OOTD - Polka Dots and Bows. And More Bows

Yessssssss, my Catch Step Booties are here. And it is everything I dreamed it would be. And more. These booties are so comfortable, I can even run in them. And play tennis in 'em like Rafael Nadal. (if I could play tennis, that is). And this is coming from someone who is the biggest klutz in the cosmic universe.
These booties are definitely more taupe than cream, but I actually prefer it that way. As for sizing, I was a bit concerned as all the online reviews said it ran large. When I slipped my feet into these booties, I felt like Cinderella's step sister - Drizella, hoping and praying that it would fit. Alas it did. And I breathed out a sigh of relief.
I paired my Bow booties with my Taupe Bow Tote. I first spotted this tote on who else but Anthroholic Kim. I think they make the perfect pairing. Or is it too over the top? I certainly don't want to come across like some Crazy Bow Lady.

Cardi - Forever 21. Ann Taylor Dot Crew Neck Cardigan is a step up and much cuter.
Jeans - AE Skinny Jeans
Scarf - Ann Taylor Loft from eons ago.
Booties - Anthro Catch Step Booties. No longer available online, but you can try calling the stores. style #19020221. Or you can check out these Cuckoo Booties which are just as cute.
Bag - NY&Co Bow Tote. For a smaller bow bag, check out ASOS Leather Bow Bag , now on sale for $25.86.

Hah! I embellished my pic so you can't see my toes. I am toe shy!


  1. They look perfect together! Nice job. If you are toe shy, why pick those shoes? Just curious.

  2. Kimberly - lol. Good question. I am toe shy 'coz I haven't painted my toe nails. Plus I didn't wanna air my toes in the blogosphere out of sheer politeness. Hope this answers your question :)

  3. What a great match! Hey, I have that bag, too! Love it!

  4. Ahh! You're a Rafa fan?! ME TOO! I'm surrounded by Federer fans, so it's a rare treat to find a fellow Rafa groupie ;)

    This outfit is so cute, Lisa. The more bows the better, imo. Not an overload at all. I thought your sweater had cute little bows too, but it was only dots when I zoomed in :)

  5. I love the shoes! Too bad I don't wear alot of heels, Anthropologie has beautiful ones. I guess that keeps my wallet happy.

  6. those booties are gorgeous! I can't stop staring at them. haha and even better that they are comfy. I think they match perfectly with the bow bag :) the fact that they are both neutral colors, they can never be over-the-top.

  7. perfect combo! you just need some brightly coloured socks now! ;P

  8. You can never be clad in too many bows! I love the tote - adorable! and the shoes are gorgeous with the row of bows. Polka dots and bows are one of my fave combos!

  9. Cee - YES!!! I'm a Rafa fan!!! All the way!!! *SHRIEK* Can't believe you are too! And Federer - Psssh! Who?!?

    Chrissy - I know, I love this bow tote and it's one of my best purchases ever. Thanks to Kim.

    The Damn Green Dress - Good idea!

    Olyvia and Jen - Thanks for the feedback. Now I won't worry about looking like a Crazy Bow Lady :0

    Orange and Yellow - My wallet is not happy :(