OOTD and Weight Watchers is Watching Me

Top ~ Anthro, Sweater ~ Roxy, Jeans ~ AE

Banana Republic Striped ruffle scoopneck 

Autumn Cashmere

In my line of work, you need to have a very good sense of humor. 'Coz if you don't, you can easily crack under the stress and pressure. And if it wasn't for my crazy fun friends' delightful and enigmatic company, I wouldn't have survived as long as I have in the call center purgatory.

This is my online conversation with my BFF Monica (who sits in the cubicle next to me). Be warned, we have the sense of humor of 2 year old toddlers. We're basically big dorks who don't take ourselves too seriously.

Um, that's Monica's profile pic btw. 
Monica: Dammit! I want a bean burrito

Monica: I could mail you a bean burrito! haha... let's see what happens to it!?!?

Me: you mean like a mail order bean burrito husband? not from Russia, but from Mexico?!?

Monica: Oh snap..that's heaven..he will have Mexican Monterey cheese hair lol

Several hours later . . . (Monica is scarfing down a bean burrito; and she bought one for me too!)

Monica: Weight Watchers is Watching Me.

Oh, I used that "old man winking" pic on my blog for a week or two, and then I realized that I was probably creeping out other bloggers, so I switched it back to a pic of me. If I creep-ed out any of you, sorry! So . . . speaking of bean burritos, anyone else fancy Mexican food? What's your favorite?


  1. I LOVE mexican food. But can't find any good ones in Seattle other than this one place that's too much out of a way for me to go frequently. Ugh! You and your friend is amazingly hilarious! My friend and I have the same types of conversations at our work.

  2. So much to talk about, where to start. Bear with me as my thoughts are scattered.

    You and Monica crack me up! If only I could be a fly on the wall while you're at work... :)

    Isn't the old man winking picture the old man from the movie Up? I loved the movie, so not creepy at all.

    I swear I could live on Chipotle every.single.day if I could without getting fat. Sooo good. It's the only spicy food I eat.

    You know how you said I hardly wear dresses? Well, I believe this is the first time I've seen you in pants! They make you look uber tall. Gorgeous neckline on the sweater. Thanks for including the detailed pic.

    Re being Chinese: No worries about assuming. I get the "Are you Korean?" all the time in real life. To this day, I still don't get it. I should have my Chinese card taken away for not recognizing Gong Xi Fa Cai. It wasn't until after I asked bf to say it in Cantonese did I realize how different it was from Mandarin, haha. The last word threw me off, but I got it now :)

  3. Oh so true I was in the customer service line before, not too long but I know how it feels, you must have that sense of humour with you to survive. hehehe

    Well, mexican food haa.. nachos is fine with me :) nachos with beans, beef and cheese..nom nom nom

  4. Seriously hilarious conversation. I'm a two-year-old when I'm hungry and with girlfriends too :) Whoa- you look super tall in your photo today. I just read a past post where you mentioned you were 5'4" and I would have never guessed that. Tell me your secrets, master! I love your outfit today. Casual yet hot! You look hot! As far as mexican food...we've got it all in San Antonio. There's a restaurant about 5 min. from me that I love...they serve Puffy Tacos. Apparently Bobby Flay came here and did a "throw down" with the owner of the restaurant and she one! They're seriously delicious.

  5. Very pretty outfit! I love that top with the sweater layered over it! Looks great:)

    YES, I love mexican food. Since moving to Portland years ago, I cannot seem to find white cheese dip anywhere. When I lived on the east coast, every little mexican restaurant I went to had yummy, warm cheese dip. Not here. Every time we try a new mexican restaurant, I am always disappointed because they either don't have it at all, or they bring out some gross version of the real stuff!

    It's nice to work with people you can have fun with and laugh at!

  6. HaHa! I just blogged about Mexican food! I love Mexican food. To an extent.I am more into Asian food :) Seafood Pancakes, Sushi, Lemon Grass chicken and noodles, Din Sum.You name it.But I happen to live in the Mexican food capitol. San Antonio Texas. And let me tell you. They can cook some serious good TEX-MEX.

  7. Aww, i really liked that old man picture.It didn't freak me out at all :-)
    I just visted Dea's (of Dea Diaries)blog and i think she wore the same embellished top AND mentioned burritos! How uncanny.
    I love mexican food. We had in on the weekend. Sooo delicious. I especially love the sauce. It's a pity we don't have enough mexican food here in oz!

  8. I love, love, love Mexican food...I love nachos, burritos and tacos. I really love it all. You and your bff sound hilarious. I work part-time in retail and I think that you have to have a good sense of humor to work with the public. BTW...I like your outfit today.

  9. I. Love. Bean. Burritos.

    That's all you need to know.

    Oh, but I also have incredibly weird/hilarious conversations with my friends at work online too. I often want to post them, but I feel as though they could be incriminating one day...

  10. I am not much fan of the burritos, because I don't like beans. I like bean-less dish such as Nachos and Fajitas and Fajitas. And I like Menudo, which probably gross most people off. First time I had it, I thought the lady said "my noodle". I was seriously looking for noodles and was really puzzled not to find any, but I enjoyed the soup anyway :-)

  11. I make my version of Mexican food at least once/week. Apparently it's not authentic because I limit it to tacos and burritos. It's still pretty good, I'd say. I bake tortilla chips. Don't do the bag stuff anymore. Funny post :-)

  12. Ohmigosh, this conversation totally sounds like one that Midory and I would have! And definitely with some burritos (well, probably more like tacos). That's awesome!

    I love this OOTD, that top and sweater combo is gorgeous!

  13. hehe you are funny! And cuuutee and comfy outfit!!!!!!!