Anthropologie Scarf Tied Oxfords

In case you missed out on Anthro's Scarf Tied Oxfords last year, you can now buy it on An anonymous reader just alerted me to this. Anon - thanks for the tip!
I highly recommend these pair of shoes. They are super comfy and I can walk in 'em for hours and hours. And they don't hurt my feet at all. You can check out my review of the Hallowed Halls Oxfords and Scarf Tied Oxfords here.

Anthro's Scarf Tied Oxfords, also called the Soft Bow 2 Mary Jane Pumps. Buy it here

These are a 'lil more similar to Anthro's Hallowed Halls Oxfords. If you're in the mood for something funky and fishy (no pun intended), these oxfords look like they have fish scales on 'em. They're called the Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps. Buy it here.

The Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps also come in Light Pink and Grey Metallic.
Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps in Grey Metallic

Fish Bow Mary Jane Pumps in Light Pink


  1. wow! what a great find - thanks Anon and Lisa! I will have to check out that website.

  2. These shoes are killing me! I am in love with the bow but I didn't grab the hallowed hall oxfords when they went on sale bc I don't know if the bow and low heel were TOO whimsical. Don't make me regret it ... ;o)

  3. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I also found a different version (black with taupe toe/heel/bow at modcloth. I am a big fan of these shoes / shoe maker (All Black Brand). You should also check out the all black brand shoes at

  4. Jen - you're so welcome :-). although all thanks should go to anon, who ever you are, thanks!

    Lisa to Lisa - GET IT! You won't regret it. I promise you.

    Anon - I too am a fan of these shoes and of the All Black Brand. I now own 2 pairs and they hold up so well. And thanks 4 letting me know about modcloth and amazon. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna scope it out now. Happy New Year!