Anthropologie Scarf Tied Oxfords

In case you missed out on Anthro's Scarf Tied Oxfords last year, you can now buy it on An anonymous reader just alerted me to this. Anon - thanks for the tip!
I highly recommend these pair of shoes. They are super comfy and I can walk in 'em for hours and hours. And they don't hurt my feet at all. You can check out my review of the Hallowed Halls Oxfords and Scarf Tied Oxfords here.

Anthro's Scarf Tied Oxfords, also called the Soft Bow 2 Mary Jane Pumps. Buy it here

These are a 'lil more similar to Anthro's Hallowed Halls Oxfords. If you're in the mood for something funky and fishy (no pun intended), these oxfords look like they have fish scales on 'em. They're called the Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps. Buy it here.

The Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps also come in Light Pink and Grey Metallic.
Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps in Grey Metallic

Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps in Light Pink

J.Crew Fitting Room Reviews

I got a J.Crew gift card for X'mas so I took a trip to the mall today. Truly, I love J.Crew, but I am an Anthro girl at heart. I'd say that I am married to Anthro, I am engaged to J.Crew, and Target, AE and Forever 21 are my cheap flings. Hey, a girl's gotta spread her love around.

The first dress I tried on reminded me a little of Anthro's Beda dress. I couldn't find the dress on J.Crew's website. So Mystery Dress #1 runs a bit large. I'm usually a size 2, but the 2 felt a little baggy. Size 0 was a perfect fit. The quality is on par with the Beda dress, but the material is a lot less heavy. There is a hidden side zipper and pockets. Cons - the string/ ribbon thingamajig looked pretty cheap, almost like shoelaces. So when I wear this dress, I'm gonna belt it. Wishlisted for a sale. I over heard a sales clerk say that most of their items are gonna be marked down after New Year. So since this is more of a Spring dress, I can definitely wait.***Update, just checked J.Crew's site and this eyelet dress is called the Shelby Dress. And it comes in dark navy, white, black and dusky pink.
Anthropologie Beda dress

J.Crew Shelby Dress in Navy

Call me crazy, but this top was my favorite of all the pieces I tried on. I couldn't find it on J.Crew's site either, so I'm gonna call it Confederate Yankee top. When I put on this number, I started talking like a Confederate Yankee - "Jes grab ye self a plate o’ fried up critter and okree and set yerself right down." 
I tried this on in a size 2, but I think I need to size down to a 0 as it's a tad loose around the arms. Too bad they didn't have a 0 in the store, otherwise it would've come home with me today. 
***Update, thanks to Gigi, I now know that this Yankee top is called the Nickleby bib top. And it comes in 2 colors - dark slate gray (which I tried on) and in waterfront - which looks sky blue to me. Thanks Gigi!
***You can see my review of this top in 'waterfront' here

J.Crew Nickleby bib top

J.Crew Nickleby bib top

J.Crew Nickleby bib top

Hmm, couldn't find this skirt on J.Crew's site either. But my daughter wanted me to try it on 'coz she thought it looked cute. Bubble skirts are definitely not me. The colors on this skirt spell "Orange Bright/Sunny Delight" all over. This Sunny Delight fits TTS. I tried it on in a size 2. I hope I don't blind you with the colors. Look away! 
***Update, found this skirt on J.Crew's site, check it out here.
***You can also check out another review of this skirt on Notes From the Dressing Room

And this last one, um . . . it's looks like a lotus flower just threw up on me. What a wrinkled mess. I tried this on in a size 4 'coz they were out of all the other sizes. Can't find it on J.Crew's site either.
***Update, thanks to Gigi once again, this lotus freak is called the Mona Shirtdress

J.Crew Mona Shirtdess

J.Crew Mona Shirtdress

And this is what I wore to the mall today . . .
Top - Anthro Wind Ruffled Tee
Sweater - Anthro
Jeans - AE Skinny Jeans
Belt - Anthro
Boots - Targer Kady. Old Navy boots are similar. 

***For more J.Crew reviews, click here

BOTW (Book of the Week) - The Hunger Games

I've been sorely neglecting my book reviews. I've read over a gazillion jillion books, so it's hard for me to pick one to blog about. Although, one YA (young adult) series that stands out in my mind is The Hunger Games trilogy. For a YA series, I actually liked it better than Twilight.
Um . . . did I just day that?!? God forbid I feel the fiery wrath of the Twilight fans. Now Twi-hards, before you get your panties in a wad, this is what Stephenie Meyer had to say about The Hunger Games - "I was so obsessed with this book I had to take it with me out to dinner and hide it under the edge of the table so I wouldn't have to stop reading. The story kept me up for several nights in a row, because even after I was finished, I just lay in bed wide awake thinking about it...The Hunger Games is amazing."
And, this what Stephen King had to say - "The Hunger Games is a violent, jarring, speed-rap of a novel that generates nearly constant suspense...I couldn't stop reading."
It is a towering tale of epic adventure, political suspense and yes, like most YA books, there is a love triangle. This book does not disappoint. If you're a Twi-hard, this is a MUST read. 
***The author - Suzanne Collins has been a staff writer for several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy-nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All. 
Check out The Hunger Games book trailer below. 

