OOTD - I Took Action, Anthro Alien Insects and Shoe Candy

This Take Action dress has been getting so much love from the Anthro blogging community. And when I tried it on, the Anthro Alien Insects invaded my mind, body and soul . I heard this sharp buzzing noise in my ear telling me to TAKE IT!!!!! And like a pre-programmed android . . . I did.

Dress - Anthro Take Action Dress
Cardi - J.Crew / mint clutch - Nordstrom clearance for $30 (2009)
Shoes - Target, only $10 (2009). These Target Merona Suede Mustard flats are spot on.
Belt - Anthro / Bracelet - Target/ Tights - J.Crew

On a side note, this is my new love . . .

Moving at a Good Clip Heel by Miss L Fire. I adore shoes with a retro vibe and this one fits the bill. It even comes with a removable bow clip, so it can be worn both ways. Hah! 2 shoes for the price of 1!!! So really, I should divide the price by half.

And here are some Target-licious boots that fit my budget . . .

Pictured on the left - Mossimo Kahnilyn Buckle Boots. $29.99. Comes in 3 colors - grey, tan and black.
Pictured on the right -  Mossimo Kadejah Vintage Tie Boots.


  1. Um, I love the dress on you!! Is your cardigan cream or gray? Either way, I love the way you've styled it and you've given me inspiration for wearing my own! I even have tights like those!

  2. found you via Anthroholic! Can't wait for your book to come out!! Too cool!

  3. This outfit is SO cute! You're making me really want to buy this dress! I loved the color and print, but was on the fence about the cost, since the fit was just a bit large on me.

  4. What a cute outfit!! I really like this dress. Good to know it finally made to our local Anthro. They haven't received it yet last time I stopped by.
    I actually really wanted the Twinkle Twinkle dress from last year. If I find it I will buy it otherwise I might just get this one if my size makes on sale! It's a really cute dress!
    Cute dog by the way :]

  5. OMG Lisa....I LOVE IT! Do you have on the size 0 (i think we are similar size)?. I can't wait to receive mine. Your styling is spot on, it's cute and very chic.
    Also think those Miss L Fire shoes are gorgeous..

  6. Well done! Sometimes those voices are so clever...! Looks smashing and spring-like. like!

  7. WOW that dress looks delicious on ya! And those shoes with the removeable bow. SOoo cute. I love a little retro vibe too. :)

  8. Lisa, the Take Action dress just seems made for you. The color, cut, and print all scream fun and upbeat. And your mustard yellow flats are just the cutest things I've ever seen. And suede? Oh, too much!

    And I like the math skills you used on those Miss L Fire shoes. Sounds like good logic to me!

  9. Kim - My cardi is cream. And *GASP* if I've given you just a tiny bit of inspiration, I'm gonna PASS OUT!!! You're my Anthro idol!!!

    Nadja - I wish I could've waited for a sale. I was afraid it'd be all sold out. And my dog Chloe says Woof back at-cha

    Jen - I sized down and tried a size 0. Can't wait to see you rock that dress!

    The Damn Green Dress - lol, agreed!

    Jamie - I was never really good at math, but shopping math, I can handle. :P

    Peggy, Cindi, Chrissy, Cinched at the Waist - Mucha Gracias!!!

  10. ADORABLE! You look great in the Take Action Dress! And hello? I am off to order those Target boots on the left, thankyouverymuch.

  11. Jan - thanks. ohhhh, I got just the Target boots on the right and I LOVE em!!!

  12. Oh, I love it! Those yellow flats are just perfect. Also, what an adorable dog you have!

  13. Kristin - thanks 4 dropping by. And I see you have an adorable dog on your blog too! :)

  14. oh my gosh I love this outfit. You make me want yellow shoes (and your dress, and your tights, and your bag...)

  15. So cute! Love the styling in every way!