Two Path Trench's Half Sister and the Dolman Dress

I haven't shopped at Express since my college days, but after spotting the Tiered-Bottom Wool Trench Coat on Cee, I decided to make an express swing by my long forgotten store and give it a looksie. And I'm glad that I did 'coz as soon as my eyes rested on the Dolman Dress, it was love at first sight. I also had to try on the Tiered Trench as I missed out on the Two Path Trench. Here are my fitting room reviews:

Tiered-Bottom Wool Trench Coat. I tried this on in an XS. I'm usually a S or a size 2 in coats, so I'd size down on this one. The tiered bottom reminds me of Anthro's Two Path Trench by Idra. Overall, I think it's a cute coat, but it was a bit itchy where the collar hit my neck. It's a pass for me 'coz of my itch issue with wool. But if wool doesn't bother you, I highly recommend this coat. It's on sale now, 40% off the original price. And it comes in 4 colors - camel (which I tried on), navy, black and green briar (which is more of a dark mossy green). You can also check out how Cee rocks this coat here.

Express Tiered Bottom Wool Trench Coat

Two Path Trench by Idra
Express Tiered Bottom Wool Trench in Camel
Express Tiered Bottom Wool Trench in Navy
Express Tiered Bottom Wool Trench in Black
Express Tiered Bottom Wool Trench in Green

Dolman Dress. I tried this Bohemian dress/tunic on in a XS. I'm usually a size S so I'd size down. They didn't have a size S in the store so I could not make a comparison between the XS and S. I am in love with this dress and can see myself pairing it with Gladiator sandals in the summer, and skinny jeans and boots in the winter. Cons - It's lined with a satin slip and I had a hard time wrestling myself into it. But I still LOVE it. So versatile, light, airy and swishy. Wishlisted for a sale. ***Note - the length of this dress on Express' website actually appears shorter than the actual length in person.

Express Dolman Dress

Express Dolman Dress

And this is what I wore to the mall . . .
Coat - Anthro Double Ruffle Trench by Idra
Jeans - AE Skinny
Shoes - Bloch Lucy Flats


  1. I missed out on the Two Path Trench too so I'm gonna order this coat online. Hope they ship to the Philippines :)

  2. Thanks for these fitting room reviews, even though we don't have Express here in oz :-( I do remember walking into one in the US. The stuff was reasonably priced although i still preferred my fave store - Anthro :-)
    I think the Dolman dress is the right fit for you in XS. any bigger and you'd be swimming in it, as you are so petite.
    Thats such a cute ruffled trench you are wearing. how could i miss that one?

  3. Gorgeous coat! I love the color camel the most!

  4. I have the Express Ruffle Coat in Navy and I adore it. It's become my favorite Winter coat this year! I need to remember to snap a pic for the blog!

  5. I love these Anthro lookalike references. I'm such a newbie so keep 'em coming!

    I'm sorry the Express coat didn't work out for you. I never noticed the itchiness before, but I bet now that you've brought it to my attention, I'm going to be consciously looking for it lol. Maybe you can try this Free People coat and see if it's less itchy. It has the tiers at the bottom too and is now on sale :) I believe FP is owned by the same company as Anthro, right?

    The dolman dress is so springy and cute. Ahhh, now I can't wait until the weather is warmer :)

  6. I own the Dolman Dress and when I wore it this Christmas, I received so many compliments. Love it! Wish they made it in more colors.

  7. Marie - If they don't ship to the Philippines, Anthroholic Kim is a personal shopper and she ships overseas and I've heard nothing but good things about her service.

    Jen - Oh, the Double Ruffle is one of my fav. trenches by Idra. I've seen it pop up on eBay many times, so I'm sure you can still get it.

    Kim - Can't wait to see you rock out that coat!

    Cee - Thank for the tip. And you're absolutely right, FP is owned by the same company that owns Anthro. Too bad they don't have a brick and mortar store where I can actually try it on b4 purchasing. I checked it out online and it's made of wool too. So, sadly an 'itch' pass for me.

    Libby - Ah, I can't wait to own the Dolman Dress! I too wish it came in more colors.

    Moniek - Yup, I think of all the colors, the camel looks the best.

  8. I, too, haven't explored the insides of an Express since college, but I've been seeing some things here and there that make me want to take a peek again.

    That coat is such a great doppleganger!! I would love to snatch it up in camel or navy if my closet wasn't already stuffed with multiple coats already.