This dress is LAMB wear and no . . . not L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani, but actual kid's wear from the kid's section. While I was shopping for dresses at Target for my daughters, I came across this dress. And I stroked my chin like Confucius and proffered - hmmm . . . perhaps this could work on me too. This is a size XL and the tag says it fits girls 14-16. In adult sizes, I wear anything from a size 0, 2 and 4. It was only $14.95, so I thought, heck, it's worth a whirl.

Dress - Target Girls Cherokee Navy Blue Pin Stripe Woven Dress
Belt - Anthro / Tights - Anthro/ Shoes - Anthro Hallowed Halls Oxfords. These Soft Bow Mary Jane Pumps and Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps are pretty similar.

And this is my POOTD (Post Outfit Of The Day) - I wore this last week and submitted it for Kim's Anthroholic Reader Outfit post last Sunday.

Dress - Anthro Tonal Gingham
Cardi - J.Crew/ Tee - J.Crew/ Tights - J.Crew/ Boots - Payless.


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    this dress could possibly work on me. I'm 5' 5", if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you?

  2. Ahh, Lisa, you've inspired me to start buying and incorporating more cute dresses into my daily wear.

  3. My get thyself to Target. Just as soon as the snow covered roads my way are cleared...LOVE IT! And I have those shoes and don't wear them nearly enough...

    BTW, Yes my Sewing Circle Dress arrived and it's a keeper! I love the oversized pockets!

  4. Hi Anon - I'm 5'4. Hope this helps.

    Cee - Really? Squeeeeeee!

    Jan - YAY! I'm SO glad it's a keeper. Can't wait to see you rock that dress. And, um yea . .. I ADORE the oversized pockets too! Wish they made more dresses with pockets like those!

  5. Amazing that you are so tiny you can wear girls clothing. Did they have anything so that you and your daughters can dress in matching outfits? I remember when I was a kid my Mom would sew matching dresses for us. I loved it.

    I love what you did with the Tonal Gingham. The fabric reminds me of the Waffle Weave Dress, but more Purple. And I did see you outfit on Anthroholic.

  6. I once bought a dress from Target's kids section as well! It only cost me $20 and is red with tiny coloured hearts printed. Kid sections are great for petite ladies and the styles are usually "cuter" than the things in the adult section. I would never have guessed you got that dress from the kid's section, it looks great on you!
    Also loved what you did with the Tonal Gingham dress. The fabric reminds me so much of my Waffle Weave.

  7. Aww man! I wish I could fit into kids clothes! But I am...lets just say....big boned!

    Hehe btw...when does your book come out?

  8. I bought a sweater dress from the kids section at Nordstrom and just love it. It's a bit short on me, but it works perfectly as a tunic. I'm so glad to know that others do this as well. Your kid section dress fits you prefectly. And I love the detail shot of your tonal gingham dress outfit. The neckline of the J. Crew tee is so pretty as an underlayer.

  9. Laura - yes, my daughters and I could dress in matching outfits, but I think these days, people would look at me at go "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?"
    But I do love to dress both my daughters in similar dresses, and they love it too.

    Jen and Jamie - I'm glad I'm not the only one who shops in the kid's section. Would love to see you rock your kiddie wear on your blogs :)

    Cindi - Psssssh! Girrrrl you are NOT big boned! You're a teeny little thing.