Honey Do List

When we first moved into our shack several  years ago, the basement wasn't finished, the kitchen had dated linoleum, the bedrooms had puke green shag carpet and the bathrooms . . . well, we won't even go there. Thankfully, my DH is a real DIY man. So what does a good wife do? Bwah-har-ha-ha. I whipped out a yellow note pad and assigned him a Honey Do List. And over the years, my DH has tackled project after project and I've been able to scratch off item after item from the Honey Do List. Here is the most recent scratch off . . .

Item # 999 - Guest Bathroom Remodel. Since we designed on a dime, mostly everything is from IKEA. The faucet - I scored off eBay for $30. 

Next on my Honey Do List - an inground swimming pool. Awwww yea. Lol. Actually, now that we've scratched off over 1000 items from the Honey Do List, my honey wants to move!!! Whaaaa?????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  1. Ooh very nice! I love those boxes stacked in the bathroom. What a great way to create storage. My honey is not too handy but he tries. :) He's out there fixing our car breaks though so he's handy in that respect. :)

  2. what an awesome hubby, except the wanting to move part, haha. That faucet is amazing-cool! What a steal for only $30. I'm now curious to see more house-decor you have there ;)

  3. Your bathroom is so pretty! Care to share a few more glimpses of your home with us?

  4. hahaha..don't even get me started on DIY - i don't want to know what's in that flat box! it's great that your hubby is a DIY kind of guy!
    Gosh, your bathroom looks so neat and vintage-y. Ours is very ramshacked in comparison..

  5. Cindi - if your honey is working on your car, he's a DIY man in my books :)

    Olyvia and Tara - Thanks. My hubby will be glad to know his work is appreciated. As for your request . . . okay, I will graciously oblige. More decor posts to come :)

    Jen - Mucha Gracias.