Rotary iPhone Cover - Kate Spade

When I found out I was getting an iPhone for X'mas, I was eyeing the Kate Spade Rotary Dial iPhone Cover in Red. But when I tried to order it online, I made a muffled cry of despair, "NOOooooooo." It went out of stock as of yesterday. I tried to find an alternative, but really, nothing compares. They have the green in stock, but I like the red so much better. *Sigh* Oh well, I guess the search continues. Any suggestions?

What do you think of this Polka Dot Cover? It's by Kate Spade too.
***Update. Libby just alerted me to this Black Rotary iPhone Cover on, located in Australia. Thanks Libby, it's a good suggestion - I love the vintage vibe of it, but I think black would look better on my husband's phone. I'm a girly girl :-)  


  1. Hey Lisa,
    I found it! Check this out! BOOYA-KASHA!!!

  2. Thanks Libby,
    Appreciate the tip! But I'm still holding out for the red.

  3. The red and green rotary cases are for 2 different iPhones. Red is for iphone 3 and green is for iphone 4. by the way, i love the black one as well, hadn't seen it before. good luck!

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