OOTD - New Horizons for the Chinese New Year

This year, Chinese New Year falls on Feb 3rd and it is the year of the Rabbit, which means it should be a quiet respite from the ferocious year of the Tiger (2010). On Chinese New Year in my country, it is a complete RED-out. So in keeping with tradition, I wore something scarlet. To all the China doll readers out there–Gong Hey Fat Choy!!!! And to Jen (of Vintageglammz) and Cindi (of Simply Cindi) ~ here's to a virtual yum cha. And Jen, I know you love prawn dumplings, so here's to several LARGE bowls of prawn dumplings too!!! I'm off with my family and friends to have brunch at a dim sum joint. Au revoir les enfants.

Dress ~ Anthro Horizon Line/ Cardi ~ Anthro/ Tights ~ Anthro/ Shoes ~ Anthro Bouquet of Roses

B in her cheong sam.

My BFF’s son takes Kung Fu lessons and they had a lion dance performance at his King Fu Academy.
Click on the video below to see some clips of a Lion Dance. And that's the Malaysian flag right there btw. Hah! My family and friends back home are probably proud to see me waving the M'sian flag on my blog. Hi mom!!! :-P Miss you and I can't wait to see you soon. ♥♥♥
***If you wanna check out another KILLA Lion Dance stunt, make sure you see this YouTube video HERE.


  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Lisa! Is Gong Xi Fa Cai Cantonese? My Chinese is horrible, but I could swear the first three words are the same in Mandarin, but the last one is throwing me off!!

    Both you and B are looking quite festive in red/pink today. Have a good time eating dim sum!

  2. Love the outfit! The shoes are fab!

  3. your shoes are INCREDIBLE!!! your daughter looks like a doll. hope its a wonderful new year!

  4. This dress is gorgeous on you! I hope you enjoyed your brunch with friends! Your daughter is beautiful, a total little princess!!!

  5. You (and your daughter) look beautiful and the shoes are perfect!

    Enjoy your brunch! I just recently discovered dim sum and love it. Char siu baau is my favorite and I also really like congee. You are making me hungry!

  6. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your fam too!

  7. Gorgeous! Just found your blog. Love your style. I will be back :)

  8. Gong Hey Fat Choy to you too Lisa!! Yep, I LOVE prawn dumplings too much, how did you know? Enjoy your dumplings fest! hehe..
    I just adore your outfit from head to toe, so beautiful. Those shoes are spectacular. And your daughter looks perfectly cute in her tradtional dress!

  9. Beautiful dress! Love the shoes too! 恭贺新禧,事事如意。

  10. Cee - Hi! Thanks 4 the new year wishes. Gong Hey Fat Choy is Cantonese and Gong Xi Fa Cai is Mandarin.

    Jan - oh yes, I enjoyed it very much and yes again, B is a total girly girl. she dreams of being a Disney princess.

    Kristin - Char siu baau is my daughters' fav dim sum dish! And I love me a nice warm bowl of congee. Glad you've just discovered dim sum :-)

    Lisa to Lisa - you're a China doll too? I wasn't sure. Well, here's to a Gong Hey Fat Choy to you and your family too!

    Jen - hee-hee, I knew you love prawn dumplings from your response to a comment of mine on your blog ;-) Thanks for your warm wishes.

    Inkmark - Thanks for your warm wishes ;-)

    Beck, Jules and Kallie - thanks 4 stopping by, it's so nice to see new faces :)

  11. Just found your blog through the Anthroholic post, and was pleasantly surprised by your post! I was just talking to someone about how Chinese New Year is such a big deal to me, but not many others here remember it. Love me some new China doll blogging friends :) Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  12. Lisa - you look so pretty! I love the outfit from head to toe, and those shoes are perfection w/the dress!
    Your daughter is absolutely adorable. Happy New Year to you both!

  13. This outfit is awesome Lisa! I love the way you've put different oranges together, they all work so nicely with one another :) The outfit is warm and festive and flattering all at once. And an early happy new year to you!

  14. the shoes! You are going to infect me with shoe-mania :-) LOVE your daughter's outfit :-) Happy (well, almost) Chinese New Year!

  15. Thanks for dropping by and for the wonderful comment girl! This year, I'm heading back to my mother's on Saturday so she can cook too much food and overstuff me and the boyfriend. Holla! What are you doing to ring in the Rabbit?

    Also, your beebs are beyond adorable. Such beautiful girls. And I justtttt got the dress in the mail; I'm so pumped to wear it. Maybe I'll actually do an outfit post just for it haha! Also, wild that you've done tech writing! I work at a place called TechTarget, and we own about 75 technology websites. I'm an assistant editor on three of them, including one on virtual desktops. Wild. WILD! You, my friend, might be one of my new favorite bloggers :)

  16. Kim and Anjali - thanks 4 your warm wishes.

    Marie - You already have shoe-mania. btw, I checked out the Sea of Shoes blog you mentioned and I was BLOWN away.

    Alexandria - Squeeee! You're my blogger twin :-) I checked out Tech Target and I can't believe you're in the tech writing biz too! I'm gonna echo your words - WILD!!!! I used to work for a software company in Cali called Apsect Communications.
    Sistah - I am officially a SUPER FAN!!! And yes, you MUST do an outfit post for that dress!