OOTD - One Bird Flew Over the Cloak Vista Dress and Happy B'day to my BFF

I hope you ladies had a lovely New Year's. I dolled myself up for the evening as it's my DH's b'day today, and so we dined at a fancy restaurant called the New Yorker. And I got to whip out my Cloak Vista dress which wasn't getting much wear at all. As you can see, there are birds on my clutch. I, for one, am CUCKOO over bird motifs and this kisslock clutch is by Briana Edelman Designs. She has the most bird-riffic clutches. And if you are as cuckoo as I am over bird motifs, I encourage you to check out her Etsy shop here.  I've also posted another pic of the bird kisslock clutch in blue.

Dress - Anthro Cloak Vista
Shoes - Anthro Bouquet of Roses heels
Kisslock Clutch - Briana Edelman Designs
Tights - Simply Vera Wang for Kohl's 
Necklace - J.Crew

Briana E Kisslock Clutch and J.Crew necklace
Silk Lined Birds on a Branch by Briana Edelman Designs on Etsy

Silk Lined Birds on a Branch by Briana Edelman Designs on Etsy
My Bouquet of Roses Heels. Roses still bloom in the winter :-)

And last but not least, I'd like to give a shout out to my dear husband and my best friend of 15 years, Chris. Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for making the best zucchini pancakes ever, thanks for always putting gas in my car and most of all, thanks for being a wonderful dad to our two 'lil girls. And what endears me to you ever more is the fact that you can be such a colossal dork at times.
We're two dorks in a pod :-) xoxo L

***I posted this 'coz my husband actually visits my blog from time to time, and I tease him about snooping around my space. Lol, he is gonna blanch when he sees a pic of himself posted here. Just curious, any of your husbands/fiancés/boyfriends ever check out your blogs?

Chris before hitting the slopes in Snowbird


  1. I love bird motifs so I'll definitely be checking out Edelman's etsy shop. I like shopping from etsy sellers too. As for a blog, I don't have one, but if I did, my hubby would definitely be snooping around. :)

  2. I love, love, love your outfit Lisa! :) You look so beautiful in your dress. Your shoes are so adorable and your clutch purse with the birds are darling!!

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Love the yellows in the cloak vista with the yellow bird clutch. Question - I checked out Briana Edelman's site and I don't see your clutch there. The only one I see is the 8 inch and yours looks longer than that. Which one is yours?

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  5. I love your whole outfit today! ah, those birds are super cute on the clutch, and my favorite is how those rose-shoes stood out in the snow :) lol, I made my blog super girlie, yet my honey surprised me that he reads it once in awhile too (he brought it up, when he wanted to stop me from buying the anthropologie coats, haha darn it), guess the men are just curious of what we're up to in the online world.

  6. ohhh i absolutely adore that dress. i wish it was hanging in my closet! The bird clutches are so cute! I just love how your yellow clutch adds a splash of colour to your LBD.
    And yes yes yes, my hubby always checks my blog. He reads it more than i do :-) i'm a tad embarrassed about it!

  7. That dress is fantastic on you! You look gorge! And I can't believe you braved the NYC streets on your Bouquet heels - happy 2011!

  8. Anon - I think the clutch I have is a 12 inch. I bought it some time last year and it said 'limited availability' back then. Hope this helps.

    Olyvia and Jen - I'm glad my hubby is not the only one who checks out his wife's blog :) And Jen, I agree! It's embarrassing!

    Lisa - I don't live in NYC, although the restaurant is called the New Yorker. But I would brave any street with my Bouquet of Roses heels. Flower Power!!!

    Marie and Liz - Thanks ladies.

  9. You looked beautiful. My husband won't visit my blog. I secretly believe he doesn't want to get sucked in. *lol*