OOTD - Fashion Faux Pas or a Fashion Pass?

"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it."
                                         ~Henry David Thoreau

If you haven't checked out Amy Kelinda's Breaking the Rules Posts, make sure you head on over there. It's a cornucopia of fashion fun and inspiration. My OOTD today is inspired by Sarah of That Damn Green Dress. See her monochromatic outfits here. And it is also inspired by Amy's Breaking The Rules post ~ wearing tights with sandals.

So today, I'm breaking 2 rules.
~Rule #1 - Dressing monochromatically.
~Rule #2 - Wearing tights with sandals.
It was so much fun to try something different. I felt like a rebel, a renegade so to speak. So . . . would you ever break these fashion rules? Aren't rules meant to be broken?

Skirt - Anthro Twilit/ Top - Anthro /Cardi - J.Crew/ Sandals - Chinese Laundry/ Necklace - J.Crew/ Belt - J.Crew

Here are some celebs rule breakers ~ pairing sandals with tights.

And right on the cover of a J.Crew catalog is a model wearing SOCKS with heels. Ever tried this look?

More socks with heels  . . . the lovely S and B from GG. Can't wait for the next season. But Blair and Dan hooking up, whaaaaaaa?!?


  1. I wear tights with flats all the time. Never with open sandals though. You renegade you :) I think it works well with similar colored tights and shoes... not really a fan when there is such a contrast, like Kate Moss above. But that's why she's a fashion trendsetter and I'm not, lol

  2. I love your outfit! Way to go! Yes, rules are absolutely made to be broken. I really love the tights with sandals look - I need to give it a try.

  3. ps - I saw this post: http://haveacuteday.blogspot.com/2011/01/as-you-wish.html at kjersten's blog yesterday and love it.

  4. I've never worn socks with heels, I've never found it be appealing (but thats just me).
    Great outfit!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. Hahaha...Blair and Dan...say it isn't so! that's just wrong. I sent a picture to Amy K as well, and i just realised i broke TWO rules as well - 1)color taboos-brown and black 2)wearing sandals with tights!
    I love your outfit Lisa - it looks very classy. And the fact that the colour of your tights matches the color of your sandals, makes it look less obvious and makes your legs appear extended!

  6. I love sandals and tights, but ofcourse it has to match ;)

  7. lol I tried bright blue socks with brown wedge sandals once in high school, and other girls were giving me looks, so I never did it again! Plus most my tights/socks looks bad in the toes for some reason. It takes some guts or a fashion-eye for this look, I think. You rocked it keeping it monochromatic :)

  8. Cee - You are a fashion trendsetter in my books girrrrrrl :)

    Kristin - oh yea, give it a try and thanks 4 directing me over to kjersten's blog. She looks absolutely adorable in heels and socks!

    Natasha - gracias.

    Jen - I saw you pic on Amy K's blog and you ROCKED the sandals and tights girrrrl. Your whole outfit was so preppy chic. Very Serena van der Woodsen if I may add. LOVED IT!!!

    Moniek - hey girl, long time no see.

    Olyvia - Aww, sorry for the bad experience. Girls in hs can be such mean girls at times. I bet you looked cute in your blue socks and brown wedges :)

  9. I don't think I could pull off the socks with heels look (although Suri Cruise has sported it on occasion, hasn't she?) but I think the tights with open-toe sandals look is very nice!

  10. How did I miss your own post on this outfit? I guess I should stop surreptitiously scrolling through the blog reader at work, cause then when I get home I forgot what I've actually read!!

    Love the mix of textures, and oh I so love the socks and sandals look but always forget to try it. I ordered a pair of lovely brick tone J Crew socks even, but only one of the pair ever came back out of the first wash...;(

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  11. I like this outfit. I prefer that look because it looks elegant and has this vintage vibe.

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