J.Crew Fitting Room Reviews

I got a J.Crew gift card for X'mas so I took a trip to the mall today. Truly, I love J.Crew, but I am an Anthro girl at heart. I'd say that I am married to Anthro, I am engaged to J.Crew, and Target, AE and Forever 21 are my cheap flings. Hey, a girl's gotta spread her love around.

The first dress I tried on reminded me a little of Anthro's Beda dress. I couldn't find the dress on J.Crew's website. So Mystery Dress #1 runs a bit large. I'm usually a size 2, but the 2 felt a little baggy. Size 0 was a perfect fit. The quality is on par with the Beda dress, but the material is a lot less heavy. There is a hidden side zipper and pockets. Cons - the string/ ribbon thingamajig looked pretty cheap, almost like shoelaces. So when I wear this dress, I'm gonna belt it. Wishlisted for a sale. I over heard a sales clerk say that most of their items are gonna be marked down after New Year. So since this is more of a Spring dress, I can definitely wait.***Update, just checked J.Crew's site and this eyelet dress is called the Shelby Dress. And it comes in dark navy, white, black and dusky pink.
Anthropologie Beda dress

J.Crew Shelby Dress in Navy

Call me crazy, but this top was my favorite of all the pieces I tried on. I couldn't find it on J.Crew's site either, so I'm gonna call it Confederate Yankee top. When I put on this number, I started talking like a Confederate Yankee - "Jes grab ye self a plate o’ fried up critter and okree and set yerself right down." 
I tried this on in a size 2, but I think I need to size down to a 0 as it's a tad loose around the arms. Too bad they didn't have a 0 in the store, otherwise it would've come home with me today. 
***Update, thanks to Gigi, I now know that this Yankee top is called the Nickleby bib top. And it comes in 2 colors - dark slate gray (which I tried on) and in waterfront - which looks sky blue to me. Thanks Gigi!
***You can see my review of this top in 'waterfront' here

J.Crew Nickleby bib top

J.Crew Nickleby bib top

J.Crew Nickleby bib top

Hmm, couldn't find this skirt on J.Crew's site either. But my daughter wanted me to try it on 'coz she thought it looked cute. Bubble skirts are definitely not me. The colors on this skirt spell "Orange Bright/Sunny Delight" all over. This Sunny Delight fits TTS. I tried it on in a size 2. I hope I don't blind you with the colors. Look away! 
***Update, found this skirt on J.Crew's site, check it out here.
***You can also check out another review of this skirt on Notes From the Dressing Room

And this last one, um . . . it's looks like a lotus flower just threw up on me. What a wrinkled mess. I tried this on in a size 4 'coz they were out of all the other sizes. Can't find it on J.Crew's site either.
***Update, thanks to Gigi once again, this lotus freak is called the Mona Shirtdress

J.Crew Mona Shirtdess

J.Crew Mona Shirtdress

And this is what I wore to the mall today . . .
Top - Anthro Wind Ruffled Tee
Sweater - Anthro
Jeans - AE Skinny Jeans
Belt - Anthro
Boots - Targer Kady. Old Navy boots are similar. 

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  1. Love the 'Yankee' blouse- but yeah, J crew sizing is way off, and I usually have to size down ridiculously (am now a 0 in their pencil skirts, despite generally taking a 4 in such things!). However I find their quality is better than Anthropologie, who focus on frills a bit over quality of materials! Ahem...doesn't stop me from lusting after everything though!

    Love the boots!

  2. LOL @ the stores of your life description. I want to say I'm married to J.Crew, but often times I'm too cheap to fork over the $, so J.Crew really is like my... forgotten mistress, haha!

    Are the items you tried on part of their spring collection? I've heard they're set to debut soon, and they usually hit the stores before online. I like the Confederate Yankee top on you. The color, pleating, and ruffles are so feminine and gorgeous. I'm not really a fan of bubble hems either, but usually it's because the bubble part poofs out way too much. The floral skirt looks more streamlined, so I agree with your daughter that it looks cute on you!

  3. I like your opening paragraph about being married to anthro etc. Funny!
    We don;t have Jcrew in oz, but i did visit a few stores in the uS earlier in the year. They had great basics at reasonable prices!
    I like the first white dress on you - i bet you wished it was summer again, eh?

  4. Love the Confederate Yankee top! :-) I agree, I feel married to Anthro but am thinking I need to branch out a bit...Maybe swing with Club Monaco more! heh heh

  5. The Damn Green Dress - As for sizing down in J.Crew, I wonder if it's all a marketing ploy to make us girls feel better about ourselves. And the better we feel, the more $$ we fork over. haha, I thought to myself, hey, I'm a size 0, wow, I must've lost weight, now I can blow some $$ and have a milkshake. Not.
    btw, what is your 1st name? so I don't keep calling you "The Damn Green Dress" ... not that there's anything wrong with that :-)

    Cee - J.Crew's your forgotten mistress? Hah, I like that one. Mistresses are EXPENSIVE to keep. I'm usually too cheap to fork over the $$ too, so I usually wait for a sale, both at J.Crew and Anthro.

    Jen - I like the white dress too, def wishlisted for a sale. And yesssss, I wish it was summer ALL year round. I was born near the equator so I gravitate to the heat. And this cold is killing me.

    Michiko - I don't have a Club Monaco here. Bummer!

    And the general consensus is yay for the Yankee top. Thanks 4 the feedback ladies :-)

  6. I am a J. Crew hold out. I seem to gravitate to Anthro, all Anthro, and nothing but Anthro. Whenever I make a weak attempt to stray, I am worthless at putting an outfit together.

    I laughed out loud when I saw your header image. Idra's skirted Peacoat was such a disappointment. It made me look like a can of soda wearing a Tutu.

    Were you one of the few that could wear it?

  7. Laura - I see you've found your soul mate in Anthro. Once you find your one true love, it is hard to stray.
    As for the header image, lol, I looked like a clown in the coat, so no, I could NOT pull it off. But I like the pic 'coz it captures this romantic image ... like she's walking down a beaten path, somewhere in the Scottish Highlands.

  8. I'm one of the few that doesn't like the Nickleby blouse. The greenish blue is pretty, though. Also not a fan of the Monda dress (the pink one ), but I like it better w/the belt. I tried the Idra peacoat in 4P in this post and I didn't work. I ended up w/the regular 4 and love it. Maybe it has a couple extra inches on the reg that make it work. I definitely do a skinny bottom because the volume around the rear is a bit much.

  9. Hi Gigi, thanks for the honest input. And thanks to you, I now know what they're called. J.Crew must have just update their site as I swear they weren't there a few days ago. Per Cee, I probably tried on the Spring collection that hit the stores 1st b4 the website.
    As for the Idra coat, I envy the fact that you can pull it off. I tried it on in a regular 2 navy and looked like a fool in it. With Idra coats, it's a hit or miss 4 me. Glad it worked out 4 you. Have a Happy New Year and I look forward to more of your J.Crew reviews.

  10. Thanks for the link!!!

    I think you look great in everything, even the lotus flower throw-up dress (lol at that descrip). That first white dress would be perfect for spring!

  11. I LOVE the white mystery dress! I am going to stalk my store for that. so pretty. And I do like the floral skirt that is all bright and orange - but I love colors. haha. I like it how J.Crew has it paired with the gray top to tone down all the colors.

    And - cute boots!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

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