OOTD - Revelations are found in clouds and a Target-licious Dress

Serge Kahili King once said, "Revelations are found in clouds."
I say, "Revelations are found at Anthropologie."

And this was another revelation - last week, out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I googled Confessions of a Call Center Girl (instead of Gal- which is my actual blog name), and the very first search result that popped up was, get this - Confessions of a High Priced Call Girl. There was an instant palpable hush. I wanted to crawl into the Tora Bora caves and die laughing. I guess I should've came up with a better blog name.

My OOTD is inspired by Rosa.
Skirt - Anthro Revelations skirt (Fall 2009)
Top - Anthro Wind Ruffled Tee (Fall 2009)
Tights - Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's
Shoes - Canda (bought in Doytchland)

Anthropologie Revelations Skirt

Spotted - A Target-licious dress. I plan on trying this on when I hit Target some time this week. I'll post a review, so stay tuned. I'm hoping it looks as good in person as it does online.

Xhilaration Lace Bib Slip Dress - Comes in 3 color combos - Ivory, Smoke/Pearl Grey and Black/Grey.
The Ivory and Smoke/Pearl Grey are currently $21.99. The Black/Grey is on clearance for $15.38


  1. eek...i wish i could have gone with a different blog name as well. There's another "vintageglamm" out there, so i don't feel original anymore...not that i ever was :-)
    My blog name could have been "Jenthropologie"---drats!
    Great Rosa-inspired styling! I love the colour combo - fantastic.
    The Target dress looks very cute and pretty. It looks short though, so it'll be interesting to see how it sits on petites!

  2. I love your blog name! It always makes me smile, so don't ever change it :)
    I think it's hilarious that a high priced call girl came up in your google search, but I think that's the beauty of your blog name - it makes you think!

    I love yout outfit today. i always kick myself for not getting that skirt. LOVE your shoes!!

  3. I quite like your blog name, actually! And if you really don't like it, guess what- you can change it! Gala Darling, one of the most popular fashion blogs in the world today, used to be called iCiNg, until the blogger decided she was sick of the name, and changed it to its current, wildly popular avatar.
    I love this combo- I need to pull out my own Revelations skirt and wear it before it gets too warm!

  4. Oh my -- I am just swooning over your shoes. it's a good thing I can't purchase them online, or I'd be clicking away right this second.

    Your comment about your blog title made me laugh. I've been thinking about changing mine -- I just discovered that there's a fairly popular blog out there with a similar name on wordpress. Plus, I don't actually live in NYC, so I feel a little like the URL is a sham : )

    Thrifty Threads

  5. LOL at the google results! I do remember the first time I visited your site, I read your blog name rather quickly and the words that I caught were "Confessions...Call...Gal" which caused me to do a double take and reread more slowly :D After I processed the actual name, read your bio on the side, everything clicked and fits you perfectly, so don't change it!

    I love, love this outfit on you. I wouldn't know how to wear the skirt but it looks great with the burgundy top and cute shoes!

  6. OMG OMG OMG those cut-out/adorable/TCO slingback clogs from Deutschland are to DIE for!!!! eeeeeeeee!!!!! Excitement is transmitting across nations, I love it so much! I think I just drooled over my whole keyboard...You know what? You have quite the collection of amazing shoes, you should do a post on just your shoes like Sea of Shoes gal does! I'd be *very* interested to peek at your shoe collection...please!

  7. Jen - I'm hoping that Target dress is not too short too. Fingers crossed! We'll see if I end up looking like a mutton dressed as a lamb. And I didn't know there was another Vintageglamm out there. Oh well, Vintageglammz is so much spunkier than just plain 'ol glam. :)

    Kim and Tara - OMG!!! *GASP* I feel like I've been graced by the presence of Queens! What an honor. I bow at your graciousness. And thanks 4 your words of advice.

    Jamie - I know-eh. All this blogging makes me shop more. I need to wield my Thrifty Thread sword and learn a thing or two from you.

    Cee - Okay, I won't change it.

    Michiko - Lol, I didn't realize my slingbacks were so drool-worthy. Too bad they don't sell Canda shoes here. It was rather inexpensive, only 30 Euro. And I know I should've spelled it Deutschland, but I just like the sound of Doytchland so much better. Doyth, Doytch, Doytchland. I could say that word all day!!!
    As for my shoe collection, it's pretty tiny. Maybe after I amass a sea of shoes, I'll do a post like that :) Hmmm, never heard of Sea of Shoes . . . will have to check her out.

  8. I Googled myself when I first created my blog and there was nothing close to Anthro Closet Chaos. Well a few months ago I tried again and found an Anthro Closet. Darn! I thought I had really come up with something unique. And I love the ever so sweet play on words your blog name brings to mind. I instantly recognized the connotation. But now I'm surprised to read that wasn't your intentions at all. Maybe I just have a dirty mind. Ha-Ha!
    So was the adorable little dress too short. Your shoes look very much like Anthro's Dusky Road Mary Janes. Same stitching and perforations. The Anthro shoes were Blue and not sling back. Unfortunately I don't remember the brand.