Target Fitting Room Reviews

My daughter B is currently off track (from school) and she looks forward to "Mommy and Me" days. So we recently took a trip to her fav store - Target, and she got to pick out several dollar prizes. Lol, my 'lil munchkin goes hare wild at Target's dollar aisle. And she actually picked out a lot of the outfits I tried on.
So . . . let the show begin.

Converse Womens Kaitlyn-Erin Dress - Tried this on in an XS, Color - Vintage Khaki. Also comes in Dark Olive. I've always wanted a a light weight shirt dress. These classic shirt dresses never go out of style. My mom and aunts wore these exact button-down shirt dresses in the 70's, 80's, 90's and they're still wearing 'em today. Although, their shirt dresses were Ralph Lauren and not Converse. Lol. But hey, I'm not a prude. And there's just something about a khaki shirt dress that spells Safari in Zimbabwe. I sized down from a S to an XS. Btw, I usually have to size down in Target wear. I like the fit of this shirt dress, but it was not the one. My safari hunt continues . . . 

Liz Lange Maternity Elbow-Sleeve Knit Top - $19.99. Comes in 2 colors combos (Green/Black-which I tried on, and Blue/Black) ***ALERT. I am NOT preggers. My mom reads my blog and I don't want her to suffer a coronary. p/s - Hi Mom. I miss you much and love ya more. Okay, back to blogging. I tried this on in an XS (well Doh!) since this is maternity wear. I adored Liz Lange's designs when I was preggers with my 2 girls and I still do, post-babies. In the Spring time, Liz Lange comes out with some pretty summery dresses, and they fit women of all sizes, preggers or not preggers.

Xhilaration Juniors Stripe Ruffle Tank - Nautical Rose Print. $16.99. Tried this on in an XS. I sized down from an S and love the fit. It's fun, frilly, light and airy, and would look lovely paired with a cardi; maybe even a belt.

Xhilaration Juniors Short-Sleeve Cardigan Sweater. $24.99. Comes in 5 colors - Light Heather Gray, Cream (I tried it on in both colors) Brown, Black and Olive. The cardi pictured below is a size S as they didn't have any XS available. I think the XS would have been a better fit. I think if I wore this cardi, I would belt it.

Xhilaration Juniors Ruffle Tank. $16.99. Comes in 3 colors - Black, Gray and Navy stripes. I sized down and tried it in an XS.

***My boots in the pics are Target Kady. These Old Navy boots are pretty similar. And my skinny jeans are from AE.

*YAWN* Sorry ladies, but it's late and my eyelids feel so heavy. I have a couple more Target outfit reviews that I'll post sometime tomorrow. Goodnight. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Love the maternity top! Never thought to look in that section. Thanks for sharing

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  2. Ohhh...i just love Target, Lisa. Is that Converse label, as in THE Converse (sneakers?).
    I think that Maternity top looks really good, and does not look as though it should belong in the maternity category at all. It makes a fab tunic!
    I love that striped ruffle tank as well. It's a great, easy piece to have in the closet.
    Thanks for these reviews. And i've just noticed that the Target fitting rooms in the US look quite large in comparison to ours!

  3. Anonymous9:02 AM

    I purchased that last tank and I love it!! It's the cutest and just so comfy. I'm loving that you tried the maternity line too...I haven't done that, but I'll be trying it out next time I'm in Target :)

  4. Converse makes dresses? Wow, where have I been? Have you tried any of the designer lines for Target (was Rodarte one of them or is that for Forever 21?)? I agree with vintageglammz, I loved the striped ruffle tank on you but I REALLY loved the pink striped socks over white (ballet?) tights and bow-headband your cute daughter is wearing in the background...Remember the days when we could wear floral leggings from Gap Kids?? Miss that, so comfortable...

  5. Hi Lisa...thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours! I need to go to target and check out that maternity dress! Haha...with the holiday weight, I might as well right?

  6. Between you and Lilly, I really need to get my butt over to Target soon! So many nice fitting room reviews :) I quite like the short-sleeve cardi and the striped ruffle tank on you. Can you tell I'm wishing for spring already?!

  7. Elizabeth - thanks 4 the giveaway tip!

    Michiko & Jen - YES it's the same Converse as in Converse for shoes. lol. Their quality is usually a step up from the other target clothing lines

    And Jen again - as for the fitting rooms in the US, I walked in to a family-sized one. But usually, everything in the US is bigger. lol.

    And Michicko again - yeah, Rodarte did come up w. a line for Target. I wasn't too impressed though. Hee-hee, it's funny you spotted B in the background. And YES, you're spot on w. the striped socks over ballet thights. She had ballet that day.
    As for Gap floral leggings, I grew up in a country by the equator where it was hotter than the hinges of HELL, so I never did get to wear thighs :)

    Cindi - thanks 4 stopping by :). Lol, I put on 5lbs over the hols too.

    MJ - Love that tank too!

    Cee - I'm wishing 4 spring too! Only a few more months of this miserablosity :0

  8. lol on the maternity thing. I actually love the Liz Lange top the most of all these cute items. I had never thought of looking at the maternity section, hmm...I may have to check it out when I visit target.

  9. love the striped top! such great finds, i love your blog!

    just started following,
    Annina of