Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews

Oh, the lure of the sale. I was gonna wait till this weekend but I had to hit the Anthro sale rack before all the goodies were gone. Plus, I still have an Anthro gift card from X'mas that I've been itching to use. Please excuse the messy fitting room. I was in a mad rush as I had to pick my younger daughter up from pre-school, and by the time I made it downtown and managed to find parking, I only had less than an hour to spare. I was whipping through the outfits like the Tasmanian Devil on speed. So without ado, here are my fitting room reviews.

Sun Shades Dress by Moulinette Soeurs. I tried this on in a size 2 regular, and it fits TTS, well, almost TTS 'coz I think a size 2 petite may have been a better fit. From the reviews I've read, the difference between the petite and regular sizes is the amount of fabric used. And I don't particularly like how there's so much pouf around the skirt. Cute summery dress, but a pass for me.
***You can also check out Liz's review here
 ***My daughter B wanted to make a brief appearance in the 3rd pic. She enjoys the fitting room as much as her mommy. 

Decade-By-Decade Skirt by Tracy Reese. I'm usually a 2 but the size 2 was way too tight around my waist so I sized up to a 4 and the fit was much better. I'm 5'4" and it hit several inches below my knee. Not sure if I like the length on me. I think this skirt is made for taller gals. Love the bright colors and the print, but it's another pass for me. 

Sing Sweetly Party Dress by Porridge. For those of you who read my blog, you'll know that I am CUCKOO for bird motifs. And this dress comes with a whole flock of birds. Hmm, although from afar, the birds almost look like Skulls and Bones. Tried this on in a size 2 and it fits TTS except for the bust area. For those of you who are blessed with Big Berthas, it would probably fit okay. But for me, I'd have to size down and if I did, then  it'd be too tight elsewhere. Lovely, gorgeous frock, but sadly a pass for me. ***You can also check out Liz's review here.

Off-The-Beat Dress by Lil. I am a HUGE fan of this dress. I tried this on in a size 2 and it fits TTS. This dress comes with no zippers, just the buttons on the front. And the fit is amazing, almost like it's custom Italian tailored by Gianni Campagna . . . although it's probably made by some distant relative of mine in China. The fabric is heavy duty cotton. Good quality, sturdy, without being too stiff. And pockets! A classic and timeless piece. I can see myself wearing this through my thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and even my seventies. Now that is a good investment. Top of my wishlist. ***You can also check out Michiko's review here.

Caprice Blouse by Stitch & Knot. Tried this on in an XS as the S was a little too big. This billowy blouse runs large so size down. I love the color palette but per other reviewers who actually own this top, it is prone to snags and rips. Wishlisted. What can I say? I am a glutton for punishment. ***When Liz tried this on, she left the front untied and it looks just as cute. You can check out Liz's review here.

Across The Land Dress by Maple Tried this on in a size 0 and it still gaped around my arms and in the bust area. I'm usually a size 2 so definitely size down on this one. It comes with hook-and-eye closures in the front waist area and for me it was not placed in the right spot. So if I wore this dress, I'd have to belt it. If you have extra large Berthas, you can probably get way with your true size. But if you have tiny Bettys, you'll probably have to size down or get it altered. Cool retro vibe, but it's a pass for me. ***You can also check out Liz's review here.

Mystery Dress. I could not find this dress on the website. I sized down to a size 0 and it still gaped around my arms. The back of this dress features an interesting criss cross design. Overall, it didn't WOW me. ****Update, this is the Contemporarian Dress by Maple.

Now on to the Sale Items . . .

Inked Marble Mini by Lilu. Now on sale for $39.95 (It was $128). Tried this on in a size S and it fits TTS. The fabric is silk and it comes with 2 pockets in the front. It almost looks like a bubble skirt in the pics, but it's not. Swishy and funky. I'm still hedging on this one. They had a ton of sizes left in my store so I'm not too concerned. ***You can also check out Michiko's review here.

Spliced Ikat Shift by Coquille. Now on sale for $79.95. Tried this on in a size 2 and it fits TTS. I wasn't so sure about this dress at the store. But after seeing a pic of this dress on the Anthro model below where it's paired with a cardi, tights and booties, I actually kinda like it. Sorry for the blurry pix. ***You can also check out Michiko's review here.

I can't find these two tops online but they're now on sale, I believe for under $40. If you know what they're called feel free to chime in. Tried both tops in a size S and they fit TTS.

And remember this Leifsdottir's Coming & Going Skirt from way back when? Well I spied it on the sale rack and even on sale it was $99. As much as I love this skirt, I could not pull the trigger. Plus I remember Roxy from Effortless Anthro found a similar skirt at H&M here. But if you're still gung-ho on this skirt and you can't find it at Anthro, it's still available here. And I love how Michiko's friend styled it 3 ways here.

I didn't have time to snap a pic of what I wore, but here's a breakdown of my OOTD.
The pic below was taken when I reviewed the Lisette Lace Shell last month
Top - J.Crew Lisette Lace Shell, which is also pictured with the Decade-by-Decade skirt and Inked Marbled Mini review. Currently on sale at the store for $49.99 plus an additional 40% off (at the store).
Jeans - AE Skinny
Shoes - Anthro Scraf Tied Oxfords, currently sold here.


  1. Lisa, Wow! What a great crop of reviews. I already have the Off the Beat Dress wish listed. Unfortunately I have not been impressed with much from January's new items. Rather disappointing. I have The Coming and Going Skirt in the lighter Blue color. I love it. Found it at Macy's for $70. B is adorable. So sweet when they want to get in Mommy's photos.

  2. I've got to stop staring all those All Black shoes of yours - you're making me regret not biting on the Hallowed Halls when they went on sale!

