OOTD - Spotted

At first glance, this dress was a pass for me as strapless numbers don't really work on chicks with tiny Berthas like moi. But after seeing it on Kim, my jaw literally dropped. See Kim's fitting room review here. Yes, it's a strapless, but I figure I can just have some straps sewn on later. It was an impulsive buy but I'm so glad I caved in. No buyer's remorse here. As a Wisconsinite would say ~ Oh-kie-doh-kie, you-betcha I'm doing the polka dot dance. And no, I do not live in Wisconsin, but I went to school in Madison . . . or the Mad City as they call it.

Dress - The Limited Printed Dot Strapless Dress
Cardi - Target/ Belt - J.Crew/ Tights - Anthro
Shoes - Target Hyla Bow Heels - It's $16.99 online but I got it on clearance at my local Target for $4. They're actually for girls, but I'm a size 6, and sometimes 6.5 in adult shoes and the girls size 5 fit me, with a little wiggly room to spare.

Target Hyla Bow Heels up close. (taken when I first got 'em)


Spotted ~ more polka dot dresses . . .

Delias Polka Dot Dress. $44.50. $20 Off Purchases Over $75. Enter Code 25SSYTD at checkout ~ ends 2/3

Delias Dorene Polka Dot Dress. $54.50




  1. WOW...I love polka dots! How did you know? :) I love you in your outfit and those shoes!!!! I die! I die!

  2. So cute! I'm so glad you got the dress. It really is great isn't it? I think I'll wear mine next week - I have a whole outfit planned :) Thanks for the link love!

  3. SO CUTE! I'm a huge fan of polka dots but I'm always afraid too much will make me look like Minnie Mouse. But I really love how you styled the one from the Limited! I was eyeing the exact same dress! :)

  4. I feel naked in strapless dresses... but I still keep buying strapless items. Sigh. I'll never learn b/c they're just so darn pretty. So I almost always wear a cardigan over it too. I love how you paired the bigger polka dots with the tights' smaller ones.

  5. so lovely! I love finding cute kids clothes- almost like you've scored an exclusive, or stumbled upon a secret treasure...

  6. Cindi - lol, you crack me up.

    Kim - Can't wait to see you in that dress! I'm so glad I got it, it's a gem. As for the linky love, you're welcome :)

    Kimmie - *Zoinks* I hope I don't look like Minnie Mouse. :P

    Cee - This is my 1st strapless, but I'm def gonna have some straps sewn on so I feel more comfortable, otherwise I feel naked too.

    The Damn Green Dress - Oh yea, it's a treasure trove of fun!

  7. You know how much I love polka dots Lisa. And I totally love this look. Classy and so cute all at once! Those shoes are gorgeous too, and i can't believe they are kids sizes. I can't wear kids shoes as i'm a 6.5-5 in shoe size.

  8. Jen - I know you adore polka dots :) I'm a 6.5 in adult shoes too so you CAN wear kids shoes :)

  9. Anonymous10:30 AM

    SO Cute! And so is your backdrop! I love that painting!

  10. polka dots are my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave. I just got this one polka dot dress from Urban: http://tinyurl.com/47eju5p

  11. alaskarella - thanks! :D

    Marie - I checked out that UO dress you got. TDF!!!

  12. love polka dotted dresses! :)