Mister Miyagi - If Man can Catch Flies with Chopsticks, Man can Accomplish Anything

According to Mister Miyagi, if you can catch a fly with chopsticks, you can accomplish anything. That being said, I got my daughters these Training Chopsticks for their stocking stuffers and they just came in the mail today. Plus, my munchkins are part Asian so I think it's essential that they know how to use chopsticks. And if they can catch a fly with one, well all the better :-0
***Check out the video below of a little girl using a pair of training chopsticks (she's not mine, but she's barely 3 and super cute. At first she's a lil frustrated, but then she really gets into it). And for shits and giggles, I even threw in a video of  Mister Miyagi teaching Daniel Son to catch flies with chopsticks.


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    lol. mister miyagi is a wise man. that show is classic. and that girl in the video is too cute 4 words.

  2. i need to get these chopsticks for myself. :-)

  3. Hehehe...these chopsticks are great. I will definitely get my future kids one of these!