OOTD - Walked Away with the Walkway Dress and FP cuties

I snagged the Walkway Dress during Anthro's tag sale and finally wore it today. Decisions, decisions. I couldn't decide if I should pair it with boots or booties, so I slipped on both. And because it's colder than a witch's tit, (wonder how that metaphor came about) I ended up going with the boots. I was born near the equator so I wish it was hotter than the hinges of Hell. Oh woe for BLAH weather; and I had to wear my Anthro Wind Ruffled tee underneath otherwise I'd be shivering like a mobster in a tax office.
Mobsters aside, I'm so glad I walked away with the Walkway dress; it's super comfy, light, swishy and airy. I am one happy gal. Now I wished I snagged it in the other color too.
***I simply LOVE how Michiko and her gorgeous mom styled the Walkway dress here. They're both Runway-worthy.
Oh, and here's a quick shout out to my beautiful blog buddy Michiko - Konnichiwa. Watashi, anata no ichiban no fan desu : )

Dress - Anthro Walkway Dress by Tracy Reese (no longer online but still in stores)
Top - Anthro Wind Ruffled Tee
Belt - Anthro
Booties in 1st pic - Anthro Catch Step Booties. These Cuckoo Booties are just as cute.
Boots in 2nd pic - Target Kady, these Old Navy Boots are similar.

I also just received my Free People catalog today. Usually, their clothes don't really appeal to me; I'm in my early thirties and their clothing seem to be geared toward the younger crowd. But this time, I was pleasantly surprised. Here are 2 cute pieces that caught my eye.

Trimmed Polka Dot Blouse. Comes in white and navy.

 Take A Bow Cardigan. Comes in ivory, pink and black.

This Center of Attention Eyelet Dress looked promising in the catalog, but online, it does not come with the black sash and it looks very short. Hmm, maybe it'd work for me as a top? Comes in white and navy.


  1. Great look! I also bought the Walkway dress during the tag sale. I definitely won't be able to wear it until after this harsh winter passes, but I love the idea of wearing something underneath it.

  2. Oh my goodness Lisa! Your styling of the Walkway dress is so fantastic! My jaw dropped when I saw the booties paired with it. Amazing!!

  3. That layering is pure perfection!

  4. I love the look with both shoes! The booties are fun, cute and sassy, while the boots are sophisticated and professional. Also, I agree about your comment on Free People, but I am now stalking the Take A Bow cardigan - thanks for posting :o)

  5. Oh those booties are gorgeous on you!

    I have to second-guess myself when I look at pretty things from Forever 21 or other similar stores - is it trendy or it is young? I think FP has a lot of fantastic pieces though - there's a bohemian quality about their stuff that is so appealing.

  6. It's funny, today I walked into Dotti (a Sydney chain store marketed at the girls between 16-20, or so it seems), and I thought to myself "omg, how short are these skirts! way too short for me...or maybe i'm just getting old". I'm almost 30, and although i still love "cutesy" items, i wonder how much longer i can still wear them without being tagged as "mutton dressed as lamb".
    I love your styling of the walkaway dress.it's terrific and something i would wear. I especially love it with the brown boots!

  7. eeee! You pretty much made my day or should I admit WEEK? :-) I LOVE how you style your clothes. Bit-by-bit I'm getting this whole blogosphere and since we have similar statures, I can more easily imagine myself styling according to your suggestions/own styling! Is that a slouchy-necked stretch top you have on underneath? Genius! (Please tell me that it is still available somewhere!) and I *heart**heart* that belt but alas, I didn't get it on Anthro...weep-weep. I agree about Free People too! But everrrrry so often, there is a really good dress/top they are selling and it feels like a successful treasure hunt when I find it :-)

  8. App Gal - I can't wait to see you wear the Walkway dress in the spring :)

    Shoe Lover - Thanks 4 stopping by and giving your 2 cents :). And you're welcome, hee-hee, I'm stalking the Take a Bow cardi too.

    Cee - I was gonna del my post and I del yours by mistake. Drats! Sorry. But thanks 4 your sweet comment. And FP, yes, it's a hit or miss 4 me too.

    Lisa to Lisa - you hit the nail on the coffin - FP has that bohemian quality about it. Unfortunately when I try to do 'bohemian' I end up looking like a homeless bag lady.

    Jen - lol on mutton dressed as a lamb. I know, some skirts these days are so short it's almost indecent. oh... I'll stop being such a prude. And don't-cha worry! You'll be able to wear cutesy stuff for a long, long time 'coz you still look like you're in your teens. Asian genes I tell ya - we never age. lol

    Kim and Jan - Muchas Gracias :)

    Michiko - Awww, you make my day every day :) And the Anthro Wind Ruffle tee I got last year, so I think maybe try eBay? It's pretty stretchy and has some ruching and ruffles in the front.
    And Anthro keeps coming out w. belts like that so weep no more :)
    As for FP, I haven't had much luck w. them lately, so we'll see how those 2 pieces I posted work out. Am waiting 4 a FP sale.