J.Crew Fitting Room Review - Merino foiled-floral cardigan

Merino foiled-floral cardigan. I sized down and tried this cardi in an XS and I like the fit. And I like this cardi; it captures the vandalistic beauty of a Jackson Pollock painting. Well . . . I call it modern abstract expressionism. My DH calls it "smear-poo-on-wall-and call-it-art." Psssh! Men. What do they know?!?

***Trend Alert - Spatter (with a nod to Jackson Pollock). Pics 1 & 2 courtesy of Elle Decor.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend


  1. lol you and your DH is hilarious! I did not know the splatter art is coming back in style. I use to have jeans with splattered paint-like print back in the early 90's. they did not look as cool.

  2. Oh Lisa, how I want to be a fly on the wall just to listen to you and your hubby have a convo. I bet I'd have the laugh of my life :D

    I'm on the fence about this cardi. I think the detailing is really pretty up close, but not so much far away.