Target Fitting Room Reviews - Round 2 and Some Shoe-riffic Shoes

Since I was too tired to finish posting last night, here's the rest of it. I also scored some cute shoes at Target!

Xhilaration Front Ruffle Dress - Now on clearance for $15.38. Comes in 4 color combos  - black, navy, purple and cream. I sized down and tried this in an XS. I love the lace contract (the blue against the black). But the fit was just so-so. But for $15? It'd make a good layering piece. I think it'd probably look better with a cardi, a belt and some killa booties.

A close up of the lacey bottom part of the dress
A close up of the lacey bottom half of the dress

And here are some cute shoes I spotted . . . 

Zabrina Dot Rain Boots - Comes in 4 color combos - Multicolor, Pink and White, White on Black and Black on White. After spotting funky rain boots on other bloggers, I've been longing to own a pair myself. And polka dots on rain boots? A bonus. Just like pockets on dresses! And this would be perfect for taking my 3 pooches for a walk in the snow. 


Merona Marvella Suede Peep-Toe  Comes in 2 colors - Tan and Black. It reminds me of a pair of shoes I'd see at Anthtro. And the upper part is actually real suede! I tried it on and it was pretty comfy without being too clunky.

Mossimo Black Vlasta Leather Flats - Ruby. $17.48. I've been wanting to get a pair of red flats after spotting Jen from Vintageglammz in her Payless ruby red cuties here

And this is what me and my munchkin came home with. Both of these shoes were on clearance!

Cherokee Hyla - On clearance for $4. FOUR bucks?!? Whaaaa. I was like um . . . I'll take 10 of those please - one pair for my mom, one pair for my sis and several more for my cousins and nieces. Lol, I have  BIG family. Too bad they only had one left. No longer online but still in the stores. And it comes with BOWS! Again for $4 bucks, I was BOW-ed away!!!

Here's me sporting the bow-riffic Hylas. I have bow-happy feet :)

And this is what my daughter B came home with. And it was on clearance for $3 bucks!!! Now my munchkin can be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

And for shits and giggles, here's a pic of my kid's Squinkies. My DH got a brand spanking new camera for his b'day, and he's been snapping pics non stop.


  1. Anonymous3:26 PM

    I love that dress! I'll have to look for it when I'm at Target next...

  2. OMG that dress does not look like a target dress. My mom has the same boots and she uses them for when she goes to clam dig.

    Those dolls are so cute and nice bokeh! What kind of camera did your husband get?

  3. I love the skirt on that dress - wish you could just buy it as a skirt option... but I agree, for $15 you can really do whatever you want with it!

  4. ooh, so many cute things at target! and what a deal on those bow shoes. I think the ruffle dresses are adorable! I like both the colors you tried. I'm with you on how it would be perfect for layering and accessorizing. Thanks for the heads-up on it as potential LBD. The size XS looks great on you, and I'm shorter than you, so don't know how it'll fit me, but I think I'm gonna check it out at my local Target this weekend, cause the dress looks so cute!

  5. OK, on my next trip to the US, I will HAVE to visit a Target store. I think that dress is lovely and what a steal!
    I also love all the shoes. Those polka dot wellies are too cute.
    Thank you for the shout out. I adore those red flats - they are fab.
    Looks like you and your "munchkin" went home with some pretty finds. I wish they had those red sparkly shoes in adult sizes!

  6. Thanks so much for these Target reviews. I almost never see bloggers review Target, so it is much appreciated. And the multicolored polka boots are just darling. Love em!

  7. Cindi - My hubby's got a Canon 7D and the lens is a Canon 17-55 f 2.8 and he says he's getting another bokeh-licious singma 50mm f 1.4.
    And your mom goes clam digging?!? No way! How fun. Yum, I love me some chili clams!

    Shoe Lover - Yeah, I'm with you. I wish it just came as a skirt too.

    Olyvia - You're welcome. Can't wait to find out if you score any Target morsels on your blog! :) Have a fab weekend.

    Jen - Wellies! I love that word, I only ever see it used in the Brit Chick Lit novels I read. *Sigh* I wish I was British so I can say words like Bollocks, Sod, Knickers and Knackered.

    Cinched at the Waist and MJ and Jamie - Mucha Gracias 4 stopping by.

    And Jamie again - Oh, it was a pleasure.

  8. I was just at Target today and I did not see those dresses! That first one is so pretty! I just ordered two pairs of shoes from Target's web site and am impatiently waiting - they've really upped the ante on cute cheap shoes!