Joy of Decor

Ahhhhh, the joy of decor. I think your home is as much an expression of who you are as the clothes you wear. And while I wish I lived in the pages of an Anthro catalog, I also wish my home looked like a Pottery Barn catalog. Every time my PB catalog comes in the mail, I'm bursting with excitement and I scour it from front to back, looking for inspiration. And lately it seems, Anthro's home decor has my heart fluttering too. It evokes a sense of Parisian romance, and the warmth and comfort of Grandma's kitchen all rolled into one.

This Rosette Quilt has been seducing me for quite some time now, and finally it's on sale (only in this color~raisin; it looks more 'dusty rose' in person/ it's listed in the sale section on Anthro's site). The other colors are still full price. I wouldn't pay full price for this quilt, but at the sale price, I'm quite tempted. 

As for my all time favorite home accent, the ultimate prize will have to go to Pottery Barn's Photographer's Tripod Floor Lamp. I own 2 of these lamps (in the antique bronze finish) and it adds a touch of Old Hollywood charm and drama to my living room and family room. It is inspired by the studio lights used during the golden age of cinema. It comes with a full range dimmer switch which allows you to modulate the lighting to suit different moods. It serves as my perfect reading lamp.

And I think my home would not be complete without a Tree Stump side table. I first spotted it in a Pottery Barn catalog and it was crafted from reclaimed cypress wood. PB no longer carries it, but West Elm does. I found my tree stump on eBay for less than $40 (in 2008). It infuses a sense of zen into any room.


  1. Love the tree stump side table! My living room could use a little zen - I will check ebay:)

  2. Yes that floor lamp is a must have! I'm into more modern designs, but I love these inspiration pics. Time for me to start ordering Anthro catalogs!

  3. Is that third picture part of your house? Because if it is then I'm very jealous! i love the decor!

  4. haha just when I went and write about falling off a tree stump, you go and blog about one cute side table that I want in my life! It doesn't fit with our decor but it's sooo cute. nice!