Hamlet's 2nd Soliloquy and Fallen Berries

When I saw this pic in an Anthto catalog last year, it was speaking to me . . . like Hamlet's second soliloquy (yes, I am a member of the Nerd Herd). So I thought it'd be fun to do an amateurish photo shoot where I let the shoes and the tights be the STAR of the show. So without further ado, I present to you my VERY amateurish photo shoot, taken by my DH. It is titled Fallen Berries. *COUGH* I'm trying hard to sound like an artist with a tortured soul. 

Tights - Anthro. Simply Vera Wang Ribbed Tights at Kohls are similar.
Shoes - Canda (bought in Doytchland)
Fallen Berries
More fallen berries
From Anthro catalog 2009 . . . my Hamlet soliloquy

OOTD - Snowflakes and IHOPs

This sequined top of mine had been sitting in my closet for the last century, but after I saw Kim in a sequined cardi, it prompted me to drag it out of my closet. Kim had been inspired by Courtnee and I had been inspired by Kim. And maybe I can inspire another blogger and that blogger could in turn inspire another blogger, and soon we'd have a blog world that is bombarded with sequins. Now wouldn't that be lovely? Or not?
When my daughter saw me in this top, she said, "Mommy, you look like you have snowflakes on your shirt."
And it reminded me of something Bette Midler once said - "I always try to balance the light with the heavy - a few tears of human spirit in with the sequins and the fringes."
Bette Midler and sequins aside, I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas. Today, I woke up late and my husband and I felt like lazy bums. So we packed the kids in the car and headed over to IHOPs for a late brunch. Here's my OOTD and a few pics at the pancake house.

Top - AE
Jeans - AE Skinny Jeans
Cardi - Anthro. Similar here.
Necklace - a gift from my dear mom who bought it in Munich. (mom if you're reading this from across the Pacific ocean - HI!!!!!LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!)
***And that's my lil pooch Chloe laying on the floor (just in case you think it's dirty laundry that I didn't bother to pick up).

Merry Wishes from Mister Penguin

Just a quick post. To all my lovely readers, family and friends who have stopped by today, have a Merry, Merry Christmas.
And here's a bit of penguin humor for you . . .
Who is the penguin's favorite pop star?

Giggles and Curls, Ribbons and Bows

When I was scoping out the sale items, I didn't notice these Catch Step Booties the first time, but after Libby and Olivia said they got 'em, it made me look twice. These booties remind me of that 'lil saying for baby girls - Giggles and curls, ribbons and bows, she's just so adorable from her head to her toes.
It's sold out of my size online, so maybe that's a good thing as I'm trying to practice restraint. My New Year's Resolution is to spend less $$ at Anthro. But then again . . . it's not the new year yet.
***I called cs and for those of you looking for a size 6, the Washington store has 2 pairs as of Sunday, ph (202)337-1363. Minneapolis also has 2 left (612) 285-9164. 
***Update, my Catch Step Booties arrived and I have a new posting with more pics here

Mister Miyagi - If Man can Catch Flies with Chopsticks, Man can Accomplish Anything

According to Mister Miyagi, if you can catch a fly with chopsticks, you can accomplish anything. That being said, I got my daughters these Training Chopsticks for their stocking stuffers and they just came in the mail today. Plus, my munchkins are part Asian so I think it's essential that they know how to use chopsticks. And if they can catch a fly with one, well all the better :-0
***Check out the video below of a little girl using a pair of training chopsticks (she's not mine, but she's barely 3 and super cute. At first she's a lil frustrated, but then she really gets into it). And for shits and giggles, I even threw in a video of  Mister Miyagi teaching Daniel Son to catch flies with chopsticks.

The Blue Begonias

Anthro is KILLING me with their shoes, plus with their enticing sale going on (25% off all sale items) it's like how can I NOT BUY these lovely Dusky Begonia T-Straps?!? I am a complete sucker for shoes with pretty rosettes. I've had it saved in my Wish List folder for a while and it's now on sale for $79.95, and after my discount it was only $59!!! My dear husband says this will be part of my X'mas gift. My only worry is on their site it says to size down. But per some reviews, it says it fits TTS. I ended up ordering my regular size 6. I guess I'll find out when I receive 'em Dec 24th!!! I am so excited I had to post this quick. For the Anthroholics, any of you snag any Anthro sale items? What'd you get?!? I swear this sale is driving me BEZERK. I'm going back to Anthro's site now to scour more sale items. Yes, I am addicted!!! And yes, it is a disease. ***The Hallowed Halls Oxfords just went on sale too for $69.95. After the discount, it is $49.  Check out my review here.
***These Dusky Begonias are still available at Modcloth
***For a new posting of me wearing my Dusky Begonia T-straps, click here
Anthropologie Dusky Begonia T-Straps
Nothing like a picture to tickle the senses - Tuberous Begonias

Anthropologie Walkway Dress - Walk Away With or Without it?

