Anthropologie Fitting Room Reviews - It's a Pajama Party!!!

IT'S A PAJAMA PARTY!! This fitting room post is inspired by LC of Bella Seattle. See her Anthro Lounge & Sleepwear post here. It had never occurred to me to try on jammies at Anthro, and after seeing LC's post, I was thrust into a whole new Anthro world. Whoaaaa! And what a wonderful discovery!

Under The Rug Chemise by Eloise. Tried this on in my regular size S, but I think I should've sized down for a better fit. I think the fit for the top half is a little 'off.' But I do like the colorful stripes on the bottom half. Cons - the sash wasn't long enough for me to tie a pretty ribbon. Or maybe I just have a burgeoning waistline. Gak!!! I MUST hold off on the chocolates.

Sprite's Sleep Chemise by Puella. Tried this on in a size S and it fits TTS. This would look great paired with boots and tights, maybe even a belt. It's sooooo soft and comfy. I'd probably wear it out all day and then wear it to sleep. Wishlisted.

Sweet Offerings Chemise by Feather Bone. I sized down on this one and tried it in an XS. This darling chemise looks so much like a summer dress. Even the material is thicker and more dress-like as opposed to sheer thin and chemise-like. It also comes with adjustable straps. And the ribbons/bows on the fronts are too cute for words.

Camera Obscura Chemise by Eloise. I tried my usual size S and it fits TTS. I think if you're bustier, you may have to size up to accommodate your Berthas. A sales attendant at my Anthro store paired this chemise with a red belt and cardi and it looked so adorable. This chemise rocks a sort of 50's vibe with its sweetheart neckline.  Wishlisted.

***I have a couple more Anthro fitting room reviews that I'll post some other day. On another note, after seeing über-talented Cindi's amazing photog skills on her blog, Simpli Cindi, it has prompted me to post some pics that are non-fashion related. For me, feasting my eyes on a beautifully taken pic gives me the same rush as a beautiful dress. Be sure to check out Cindi's blog for some stunning wedding shots.

1. My daughter M with her Pillow Pet. It's a Pillow. No, it's a Pet. It's a Pillow Pet. 

2. My Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar.

 3. And he held her little hand in his big hand. Little hand belongs to my daughter B.


  1. WHOO HOO!!! Thanks for the shout out, Lisa! I'm glad I can inspire you and I love the last one of your husband and your daughter holding hands. It's giving me a great idea for our baby shoot next weekend with our friends. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, the Sweet Offerings Chemise is too cute! My pjs are so old and holey that every time I wear them, the gaps only get bigger =/ TMI? Sorry =P So I will be hitting up Anthro (hopefully soon) to check out their pj selection!

    Aww, M makes her debut! She's so cute as well as her pillow pet.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! What did you think of the Under the Rug chemise? Do you think it is substantial enough to wear out on its own as a dress, or is it too crinkly light and sheer?

  4. Thanks for reading my post, and I'm glad you've discovered Anthro's amazing loungewear! I love the Sprite's Sleep the most of all these. I saw a SA wearing the Camera Obscura over a long sleeved tee and it looked so cute, I think I will have to try that.

  5. Hi Lisa :-) these chemises are too nice to wear to bed - really! I think that polkadot one is so cute. No one will know that these are chemises, as they look like day wear to me.
    I love that last shot of your hubby and your daughter B's hands. It depicts a very special moment.

  6. Lisa,
    What an adorable feature. Thank you so much for sharing this! I always pass by the sleepwear at Anthro but find my arms so full of clothes I never pick any nighties up to try on. I think you've inspired me to try next time!!!

  7. at first I only looked at your pictures and didn't realize those dresses you tried were chemises or sleepwear until I went back to read. they really do look like day dresses! I especially love the Sweet Offerings Chemise on you! the bows are so pretty! I often wondered myself about pulling off a chemise in public, especially the antrho ones! they are just so pretty and sometimes cheaper to buy than the actual dresses too. I haven't owned an anthro sleepwear, but if can wear it in public, let me know! I'll try it too. hehe

  8. Cindi - WOO HOO back at-cha! I can't wait to see your friend's baby shoot!

    Cee - hee hee, all these chemises I tried on I'm thinking of wearing them out and not to sleep!!! For my PJs I usually just wear my Spongebob T and sweat pants, lol

    Lisa to Lisa - the Under the Rug chemise is probably ok to wear as a dress if you throw on a cardi. The top part is a little bit thin and the fit is a bit "off". But the bottom half is okay.

    LC - You're very welcome. :) Hmmmm, good idea about the T under the Camera Obscura. I may just try that myself.

    Jen - I totally agree! My intention is not to wear these pretty chemises to bed. They're gonna be worn out and about the town :)

    Kim - I'm glad you're gonna try Anthro jammies on next time. :) Can't wait to see it on your blog.

    Olyvia - Oh yea, Anthro chemises are so much cheaper than their actual dresses. I plan on waiting for 2 of these chemises to go on sale before I actually bite the bullet. I'll keep you posted!

  9. My friend wears the Puella Chemise as a dress. So it totally works both ways. She wears it with a leather belt though. The Pink tie is too reminiscent of a nighty.

    I am totally going to buy your book. Do you have an exact date in Feb.? Make sure you remind us with a post the minute it comes out. I am such an air head I will forget.

  10. Pillow Pet!!! Love it! Can we swap legs?! :-) :-)

  11. Laura - yeah, if I got it I'd probably ditch the pink tie and belt it. Thanks for being supportive about my book. No exact date, maybe in late Feb. Will keep you posted.

    Marie - You can have my wonky legs :) :)