini fridge.

  20. Your dress is gorgeous on you, and pairs flawlessly with that shade of brown. That's hilarious about the ex-lax idea! I like your friend :) I vote ex-lax too. Short story: my brother, total prankster, pulled off a kind of gross senior prank in high school. He and the entire football team delivered donuts to the office for all the faculty. Underneath the donuts were polaroid pictures of what they had done to the donuts before delivering. Aaaahhheem. No face shots. Just waist down. Use your imagination. I know,..... he's so gross! So then the faculty had the horror of realizing instantly they'd just consumed tainted edibles. Perhaps you could do something similar? A little note, like "thieves never triumph" underneath the food with a tiny pic of ex-lax? So they'll eat it, and KNOW right away what's going to happen to them. :)

  21. Molly - Thanks for sharing that story! I had a good laugh. And I'm STILL giggling my head off right now as we speak. And that's a very good idea. Your prankster brother is a hoot! And very creative!

  22. Hi :) Totally Rude! Why do people do that?! I would totally be Into The Ex Lax thing. Hey! I'm the same way, Don't mess with my food Period! But you look really great in this dress. I had hoped to get it but wasn't able too :( But happy to see that you did :)