Hamlet's 2nd Soliloquy and Fallen Berries

When I saw this pic in an Anthto catalog last year, it was speaking to me . . . like Hamlet's second soliloquy (yes, I am a member of the Nerd Herd). So I thought it'd be fun to do an amateurish photo shoot where I let the shoes and the tights be the STAR of the show. So without further ado, I present to you my VERY amateurish photo shoot, taken by my DH. It is titled Fallen Berries. *COUGH* I'm trying hard to sound like an artist with a tortured soul. 

Tights - Anthro. Simply Vera Wang Ribbed Tights at Kohls are similar.
Shoes - Canda (bought in Doytchland)
Fallen Berries
More fallen berries
From Anthro catalog 2009 . . . my Hamlet soliloquy


  1. Hehe, I can see where you got the Hamlet inspiration from ;) I like the brown from the shoes against the red berries. Great choice of scenic backdrop and props to your DH for the photos!

  2. lol, I am a proud member of the Nerd Herd too. I need me some tight like those.

  3. My bad, I meant "tights."

  4. No nerd herd - speaking from a gal who majored in English lit in college - you are right on inspiration track!

    Love those shoes - they are at once realy unique looking and wearable, that cognac color is gorgeous!

  5. I think you did a good job with the shoot! It shows the details nicely, I quite love the tights with those shoes :)

  6. Libby - Nerd Herd legions UNITE!!

    Lisa to Lisa - English lit major? Ah, I was a journalism major. I should've majored in English lit 'coz I'm now stuck in a bleepin call center. lol.

    Cee and Olyvia - Thanks, my DH will be glad to hear that.

  7. Great shot of your shoes (they look fab!)! It could pass for a page from the Anthro catalogue. I've got shoe pics with berries coming soon... :-)

  8. Oh god, I love those Canda shoes!!!!

  9. Jen - Awesome! Can't wait to check out your shoe pics on your blog!!

    TheDamnGreenDress - Me too!!!