A Chloe Christmas . . .

Last Christmas, Chloe stole my heart. She's a 'lil cocker spaniel with boundless energy and I swear she was born with a tennis ball in her mouth; she just wants to play catch 24/7.
It had all started innocently enough . . . I wanted to show my daughters that Christmas was not just about a gluttony of gifts; that it was also a time of giving. So my husband and I loaded them up in our Land Cruiser and drove to our local Humane Society. There—I laid eyes on a scruffy dog, cooped up in a cage that was ten times too small for her. The paper haphazardly taped onto her cage said this:
Chloe, 4 years old.
Owner gave her up. He was deployed to Afghanistan.
Good with kids and other pets.
Been here for 8 months.
Loves to play catch.
It was never my intention to adopt another dog since we already had 2 pooches. But I didn't have it in my heart to leave without Chloe. Her sad and soulful eyes were speaking to me"TAKE ME HOME." So I begged my husband. And begged...and used all my womanly charms. Eventually, he folded. It's not that my husband doesn't like dogs; as he pointed out3 pooches equals 3 times the poop to pick up.
But Chloe is SO worth it. She's a sweetheart; she IS my heart, and she's the gift that keeps on giving.
So this Christmas, if you're looking to bring home a dog, or a cat, or a horse, adopt a shelter pet that will steal and warm your heart. For a listing of pets looking for a home, you can also visit the Best Friends Animal Society. They're a grassroots network of people and organizations that care about animals.
Chloe—Woof! Where's my tennis ball?


  1. I adopted a shelter dog too and she is the sweetest lil thing. Thanks for posting this, it sure warms my heart. I only have one dog, and now I'm thinking of adopting another :P

  2. Can you really adopt a horse from the Best Friends Animal Society?

  3. Libby - thanks 4 always stopping by. As for adopting another, I say GO FOR IT!!!

    Olivia - YES you can! Check out their website for a fine list of horses :)