    (BTW, do they fit small? A lot of the reviews said they ran anywhere from 1/2 to 1 size small).

  3. Hey Lisa, thanks so much for these reviews. I have been waiting ever so patiently for a fitting room review of the Sun Shades dress from a fellow blogger. I think it looks cute! How tall are you btw?
    ALso loving the sing sweetly dress - adorable. I've seen it on other bloggers as well and it's making me go ga-ga forit now.
    I did love the Across the Land dress on the website, but everyone says the fit is too loose around the bust. I'm holding off for awhile...
    PS -You daughter is so cute and pretty!

  4. Hey Lisa! :) Thanks for the awesome reviews! I'm so sad that you didn't really like the Sing Sweetly Party Dress. I know you love birds and it's just a bummer! :( Everything you tried on though looks so cute and amazing on you! :)

    I left you a comment on my blog, but wasn't sure if you saw it. I have reviewed the Sun Shades Dress, Sing Sweet Partly Dress, Across The Land Dress here:

    Did you want me to link you as well? :) BTW, you daughter is ADORABLE!

  5. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Thanks for these great reviews. I hadn't noticed the Spliced Ikat Shift before, but I think it looks nice on you and I might give it a try. Did you find there was a lot of room in the bust? 2 is usually what works for me in dresses, but sometimes I have to go with 0 because I'm really flat-chested.

  6. Ha- I love how those shoes just make every one of those dresses look awesome! Dangit!
    And, well, for me I am now wholly in love with the mystery dress- I knew there was a reason I hadn't bought the similar tracy reese dress. I looooove it (or at least in that photo! can't wait 'til it goes online...)

  7. So much to comment on!

    Agree on the Sun Shades Dress. I also don't like where the hem hits you, kind of an awkward length.

    The Off-The-Beat Dress is super cute. I really like the placement of the buttons. Plus, it goes perfectly with your shoes :)

    I LOVE the Leifsdottir's Coming & Going Skirt! Been on a polka dot hunt lately and this looks better than H&M's with the same sized dots.

    PS - B is so cute :)

  8. Laura - Aww yea, we're gonna be Off the Beat sistas! I can't wait till that dress goes on sale!

    Lisa to Lisa - I'm a size 6 in shoes and for me they fit TTS.

    Jen - You're welcome! Anytime you want me to review any Anthro dresses, just holla and I'll graciously oblige :) I'm 5'4". Based on the reviews I've read, the Sun Shades Dress fits better in the petite sizes.

    Liz - I've read your comment and I've linked you. Thanks 4 linking me 2 :)

    Anon - I'm pretty flat chested myself and the Spliced Ikat Shift was a good fit around my Bettys (did not gape and it wasn't roomy at all). If I got the dress, I'd stick w. my regular size 2. Hope this helps :)

    The Damn Green Dress - You can still get those Scarf-tied oxfords at As for the Mystery Dress, I think it's way cuter than the other Tracy Reese dress which was pretty similar. And I know exactly which dress you're referring to ;)

    Cee - Hee hee, now you're making me regret not buying the Coming & Going Skirt. Agreed, it does look much better than H&M's. I hope you end up getting it. Would love to see u style it on your blog.

    ***And ladies, thanks for all your lovely comments about my daughter B. She is a 'lil cutie patootie! But then again, I'm bias :)

  9. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I'm MADLY in love with the 'mystery dress' I tried it on in the SLC store earlier this weekend and can not get it off my mind!

  10. Thank you, enjoyed the reviews! I recognize both those tops from the website but they both seem to be gone now. Don't remember the name of the first, but the second was called Regroup Top.

  11. B. is for beautiful - your daughter is a total doll!

    I love seeing your reviews! It is (extremely!) rare that I get to go to Anthropologie in the flesh, so reviews are a huge help when I order things online. Those scarf tied oxfords are beyond adorable on you, and I NEED to wear mine more. I also need to recreate your ice capped outfit a few posts down - love it! Thanks for directing me over here :)

  12. You may think I'm nutty but I think you looked fantastic in ALL the outfits!!! I didn't think I'd like the "Sun Shades" dress but it looks so fun on you! I agree with the comment on too much fabric, though...I love a Mad Men full skirt but I like to save that for a costume party or night time excursion and don't like my day dresses to have such flare!

    (...and your daughter is too cute for words!)

    I think the "Off the Beat" dress is also amazing on you but it might also be my penchant for your skinny legs (which make any outfit great!) and those lovely (Anthro?) heels you are sporting!

    As for the "Across the Land" dress...I didn't like it when I tried it on because it was so heavy and seemed too long *but* I think it is one of the most flattering silhouettes on you! At least from the pictures, I was surprised you didn't walk away with it...It's made for you!

    And lastly, I agree with the "Sing Sweetly" dress...It was waaaay too big up on top for me but waaaay too tiny for my mom! Woe to strapless, I don't think it'll ever be a good fit on me.


  13. Lady Cardigan - Thanks 4 letting me know about the Regroup Top.

    Jan - Thanks 4 stopping by. Yay for Anthro Moms :) Oh yes, the scarf tied oxfords are my fav. go-to shoes. I also spotted the Bouquet of Roses on you on your blog. Hee-hee, I need to wear mine more often. As for the ice capped look, glad you love it :)

    Michiko - Thanks for all your feedback. I truly appreciate it :) I know eh, WOE to strapless. I wish I had bigger Berthas so I could actually wear 'em.
    And you made me think twice about the Across the Land dress. Maybe I'll give it a 2nd chance. p/s - I hope you end up getting the Off The Beat dress too! That dress is off da wall!

  14. Anonymous5:35 AM

    question...could you tell me the meaning of "TTS"? thank you!

  15. Hi Anon - TTS means True To Size. Hope this helps :)

  16. Anonymous3:44 AM

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