Mad Fever for Marais Maryjanes

I have Mad Fever for Marais Maryjanes Bow Flats ($96). I love heels but I have a hard time walking in them; heck, I have a hard time even walking on flat ground. I must be the biggest klutz in the cosmic universe. So, it's usually safer for me to be wearing flats, and these Marais Maryjane flats are calling my name. They come in 3 colors - black, beige and navy (looks more like electric blue to me), but I think I like the beige the best 'coz of the contrasting colors. On their website it says it fits TTS. But if you have wider feet or are in between sizes, they recommend ordering a half size up. 
Marais Marjane Bow Flats in Beige
Marais Marjane Bow Flats in Navy


  1. WOW! Those are super freaking cute!!! :-) No wonder you love them so.

  2. Haha, I'm a klutz too, therefore flats are my best friends :) These mary janes are SO cute. I love both the beige and electric blue ones. Although I don't know if I can pull off such bold shoes on a regular basis. How do you find the strap? Is it annoying to get on and off?

    Re Bal bag: I think Bal's raised their prices recently, but you can check out for current pricing. My bag's color is galet (I think from 09?), but they're coming out with a gray with hints of blue/lavender this season that is gorgeous, so you should definitely check that out if you're looking for gray. The name is ardoise. Oh! Also, HGBags sells authentic Bals at a decent price and she has a mailing list with the latest stock info. Jen @ love bbags also has a site dedicated to everything you ever want to know about Bals. Alright this is the most winded post ever, but hopefully you find a color you love!

  3. those flats are adorable! I agree on the contrasting one! I like that it sort of has a slight heel. I've been wearing heels so much, that I have problems wearing flats! haha

  4. Jenny and Olyvia - thanks for stopping by :-)

    Cee - thanks for all the Bal bag tips! I checked out the links you sent and I'm definitely drooling over the lavender. Much appreciated!!!

    as for the straps on the flats, hmm, I guess I didn't think of that. it probably could get annoying after a while.