I reviewed the Walkway Dress by Trace Reese last month and it just went on sale today. I tried this in a size S and it fits TTS. It was just MEH to me at full price, but now at the sale price, plus you take an addtional 25% off, plus free shipping, it has me reconsidering. Pros - I've had 2 kids and it hides my lumps and bumps. Also very comfortable. Cons - A tad long for my tastes. What do you think? Yay or Nay? Does it make me look too matronly? ***Btw this dress looks absolutely gorgeous on Michiko, check it out on her here. 
***After reading Beth's comment, I now realize that this dress also comes in another color! And I had no idea. I think I'm really digging the blue-ish/green tones. I've just posted another pic of this dress in that color. Thanks Beth :-)
*** I have a new posting where I wore this dress here.

Anthropologie Annular Dress

Today, the moon will take a huge bite out of the sun. In what is known as an annular solstice-eclipse, the moon will pass directly between Earth and the sun and it will look like a bite has been taken out of the moon. And while in Earth's shadow, the moon will take on a vibrant red color. It will be a celestial event of the century as it's the 1st time in 465 years that the winter solstice and the total lunar eclipse are overlapping. So I thought it's only befitting that I post my Anthro Annular Dress that I'll be wearing this Christmas. I snagged it when it went on sale last year and I occasionally see it pop up on eBay.
Did any of you witness the annular solstice-eclipse today?

Necklace - J.Crew. AE's Black Ribbon Fireball Necklace is similar
Shoes - J.Crew from a eons ago.

My veryt first bathroom OOTD

Me: Err. . .

I work in HELL on the weekends, and today I took my very 1st bathroom OOTD pic. I trekked all they way to the restroom on the east wing (which is always empty), so my co-workers wouldn't be whooshing in and out when I was trying to take a pic. Mainly, I didn't want them to think I was cuckoo, ya-know, for taking a pic of myself in the bathroom.
My top is from Anthro (circa Summer 2009), the cardigan is from Target's Mossimo line, which I only paid $10 for. I happen to love Target cardis, for their quality and their prices. My boots are Target Kady, inspired and made popular by the iconic Anthroholic Kim. And I've recently spotted the Target Kady Twin on Cee (sold at Old Navy and currently retailing for $44.50). Check it out on Cee's fabulous blog here. I am addicted to her blog and I like how she mixes high end and low end pieces.

Top - Anthro(don't remember the name, but I bought it 'coz I have a 'thing' for ruching - when done right)
Cardi - Target Mossimo. Similar at Target for $15 and in 3 different colors - mint , cream and purple
Necklace - J.Crew
Jeans - AE Skinny Jeans
Boots - Target Kady. Or you can check out the twin version at Old navy (comes in camel and black). And see how chic it looks on Cee

Anthropologie Hallowed Halls Oxfords Review

Ever caught yourself talking to a pair of shoes? When I got these Hallowed Halls Oxfords in the mail and pulled 'em out of the box, I found myself saying, "Well, hello there gorgeous!" I am in love with these heels, especially since they're only stacked 2" high and I can actually walk in 'em. I'm quite pleased with the quality; this is my 2nd pair of All Black shoes and I must say that they hold up pretty well. I first saw the black and white version on Tien in  fall of 2009 (it was called the Scarf Tied Oxfords) and I scoured the entire country trying to locate it as it was sold out online. Luckily, I managed to score it at a little shoe boutique; so this time I decided not to wait. I took the plunge in case I missed out on these pretty little oxfords. They make my feet look like Christmas gifts.

Anthropologie Hallowed Halls Oxfords
Anthropologie Scarf Tied Oxfords circa 2009

Can't wait to pair it with a red dress . . .

Rotary iPhone Cover - Kate Spade

When I found out I was getting an iPhone for X'mas, I was eyeing the Kate Spade Rotary Dial iPhone Cover in Red. But when I tried to order it online, I made a muffled cry of despair, "NOOooooooo." It went out of stock as of yesterday. I tried to find an alternative, but really, nothing compares. They have the green in stock, but I like the red so much better. *Sigh* Oh well, I guess the search continues. Any suggestions?

What do you think of this Polka Dot Cover? It's by Kate Spade too.
***Update. Libby just alerted me to this Black Rotary iPhone Cover on, located in Australia. Thanks Libby, it's a good suggestion - I love the vintage vibe of it, but I think black would look better on my husband's phone. I'm a girly girl :-)